UK and OZ get Saintly this week!!!

Just got the official word that the DVD has hit shelves across the pond today, with Australia to follow by week’s end. Weird…wild…stuff.

Send pics and anecdotes, friends – I’d rather post ’em here than play salesman yet again in the newsletter.

Couple o’ pics from Anime Evolution should go up once I get my damn phone to talk to my damn computer again. Looks like they’re having relationship issues….though the Treo swears up and down that there has been no covert canoodling of the Macbook variety.

Fickle machines. They say they’re switch, but that’s just a way of being bottom and keeping some semblance of pride. 😛

5 Responses to “UK and OZ get Saintly this week!!!”

  1. Ishtar says:

    Aren’t you a bottom? :p

  2. admin says:

    Only for you, fantastimacles.

  3. Dr Dood says:

    I got my DVD on Friday, some horrible horrible online shoppe broke streetdate. That was horrible of them, I hope they go to hell.

    I would like to say that I am very angry that the UK doesn’t get the cool box that the American release has. What’s up with that? I was really looking forward to clicking Shan and Kami for hours on end.

  4. admin says:


    Can you send me pics, Dood? That’s bullcrap!!!



  5. killthenet says:

    cool. i think i’ll buy it when i’ve got a job and cleared my debts. i would like to see it finally.

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