USA: Happy ‘Blow Shit Up and BBQ it’ Day!!!

It’s the Land of the Free

It’s the Home of the Brave

Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!!!


4 Responses to “USA: Happy ‘Blow Shit Up and BBQ it’ Day!!!”

  1. dumbwhiteguy says:

    I burn the shit out my hand every year on the fourth with a lighter, but than I again I usually get friction burns on it every day so I guess it’s not so bad.:)

  2. I loved last year’s 4th of July. I went to a park and pretended to be some heckler with a bad Russian accent. My favorite line of the night: “America’s such crazy country. On Fourth of July, you blow up own country. Every other day, you blow up someone else’s!” 😉

  3. dumbwhiteguy says:

    And my yearly tradition of burning the shit out of my hand has been completed. At least this year I had the common sense to use my left to lite the fireworks.

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