The Presidential Candidates…get RAW???

Folks…if this ain’t proof of dark times ahead, I don’t know what is!

(and even more frightening…McCain cut the best promo of the bunch LOL)

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  1. The Eggplant says:

    That was amusing yet also kind of disturbing.

  2. tobias says:

    yikes… that was not at all heartening. These are the options?


  3. I have to admit, it appeals directly to a certain PA voter demographic that wouldn’t give two shits otherwise about voting. I don’t know if this is good or not to get them to go out and vote. There’s being informed, and then there’s this. Thanks B, you made my head explode.

  4. dumbwhiteguy says:


  5. Saggio l'uno says:

    American politics is depressing.

  6. neelo says:

    fuck. are we all up shit creak or what?????

  7. guppy says:

    What do you mean neelo? We have been for awhile first we lose the compass and now we just lost the paddles. American politics are not just depressing but disillusional.

  8. admin says:

    Not to mention the global food crisis…

    Fun, fun, FUN!!!

  9. neelo says:

    Hey guys, enough with the iminent world wide social, economic, and spiritual catastrophe(or has that already begun guppy?), was in Tescos the other day(I’m not proud, I was hungry), saw lines and lines of “I am Legend”. How I remember that fateful day when on the russian sci fi epic “Nightwatch”, I thought what’s this “broken saints” thing in the special features? So many unsuspecting people will get their heads detonated!!!!!!

  10. guppy says:

    No update from Simon, Brooke?

    I rented I am legend soley for the webcasts because I don’t have sound when I saw them online. Chilling and meamerizing as always.

  11. tobias says:

    hey gups glad you liked them.

    and… err… [i]watch this space…

  12. admin says:

    yeah…what Tobias said.

    Tick, tick…countdown to freshness.


  13. guppy says:

    Sweetness. I shall be.

  14. sum_dum_guy says:

    Um… I think I broke the forums.
    This morning, on a whim, I decided to tear off the “Do Not Remove” label from my mattress. And now I can’t post on the forums.
    It’s the only explanation.

    I’m so sorry.

    *cries self to sleep*

  15. guppy says:

    Its all good I do not think those events are related SDG don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Contemplating on the new thing coming out…

    Btw b
    I wonder if the update has to do with the videogame… Whatever happened with it?

  16. Rexfelum says:

    Alright, because I can’t post on the forums for reasons that remain unknown (unless sum_dum_guy actually managed to tear off a mattress label that caused a rip IN TIME), I’ll mention it here. I’ve finally managed to go and watch the “I Am Legend” videos that I hadn’t watched before.

    Why did it take me so long? You may recall it’s called a Ph.D.

    But regardless, I have watched them. They were just as chilling as the first two I had seen. The expression of tragedy is incredible.

    Of course, unfortunately, any feelings of “tragedy” are marred by an extra layer of “tragedy,” being the subservience of this brilliance to some other . . . ahem . . . art. So I have nothing but compliments for the creators, as usual, but I must note that I likewise look forward to the next creative endeavor. I actually rather hope it has something to do with the “Seventh Shore” idea, being another original piece by the folk(s) we know.

    And that is, mostly, that.


  17. tobias says:

    hey I hear you Rex, and I appreciate what you’re saying but for me there were two very good reasons to do the Legend pieces: first, the basic reality of me needing to pay the bills and keep my little munchkin in diapers and wipes; second, the opportunity to do some creative work with people I love to work with. So it wasn’t a terribly difficult choice. I didn’t actually ever get around to watching the film itself, so for me the pieces kind of stand on their own, and I’m fairly happy with them.

    As to subservience… there was of course a review process and there were executive higher-ups who exercised a degree of oversight, but it wasn’t too bad and all in all I think mostly the essence of what we were aiming for came through. In fact I am not particularly opposed to working within that kind of structure, sometimes it can actually help focus ideas that might otherwise get left half-baked. Obviously when you have a really clear idea and you know where it needs to go, you have to be strong about it to get it through the process, but the reality of creative work is that that is not always the case – sometimes you don’t have anything better than half-baked, and then the review process can provide the structure to help trim away the noise and clarify the germ of the idea so you can develop it in a better way.

    In fact, that’s often been the nature of Brooke’s involvement with my musical contributions, and while there are uncomfortable moments from time to time, at the end of the day I think it’s been a valuable process to go through.

  18. Rexfelum says:

    It is worth mentioning that, though I breezed through my earlier description with a bunch of generalities, every specific thing in the pieces deserved the “brilliance” label and the “compliments for the creators.” As per usual, the music was basically untouchable (if I wanted to complain about anything), again being able to carry each video by itself (which it literally did here and there). And if I could ever get my head around the complete mixture of people who gave creative input, I’m sure I could direct compliments correctly for the other aspects.

    I also appreciate the creative process, and what you wrote there gave me reason to think some more. But still, in the grand scheme of things, this remains a “side project” in my view relative to the more “central”/personal/enriching nature of something like Broken Saints, a CD, a webcomic, and suchlike. A necessity, not a release. Perhaps, though, it is also a compliment that “mainstream” employers would WANT people who can be so personal to go and work on their stuff.


  19. tobias says:

    Hey R, thanks for clarifying, and of course I didn’t think you were criticizing the music or any of the other contributors’ efforts (who were Brooke, Ian, Caleb, Adam, Andrew on the New Delhi piece, and various others). Of course these pieces are less of a ‘total’ experience than BS, and are by their nature not likely to affect anyone in as deep or powerful (dare I say spiritual?) a manner. On the other hand, due to improvements in technology, increased skills and creative maturity, and access to production resources, one could argue that on some levels they go further – inasmuch as we were less limited by those constraining factors.

    Anyway, the proof is in the pudding, and they are what they are. I’m just glad that some of the core BS fans have been able to see them ‘properly’ now, particularly the Indian one which was so brutally compressed in its public release.

  20. DeathJester says:

    I wanted to say hey to everyone again, but the forums are taking a nap. So… Hey everyone! 😛

  21. neelo says:

    Absolutely nobody, anywhere in the world, should rip a label of a matress ever again or black will be proven to be white……in which case we’ll get killed crossing the road!!!

  22. Rexfelum says:

    No, no, no. We’ll get killed at a zebra crossing. Get it right.

    Also, I see a certain “DJ.” And I . . . have little to say at this time, as I am sleep-deprived. But apparently the forums are now awake, thus granting new and exciting opportunities for saying hey!


  23. neelo says:

    sorry, should never get a hitchhikers reference wrong.

  24. tobias says:

    Yeah man, that’s almost as bad as, well, not knowing where your towel is! ALWAYS know where your towel is.

    that’s OK though, we still think you’re a pretty hoopy frood regardless.

  25. neelo says:

    keep on pan galactic gargle blasting!!

  26. dark otaku says:

    well that’s quite possibly the scariest thing i’ve seen all century…

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