The Baking’s Almost Done (haiku)

Click for impending cuteness!!!

Bun in the oven

Preparing to greet the world

Tinker recipe!!!

12 Responses to “The Baking’s Almost Done (haiku)”

  1. Susan (FA) says:

    That is the cutest thing I have seen ALL day!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tobias says:

    We are indeed in the final lap here – could be any day, but could also be another two weeks or so. Watch this space…

    thanks for your wishes and energy!

  3. Kim says:

    Hooray for little Tinkers! I’m so happy for you guys!! Best of luck, I’ll be sending all my love your way 😉 I can’t wait to meet the little ‘un!


  4. Congrats, T! I hope the whole process goes smoothly for all three of you! 😀

  5. chapulin says:

    Congrats to the both of you!!! Best wishes, love, and light to the new addition. =)

    Picked out a name yet?

  6. Matthew says:

    Awww. a great couple you do make.

    Congrats on the bundle of beauty, i wish you all well :D.

  7. tobias says:

    thanks all… just checking from an i-cafe since internet at home is on the fritz.

    names are picked barring last-minute inspirations or changes of mind… but they are top secret until the moment of truth. The Saints community will be among the first to know!

    more soon…. t

  8. Saggio says:

    That’s awesome, Tobias. Long live the Tinker dynasty!

    P.S. “Saggio Tinker” has a nice ring, doesn’t it? 😉

  9. guppy says:

    hehe.. it sure does Jack. I am so excited for the tinkers!

  10. tobias says:

    hmmm… well, we still don’t know what kind of critter is in there, so… saggio for a boy, guppy for a girl? We’ll think about it…

  11. admin says:

    ‘Brooke’ works for both!!!

  12. guppy says:

    Hehe yes a Brooke II. Well I am honored for the consideration, even if it is jokingly but you could always go with Loren or Laura (my real name) LOL. 😉

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