UK/Aussie DVD Haiku!!!

Now 50% less likely to fall apart 😛

A few small changes

And a warning sticker too

Enjoy ‘uniqueness’!!!

7 Responses to “UK/Aussie DVD Haiku!!!”

  1. Zeek says:

    I don’t speak australian, but I think I adore the box and I did worry about fallapart boxes that I heard about on IMDB..

  2. JoshSpazJosh says:


    They get both better packaging and the comic FREE?!

    -grumble grumble-

  3. Jay says:

    Well I’ve ordered the UK one, and when it comes, and my Shandala birth certificate, I’ll be happy.



  4. Ashton says:

    I don’t know about anywhere else, but I got the comic with the DVDs from Futureshop.

  5. admin says:

    Oh Jay – how did I KNOW it was you who grabbed that! 😀

    Be sure to send us a glam’ pic of you with all your BS stuff – I wanna make an official Super Fan page!!!



  6. Jay says:

    I’ll be sure to!


    Eagerly anticipating its arrival!


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