B-Tubery – VBlog Testeroo!!!

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  1. JoshSpazJosh says:

    Oh my god I cannot believe that B has joined the user-generated-content “revolution”.

    Why did you have to do it?

  2. admin says:

    Just playing around in preparation for project journals and the like that’ll be essential to the next ‘thing’.

    Got give folks ‘something’ to look forward to or pick through, lest they forget!

  3. Matthew says:

    im so hyped it’s insane.

    i dont even know what im hyped FOR!

  4. tobias says:

    Ahhh… but I do! 😉

    B, that was almost too much visual stimulation for me. I’m blown away! Beside myself! The beard is beautiful. A Bearded Brooke Bonanza! Was that Brazza in the background? Say bongiorno for me… Bahahahahaha!

    that was not a hint, by the way!

  5. guppy says:

    we need to get the above person in a holding cell^^ hes ready to burst with info 😉 Anyway yes the beard is back and brizzly.

  6. tobias says:

    I love saying things like ‘that was not a hint’ because regardless of whether it’s true or not, people automatically start looking for hints in whatever you’ve said.

  7. chapulin says:

  8. guppy says:

    Hehe… you little tease Tobias. 😉

  9. Susan (FA) says:


  10. kim says:

    Count me in!!! I will fly from the ends of the earth to be a part of whatever you come up with 😉

    Miss you and love you!!!


  11. Zreekee says:

    lol now to REALLY join the YouTube legions you need to find something to whine about…all emo-like.

    lol waaaa! snow!!

  12. Manda says:

    mmm… scruffy 😛

  13. Nabothi says:

    “I have physically suffered for your entertainment. *strokes beard* ”

    ahahhaa… good stuff…. 😀

    And every time I see you, you look different. An amazing feat my friend. *applauds* 😛

    Now spill the beans on the new project already! GRaah!

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