Friday Rumour Roundup

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  • Are the rumblings real

    Could a certain President

    take charge of FEMA???


    Seems the above haiku info might temporarily come to pass, or at least a gov’t established position as the new figurehead of the official relief effort – that’s what’s making the political rounds this morning. I can’t imagine the Bush mob ever agreeing to it – that’s a BIG piece of humble pie to swallow – but there’s honestly no better man for the job, all things considered.

    BTW, sorry for not posting much original material as of late. If it makes you feel a teensy bit better, I only have so much creative energy to spare over any given stretch – a truth one could logically use to deduce that said ‘juice’ is currently being ardently squeezed for some dastardly secret purpose.

    Hmmm…is that a clock I hear ticking? Thundering, actually.


    Have a great weekend, gang. Thanks to Gypsy, I’m off for a couple of relaxing days at a local retreat – though I’ll probably slip into violent withdrawal considering the no phone/computer rule. Hoping to recharge enough to be of some use at Kim’s Katrina benefit next Friday – more news on that in three days. Until then, copious smooches from the rainy place. Excelsior! ;)

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