Under the gu…err…’chair’. (CONTEST)

  • Hey peeps – I just sent out the following blurbus via electronic postal route of the Fan Forum variety. If you could take a few ticks to help out, the rewards may well be worth the time invested…

    We just got word from our new overlords that they might actually UNDERSTAND what we’re trying to do with grassroots promo, and will resist the urge to be ‘heavy handed’ in their approach. Not the worst of news.

    That said, they mentioned that it would help if they could see some ‘active interest’ from the fans – so I thought the easiest way to show quick results would be to do some handy dandy friend-stacking over at the BS home on MySpace!

    Here’s the dilly – if you’re keen, sign yourself up easy-breezy and then join our BS group. After that, keep tabs on how many folks you forward our way. The top 3 evangelists will get one of the scant remaining SIGNED dvd sets, a tasty film collection from our benefactor, and a certain swagger that accompanies such bragging rights 🙂

    The goal is to reach 4-digits by Xmas…with the winners announced in the New Year. Cue clock-ticky sounds…

    Lotsa good vibes from fog-shrouded Van – and don’t ever hesitate to drop us a line, as it keeps the home-fires burning.



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