Watch the vid. Read the accompanying story. Cry a little. Or a lot (especially if the schmaltzy music is forgiven). And hopefully get inspired with the Holy-days looming. The world can be good…because YOU can be goodness!

5 Responses to “We CAN…”

  1. chapulin says:

    Haha. I passed this along with basically your comments intact, and someone asked if I was on extasy cuz it came off so sentimental. LoL.

    Still, good and inspiring stuff Brooke. Thanks for that.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah…I’m in a pretty ‘non-jaded’ place right now…and truly enjoying it. Gonna spread a little light when and where I can!

  3. tobias says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, that was worth a couple of minutes of anyone’s time. Ironman marathons pulling/pushing your ‘disabled’ son? A 2:40 marathon pushing a wheelchair? Unfuckingbelievable.

    Also: whatever Rick can’t do, there’s one thing he can clearly do better than most of us, and that is to smile. And given the hand that life has dealt him, despite the consolation of having one helluva dad, if he can smile like that it’s worth thinking again about all the trivial shite that makes the rest of us so glum…

  4. admin says:


  5. Angela says:

    Thanks for passing this one along…it’s a good smack in the face for some of us wandering around in our own self-absorbed lives. Always good to be reminded that there are people out there doing extraordinary things everyday….and be inspired to join them. =) Happy holidays, B.

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