In Halls of the Elven Kings…

The plan? To slip out of town for a few weeks to finally finish the script for the long-whispered (yet mucho-mysterious!) ‘next project’. The problem? I have serious creative obstacles unless I’m blessed with a realm of relative silence, as well as vows from anyone in relative proximity that they’ll keep their chatter (and even mental activity) to the barest of minimums. I’m talking quiet of the ‘mineral life’ variety.

The solution? A creative commune in Gibsons, BC – run by a group of dredlocked psilocybic shamans on the fringes of existence.

And they call themselves…’The Fun-gineers’.

I might be a little…’different’…upon my return. :D

Keep the good vibes coming – and thanks to all who wrote with best wishes for Drew’s Mom – genuinely touched by the kindess!!!

Word is Bond


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