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EXCLUSIVE: Waiting for a Revolution?

Monday, April 18th, 2005
Mario 128

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  • Since last year’s E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo, for the uninitiated), hardcore gamers everywhere have been desperate to divine the next-gen console strategies of the three remaining players: Sony, Microsoft, and – to a sadly diminutive degree – Nintendo.

    As far as the two heavyweights in this rumble are concerned, the ‘Big N’ is no longer relevant; beating war drums for quirky handhelds and pastel grade-school franchises won’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of Bill and Kaz. No sirreee, Bob…not when they’ve got the mass-storage, photo-realism, and online tribe building locked down for the forseeable future. ‘Cause that’s what gamers are told that they want. Easy breezy market peazy.

    So is the house that Mario built fixing to pull an engineered collapse and implode come Xmas 2006…or do those crafty Kyoto-ans really have one more Revolution up their puffy samurai sleeves? And does anyone even care at this point ‘in the game’? I’m willing to make some wagers on this one. In fact, I’m ready to put my mouth where my limited funds may be and reveal the big secret behind the Big N’s next gen console. Dead serious. No shit included. But not today. Not yet. You’ll just have to check back regularly until month’s end for clues to the lingering mystery. And I’m betting you’ll have even more phosphorousy burning questions come E3 2005 – which’ll be our cue to proceed stirring a little more poo into the daily pot :D

    FRIDAY FAN FUN – Chapter 1!!!

    Saturday, April 16th, 2005
    The-End-is-Nigh Fan Pic

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  • If you scoped the latest newsletter and/or recent Forum posts, you know that we are now in the process of actively coveting your artistic zeal…and not for some backwater html page or vaporware Flash slideshow either. What do we want to offer as a token (with compound interest) of 4 YEARS of saint appreciation? We want to put your loving brilliance on the front page! And, so you’ll take our seriousness ‘seriously’ – and we’re serious about how serious things get when we say that they’re being taken seriously, gang – we’re going to step into a zone of ‘officiality’, and make Fridays our FAN posting day from now on!

    Got some politically-charged and BS-inspired awesomeness like the shot above? Send it in. Got some original art with a saintly theme that could inspire the masses? Send it in! Got a personal snap that captures you, your world, and/or what BS means to you in the grand scheme (and yes, slam-laden satires are more than welcome)? SEND IT IN!!!

    And please…don’t think we’re limiting this to one measly shot a week with nothing in it for you. We’ve gleaned a few tricks from the pros, and plan to stack the cyber display case with multifaceted shine from the quiet corners of the globe. PLUS, we’re fairly well known for our swag sweetness in the face of sincere efforts. Yup. Tasty…tasty…swag. Just send your greatly anticipated shizz to INFO at and we’ll pop it in the queue – clickety click, blogtastic trick!!! ;)

    A Literal ‘Fanboy’ Haiku…

    Thursday, April 14th, 2005

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  • Fans are like fishes

    You must make efforts early

    If you want them hooked


    What do Samurai Swords and BS have in common…?

    Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

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  • Thanks to some sharp ears – and some legendary fanGIRL attention to detail – we’ve gotten word that a serious chunk of our DVD’s voice peeps are also starring in an edgy anime import known only as Inuyasha. Don’t believe us? Then here’s a listing at TV Tome that confirms the North American dub cast including:

    Janyse Jaud (Shandala)

    David Kaye (Lear)

    Kirby Morrow (Raimi)

    Scott McNeil (Mars/Osama)

    The show’s being featured pretty heavily on Adult Swim and YTV, so scope it out and let us know what you think – ie: whether they sounded better as Saints or swordsmen! :)

    Isn’t that the guy from that thing…?

    Monday, April 11th, 2005

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  • Not many chances to roam the town or convention hall this weekend…somebody had to hold the fort and keep the Flash peeps educated on all things saintly. Honestly, I was getting pretty pissed by Day 2 – waves of noobs, armed with cards requiring confirmation stamps from the show’s exhibitors to win prizes, were shoving them under my nose at the most inopportune moments (you know…during interviews, photo ops, sales pitches, networking sessions, flirtation attempts, and fits of medicated weeping). Wish I had some audio samples of them uttering their zombie chants of ‘Staaaaaammmmmmpppp’. In a monosyllabic meta-universe, perhaps this mantra triggers the sixth chakra to open, unleasing an epic explosion of Indigo energy and psychic powers beyond our wildest imaginings. That, or Flashers really are the nerds that other nerds mock. But Ian doesn’t count…he’s just a tweener :P

    Jazzin’ it Up!

    Monday, April 11th, 2005
    Fitc pics

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  • Sorry it’s taken so long to post anything, but it’s always a bit of a head trip for me coming back to the old stomping grounds. I lived in and around Toronto for over 10 years, from age 8-18…and ‘nostalgic’ isn’t exactly the feeling that bubbles up upon arrival. Thankfully, the weather’s been mild, the pollution count’s low, and there have been oodles of opportunities to spread the saintly gospel. The coolest bit of evangelism came through an interview on Canada’s premiere jazz radio station with a Canuck pseudo celebrity. He asked how the jazz audience and BS might ‘overlap’ – I pimped Tobias and Dee. Also had him play some Little Jimmy Scott to end the interview. Smooooooth.

    A Blog Launch Haiku…

    Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
    Test Two - IMPORTANT

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  • To face a cruel world

    first pray for divine counsel…

    then stick your tongue out


    Broken Sellouts

    Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
    Broken Sellouts

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  • Believe it or not, gang…we’ve been tired of waving our commercial wang in your collective faces for months now, and are happy to christen our spankin’ new BS blog chock full o’ free treats and oldschool saintly sass. Sure, the DVD set is still for sale, the new BS Soundtracks are live, and the Cafe Press Shop is still kickin’ around here somewhere (can you say impending overhaul? We hear ya’…). But we desperately wanted to go back to the days of saucy news blurbs, raucous social ranting, and a blip or two of creative expression WITHOUT the fiscal baggage being so we hope you dig the hard-fought results (big ups to Jeff McCodemonkey and the Kirbs for making it all happen!). Have fun wading through all the obvious stuff (blog posts), the long-promised stuff (fresh wallpapers, a screensaver, a much-ballyhoo’ed banner), and the NEW stuff. Notice the links to the right? Don’t be shy. And notice how the title of one of these matches the heading of this very post?
    Online strip fans, rejoice…’cause the boys are back in town ;)

    Another for the Shelf!

    Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
    Best in Show

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  • Had a couple of nice surprises over the weekend that seem worthy of a mention. First, a glowing and detailed DVD review from the Euro-centric flashers at Flash Magazine (special thanks to Jens for putting up with months of harassment from this end and taking the 12HR trip). He even mentions the Macromedia Dev story, which ties everything together nicely. Second, a big Huzzah for the BS DVD winning BEST OF SHOW at the Horizon Interactive Awards! It’s always groovy to submit shizz without even having a clue if you’re eligible…and then taking home the ‘big one’. As Jeff would say with succinctness and inimitable West Coast Zen – BAMMM!!! :)

    Shaken…not Stirred

    Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

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  • The BS Crew knows how to party – we’ve proven it time and time again. But here, Drew and Ian are trying to infuse a little creativity into the mix by doing the Digital Cam Shaky Face thing and recording their efforts for posterity. I first got wind of this ‘trend’ in Berlin when visiting Tobias after the online series was complete – he said that the practice was sweeping the city, and had actors, models, and figures of reputed beauty bucking the cult of ‘image’ by snagging shots of themselves in various stages of giggling and torque-powered grotesquerie. So, if any of you wanna take a shaky-face shot with saintly theme, send it in and we’ll post the best. (but don’t blame us for dizziness, loss of appetite, and plummeting self-esteem issues – we’re right there with ya’). Fight the power, homies.