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tobias tinker on Weed!

Friday, March 10th, 2006

… now THIS is a GOOD IDEA! subtle arts logo

Hello and welcome to another episode of Shameless Self-Promotion! I’m your host, tobias tinker, you may know me as the soundtrack composer for such online animated sci-fi/horror epics as Broken Saints, and… well… ummm…

Anyway folks here’s the deal. I have found what may just be the smartest and coolest way yet to share and promote music files online. It’s called Weedshare and here’s the trick: it’s a way for you to legally download full-length, hi-res tracks, listen to them three times for free, pay for unlimited use if you like them, and GET PAID FOR SHARING THEM WITH OTHERS! Too good to be true, you say? Not so! Check out details of the system on the Weedshare FAQ. Personally I think it’s quite brilliant. The artist always gets 50%, the rest is shared amongst the distribution chain – which includes listeners and enthusiasts, i.e. YOU! Nothing short of revolutionary.

Naturally, I have set up all four volumes of the Broken Saints Soundtrack series as Weed-enabled files, through Weedshare front end in Norway. I am hereby actively encouraging all and sundry to download these files, listen to and enjoy them if you haven’t got the soundtrack discs already, and above all: post them anywhere you like, get them onto the file-sharing networks, put them on CDs (as files) and give or send them to people you think might like them – and if the good karma of spreading the word isn’t enough for you, hopefully the financial incentive will be…

I have also posted my Solo Piano Works (excerpts) album, so those of you who have been waiting for some way to hear some of the Broken Saints Concert material can now do so in good conscience

Two quick notes: First, Mac support is not in place yet (sorry) but is supposedly coming soon; second, before you ask… Quentin Grey’s tracks have my name in the license dialog, apparently nothing can be done about this, it’s how the revenues are tracked. Have no fear, I am in no way trying to take credit for his excellent work (I went to great lengths to make sure the file ID tags are correct), but to publicize it – and of course I will be paying him his share of proceeds as with the soundtrack CDs.

There has never been a better way to spread the word, I hope some of you jump onboard!

Dark Inspiration (Haiku)

Thursday, March 9th, 2006


This artist inspired

a story that holds a clue

to the ‘next project’

(let the guessing begin – more hints to follow in upcoming newsletters, so stay tuned!!!)

BS Stumble Upon Group!!!

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

(From forum regular and hardcore BS Cheerleader CAPTIVATING ANGEL – mucho thanks for your work and dedication to the saintly cause!!!)

“Ok… so, for those of you that have Mozilla Firefox & have this amazing add-on (Stumble Upon)… you may be interested in the fact that I have formed a Broken Saints group. Yes, I am spreading the word in the Stumble Upon world. Many people had been messaging me, asking me what BS was all about & others have been complementing Mr. Tinker’s music… I had links to both sites on my profile, SOOooooo…. I decided to become an SU sponsor in order to start the group.

While I am guilty of being on MySpace (since 2003)… the Stumble Upon Universe, I have found to be inifinitely addicting/informative. The utility helps you locate, rather stumble upon, content-rich sites that are relevant to your interests. Not to mention be in touch with people ALL over the world, from different avenues in life.

I love it.

Alrighty, so, all of you that are in the SU world… join the group & contribute… post, pass on the group to others, etc, etc.”


Sending Saintly Safe-wishes

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

(Forum poet and yogic valkyrie ‘Gypsy’ has been traveling throughout India the past four months. It just so happens that her latest blog entry was from Varanasi – the Holy city rocked by yesterday’s bomb blasts and rising tensions between Hindus and Muslims. Protective and paranoid vibes instinctively began to ripple in great force – but the story below seems to speak of how the Indian ‘way’ is inclined to take such things in stride. It’s as if there is an innate cultural ‘prioritizing’ – a daily need to attend to matters of ‘deeper’ significance – that fuels the engine of India’s spirit. What can we learn from this?)

FROM ABC NEWS – March 7, 2006

Armed police mounted vigil at temples and public places across India and leaders appealed for calm as Hindu groups called for a strike in a northern state to protest against bomb blasts that killed 15.

Tuesday’s blasts in Varanasi, one of the holiest pilgrimage centres for the country’s majority Hindus, also wounded dozens of people and came barely a week before Holi, the Hindu festival of colours.

It sparked fears of sectarian violence as some police officers suspected the attack to be the work of Islamist militants fighting against Indian rule in disputed Kashmir. But there were no reports of trouble, police said.

“The city is peaceful. We have taken all precautions. There have been no reports of any untoward incidents,” said K.L. Meena, Varanasi’s inspector-general of police.

“There have been no arrests so far and police parties are conducting raids at various places since last night,” he said.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urged people to remain calm after the blasts, but Hindu groups allied to the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party called for a general strike in the state on Wednesday to protest against the blasts. Authorities said they had shut down schools and colleges as a precaution, but a Reuters reporter said traffic on the streets of the ancient city appeared normal.

“People are moving around. Puja (worship) is going on in the temples. There is no problem now,” said 65-year-old housewife Prem Lata.

Temple-studded Varanasi, 670 km southeast of the capital New Delhi, is on the banks of the holy Ganges river. Hindus believe that dying in Varanasi, being cremated on the banks of the Ganges and the ashes immersed in the river ensures release from the cycle of rebirth. Many elderly and ill people come to the city if they believe they are close to death.

Drooling Fanboy Haiku

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

DAMN, that dong-diggety Darla! 😉.

Angel and Buffy

cool shows made even cooler

by Ms Julie Benz!


Oh yeah…

The new X-3 trailer is live.


But hey, Ian…

This one’s for you.

More Friends from Florida…

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Just received a link to this snazzy snap on writer (and mystical brother-in-arms) James Curcio’s live journal. Be sure to check the link if you’re craving a ‘gloves off’ portrayal of the weekend’s events and the sparkling demeanour of yours truly. 😛

Pictured here are Christian and Kao – crazily talented new pals (emphasis on both the crazy AND the talent) who helped to give the booth some much-needed zing and entice more eyeballs – and rightly so – to the gentle genesis of the intriguing Fas Ferox universe. And enjoy those background banners while they last, kiddies…I’m seriously considering auctioning them off at Comic-Con this year. Hopefully more than a few of you plan on making the pilgrimage, as it’s promising to be one helluva show. (even considering some recent misinformation 😉 )


Friday, March 3rd, 2006

You’ve likely heard about the ‘foreknowledge’ controversy – now scope the damning video.

British BS droolage…

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

(From a feature on the future of Webcomics in the UK’s latest Sunday Times)

Five stars

The MTV generation is served by a new breed of interactive online comics that draws from pop culture and urban life, along with traditional cartoon strips. At another extreme sits Broken Saints, the Sundance-award-winning graphic novel that transforms static online serial art into a stunningly animated film. Here, lavishly detailed Flash animation and a haunting soundtrack tell an epic story. A hacker, an Islamic fundamentalist, a Shinto priest and a mysterious girl are drawn together by an apocalyptic vision to uncover a worldwide corporate conspiracy. The series ran from 2001 to 2003, but you can see the 24 episodes by following the link on the home page to the original site. Fan forums, art galleries and games accompany daily haikus and discussion in the blog. Best of all, you can download episodes to watch on an iPod Video, and podcast commentaries are promised soon. A glimpse at the future of web-comic production.

Scope the rest of the article here.

You-Tubed BS Fan Film

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Thought it’d be cool to revisit this with the spanky new tech. Many thanks to Tony Holcomb for the effort and inspiration – in fact, I’m starting to think that another fan contest revolving around Comic-Con might be just the thing to stir up some passion around these parts. Thoughts?

And Speaking of Supes…(fanboy haiku)

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Pa Kent…or Bo Duke?

More than this – classy and kind

and a chick MAGNET!!!