We’re cool…no, seriously!!!

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • Popped downtown to drop some signed copies off at our favourite comic haunts – had an actual CONVERSATION with Robin Williams (he was supposedly on Chapter 4 and really enjoying the unique BS vibe!) – and then hooked up with forum oldschoolers Nick (right) and Saggio (left). Foraging for food on Granville street can be a challenging exercise amidst the hipster shops and XXX galleries, but thankfully we ran into Jeff McAdam and he wisely guided us to some divine schwarma and falafel. Jeff (or ‘The New Guy’ as he’s affectionately known on the boards) was largely responsible for us finishing the DVD on time, as he re-rendered gobs of footage, calculated insane compression bitrates, and did the lion’s share of linking in DVD Studio Pro.

    But that’s not why he’s the center of this shot. In fact, Jeff can’t HELP but be the center of everything. You see, rumor has it that jazzy J is blessed – or perhaps cursed, depending on one’s inclination and undergarment snugness – with the largest testicles this side of elephantitis. In fact, scientists have postulated that Mr McAdam’s nuts may have their own event horizon. Sadly, I think Nick and Sagg’ got a little too close to escape the pull, and ended up dealing with some compression of their own. :D

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