Watchmen Fanboy Haiku

Who Watches?

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First official shot

makes me drool for things to come

Don’t fuck it up, Zach…

6 Responses to “Watchmen Fanboy Haiku”

  1. zeek says:

    Anyone who /doesn’t/ light cops on fire with aerosol spray is simply an inferior superhero.

  2. zeek says:

    I have never heard of any example of Alan Moore liking /any/ movie, those based on his scripts or otherwise. Too busy combing his beard.

    Really, the man shouldn’t have signed such god-awful contracts in the 80s, tis his own fault.

  3. neelo says:

    any idea of the release date?

  4. zeek says:

    Filming ended 2 days ago. Post production is said to be taking over a year as they need to completely CG over some characters (IE Doc Manhattan, Rorschach’s face, etc). There’s a lot of effects to do to complete it. Look for it in spring-summer 2009

  5. neelo says:

    the words baited breadth spring to mind!!! excellent independent oscar win for glen hansard for best song in once!!!! viva guerilla cinema!

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