The Constant…


Major spoilers in the video below if you haven’t seen Episode 4×05 of the best fucking show on TV…

But if you did see it, and you’re a Desmond/Penny fan (you know…like the rest of the world with a functioning heart), then here’s your chance to cry again 😀

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  1. Matthew says:

    i actualy shed a tear watching this thursday. a beautiful scene for an already amazing episode.

    LOST BABY!. and im telling you right now, the island is centered around a time anomaly!

  2. Eggy says:


  3. tobias says:

    yup. they delivered the goods on that one. just amazing.

    The thing that puts this kind of thing over the edge is the incredible patience with which they have set it up and gradually revealed the back story… this could have been so cheesy or so emotionally manipulative, but after so much time and so many other layers have been added it has so much depth and detail, and also such simplicity and honesty of presentation. Beautiful!

  4. neelo says:

    How are they gonna pull all this together? It makes jacobs ladder seem straightforward. Unmissable.

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