Fallen Angel sent me this.

Still haunted.

The best use of GYBE since…well…since some other Flash toon did.

Pass it on…

8 Responses to “SMILE.”

  1. Ashton says:

    man…. every time I watch “Smile”, it creeps me out a little more.

  2. Susan (FA) says:

    I fucking love it. Anything on is just…..mind blowing. The person who sent me ‘Smile’ is an old forumer that doesn’t come by anymore, unfortunately. So I must give credit to GrayMadder who left that “delightful” link for me to come home to a few nights ago. I haven’t been the same since.

  3. Matthew says:

    im scared to look

    im a wussy :(

  4. JoshSpazJosh says:

    You killed their bandwidth!

    Does BS really get THAT many regulars?!

  5. Guppy says:

    Nah actually it was also linked on like and other linking sites

  6. Elise says:


  7. Wow…..

    that was just plain creepy.

    A simple, yet fantastic use of good music and flash.

  8. Emperor Xan says:

    Awesome short that really captures the problems dystopian stories caution against and we ignore anyway.

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