Friday Art Zen

Your interpretations of this taxpayer-funded work are more than welcome…

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  1. Elise says:

    I get it, I get it!

    The chick is naked, so on the interwebs, that automatically means she’s hot. The pig represents ugly people, and the swan represents pretty people! And she’s holding the pig, so it mean she doesn’t care he’s ugly and apparently, she’s gonna bang the pig (ugly person) in front of the swan (pretty person) out of defiance.

    Or the pig represents starving children, the naked hottie is Unicef or some shit and the swan is the evil white Man.

  2. Zreekee says:

    I hate modern art.

    my take: naked on a bed=sex so…. she is turning away from her own beauty {the swan} (personality, inner beauty yaddayadda) to be with the pig (modern society who pays for sex, consumes sex, are only worth their $ if there is sex involved)

    reminds me of Animal Farm…

    but I don’t like it no matter what the message is, profound or not. Write an essay for gawd’s sake. Personally I don’t like dead animals and naked people being in close proximity to each other.

    And I could have taken pictures of my neighbourhood if you wanted commentary on sex being for sale, and how the rich men consume sex and beauty. How about having mugshots of john’s along side a head shot of the prostitute they tried to buy. That would speak more to me than that crappy ass photo.

  3. admin says:

    Well put, gals – keep it coming!!!

  4. BigJacT says:

    Hmm. Well, I for one am disgusted. Although, I said the same thing about Bodyworlds. Art that involves carcasses is not something I go out of my way to view. I saw 3 deer carcasses in differing states of decay this morning on my way to the library, so I got my daily dose of death.

    As for the meaning of this piece, my take would be that the swan represents the unrealistic physical ideal while the pig represents how the woman sees herself. She has killed the pig in order to become a swan, which represents how women sacrifice in order to try to attain physical perfection. However, she now mourns over the loss of part of herself.

  5. Elise says:

    By the way, that woman has some really small titties.

  6. guppy says:

    Yeah I think I have to go with BJ on this one and the others came up with a good idea but you all forgot what the flowers mean… blossoming etc…. I dunno if its taxpayers money maybe its supported by the food industry using a high art approach maybe all she wants is breakfast served in bed romantically by her lover just some bacon and eggs however her boyfriend is Trent Reznor… walla we get this but at least this time the flowers are still alive. He gets two points.

    Also what the hell is in the glass box behind her head.. a turkey or a dead goose…?

    I think this just reminds me of what I had for breakfast this morning… hmm wierd.

  7. andrew says:

    The NAKED WOMEN is motherhood, the FLOWERS are sexuality. Pigs represent intelligence and desire. Swans represent balance, innocence. And I think the bed is a vessel or meeting place of some kind for all these things. So there it is.

    I love hearing peoples interpretations on art…

  8. admin says:

    This is actually a taxpayer-supported art grant piece made in Scotland. The swan is plastic. The flowers are real. The pig is a real carcass. And the naked woman dances and lies with the pig for several hours a day over the course of the installation.

  9. Matt Chan says:

    Plastic swan? Well, working off what other people have said so far, I would even say that the material also has some significance. Plastic beauty = fake. Like the swan. I just think of boob plants. And plastic and cosmetic surgery too.

    And a real pig carcass? Reality. Dancing and lying with the pig for several hours? Maybe a celebration of what is real or what real beauty is. Maybe life. You can’t love plastic objects like other true, animated spirits.

  10. admin says:

    Loving the responses…I should make this a regular feature – much more fun than the usual pimpin’ and haikus! 😉

  11. tobias says:

    Hmmm. I’m going to have to bring to bear all my vast expertise in the field of modern art criticism here. The naked woman represents, obviously, our fear of intimacy. The dead pig represents our fear of… uhh…. pigs. Yeah. and the plastic swan represents our fear of … of….. let’s see…. I know, SPACE TRAVEL. So the whole thing is a metaphor for that old Muppets skit, Pigs In Space. Man just thinking about that now gives me sweats. Terrifying!

    I would imagine that the flowers represent Miss Piggy’s eternal, unrequited love for Kermit, which is doubtless what makes this piece so … err… resonant. Anyway, I figure that’s as valid an interpretation as any other, including whatever the artist might think it means… 😛

  12. admin says:


    Spoken like a true artist/pop-culture hybrid!!!

  13. misspink says:

    i just couldn’t resist…
    even with my true art nerd/hipster ( 😛 b.) background i cannot support art like this. it is crap. tobias that was the BEST comment on this piece. you have to laugh because otherwise you will be so angry that prentioius assholes like this woman pass this ridiculous self masturbatory navel gazing post-modern shit off as art.
    there is good modern art. this is the antithesis of it.
    however it did get a lively discussion going, which is what art is all about (hell it made me pop the comment cherry)

  14. guppy says:

    Tobias you rock… that made my morning!

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