Fan-inspired bliss…and a little Christian snuggle :)

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  • On the opening day of Anime Evolution, wayyy back on August 19th in the hallowed halls of BC’s Simon Fraser University, Andrew and I were met with much warmth and support by the local fan community. But no kind expression, or heartfelt kudo, or pledge of saintly gospel-spreading struck us as deeply as the teary-eyed silence of Jessica (sandwiched here between Drew and yours truly). Just before this momentous meeting, she had chased down Fallen Angel – garbed in swaddling Shanniness and pimping BS with her singular sass – and asked if she was indeed dressed as the little-known heroine of the saintly saga! The genuine fondness in this meeting will never be forgotten (as a local gal, I’ve already pledged to be an unofficial ‘overprotective uncle’ if the need should ever arise :)). Just seeing this snapshot stokes the fires of purpose – a poignant reminder of why we set out on this crazy journey in the first place. Thank you, Jessica – may you have all the Truth and Shuswap shores you could ever hope for.

    And speaking of truth, hope, and segues…

    David Dawes of Canadian Christianity has just posted a follow-up DVD review, and the smiles just keep coming – all in all, a good week thanks to the blessings of open-minded and beautiful people who continue to grace our lives:

    “On the darker side of Doomsday, a B.C.-based project that has quietly garnered worldwide acclaim is now a deluxe DVD. North Vancouver’s very own ‘cult hit,’ Broken Saints is an animated graphic novel which has unfolded in short installments online.

    The original was ground-breaking stuff – and the DVD boasts twice as many special effects, more dynamic music, and actors (including William B. Davis, the ‘Cigarette-Smoking Man’ from The X-Files) giving voice to more than three dozen characters. Conceived and written by Brooke Burgess, illustrated by Andrew West, and mixed and edited by Ian Kirby, the 12-hour extravaganza is most impressive.

    Broken Saints’ complex story combines suspense with an exploration of various spiritual concepts, and includes a substantial Christian component. One of the key characters is a lapsed Catholic computer programmer, whose encounter with the supernatural revitalizes his faith. The other protagonists are a Buddhist priest, a Muslim soldier and a mystical girl from the South Pacific.

    The four receive visions of a pending Apocalypse. However, Burgess revealed to BCCN, the heroes are being deceived by “a powerful philanthropist, [who] has been manipulating his corporate and military partners to execute the plan of his own design – the satellite-broadcasted triggering of a terrifying ‘global enlightenment’ that will kill millions and change the social order forever.” Heady stuff – and executed with flair.

    Some might find the occasional profanity and intense violence off-putting; others might feel the cryptic dialogue is a trifle pretentious. But all told, Broken Saints is a boldly creative, inspiring and spiritually enriching work. Burgess and his team are to be commended for pulling off a spectacular artistic coup.”

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