The Latest Ep of Battlestar…

…is named after a Tobias Tinker album!

It’s called Passage, and was penned by an ex-Buffy writer. Not the best I’ve seen by a long shot…but even mediocre BSG is better than most crap on the box.

Enjoy 43min of pirated goodness!!! :D

3 Responses to “The Latest Ep of Battlestar…”

  1. Alex says:

    This season’s been so mind-blowingly, pants-crappingly awesome that it’s sometimes hard to keep perspective. I mean, not every episode can be Exodus Pt. 2 or Torn/Measure Of Salvation. Or the one I call Fight Club Galactica (so much punching!).

    The biggest plus to keep in mind is that this season doesn’t have a crazy 3 month hiatus jammed in the middle of it.

    Also, scary X-Files parallel: Both shows will have moved to Sunday in the middle of their third season. Scary.

  2. admin says:

    I noticed the Sunday move….if that means ‘longevity’, then I’m all for it – but I think the creators only had 4-5 seasons in mind, plus a potential spin-off.

    Still…I’m REALLY tempted to start auditioning again – would kill even for a quick scene!

  3. zeek says:

    I’ve finally given in, and started trying to watch it – it’s hard, there are a lot of shows I wanna catch up on :) Glad I don’t mind spoilers, as I’m way behind on things like Heroes and BSG.

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