Viral Fan Fun!!!

(I just had this hit my inbox from hardcore BS peep EGGPLANT, and had to share it with the ‘hood. Included for your amusement is a chat log he attached with our saintly shop-keeper JOSHSPAZJOSH. Enjoy…and keep ‘em peeled for a newsletter sometime tomorrow. For now, I need to sleep and process all the Wiicent information from E3. ;) bb)

[23:07] The Eggplant: is up!
[23:08] joshspazjosh: nice
[23:08] joshspazjosh: wait
[23:08] joshspazjosh: why
[23:08] joshspazjosh: what is its purpose
[23:08] The Eggplant: should i let brooke know about it?
[23:08] The Eggplant: i DON’t KNOW!
[23:08] joshspazjosh: it’s so weird
[23:08] The Eggplant: viral marketing?
[23:08] joshspazjosh: lol
[23:08] The Eggplant: yeah…. exactly
[23:08] joshspazjosh: tell Brooke now
[23:09] joshspazjosh: send him an email
[23:09] The Eggplant: and then what?
[23:09] joshspazjosh: he will go insane
[23:09] The Eggplant: uhhhh
[23:09] The Eggplant: okay
[23:10] The Eggplant: brooke at right?
[23:10] joshspazjosh: yeah
[23:11] joshspazjosh: he will go nutes
[23:11] joshspazjosh: yeah not just nuts
[23:11] joshspazjosh: nutes
[23:13] The Eggplant: how does this sound:
[23:13] The Eggplant: – I’m not sure why I made this nor does it really have any purpose.
[23:13] joshspazjosh: lol
[23:13] joshspazjosh: he’s going to go insane
[23:14] joshspazjosh: you should have told him “tell FOX”
[23:14] The Eggplant: i’ll mention that you said he’ll go insane and “nutes”
[23:14] joshspazjosh: and they’ll buy it from you for $1000
[23:14] joshspazjosh: and turn it into a viral marketing site
[23:14] The Eggplant: i might as well just copy and paste this conversation
[23:15] joshspazjosh: whatevs

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