BS…and Team America???

Animation review hub DVD Toons (you might remember them from their glowingly kind review last summer) sprung a surprise mail on me today with some wicked news – Broken Saints has ceremoniously squeaked onto their Ten Best DVDs of 2005, sharing 10th place with Stone and Parker’s TEAM AMERICA: World Police. Their reasoning?

One of the best things about reviewing DVDs is that sometimes we come across something new that unexpectedly blows us away. In 2005 the release that most surprised us was Broken Saints. Broken Saints was a release that pushed the boundaries of animation, but this time through its imagery. This unconventional “animated comic book with sound” originated on the Internet and there found a way to tell an epic story that was both smart and unique. The creators also managed to load the DVD with special features and worthwhile extras to entertain fans for hours. Enjoy this one folks. It was one of the few releases last year to get both a 10 for Film and Special Features.” (Click here for the other standouts)

Not the worst of homecoming gifts, especially when combined with Rue-Morgue’s Most Innovative Concept of 2005 award from their latest ish’. Yeesh…I’m beginning to blush over here!!! 🙂

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