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Member Picys thread.

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Should it be *sticky*
OOOoo Sticky!
 60%  [ 6 ]
What your hands?
 10%  [ 1 ]
My socks smell funny.
 30%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 10

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 10:49 pm    Post subject: Member Picys thread. Reply with quote

Ok, I feel it's important enough to put out a poll on. to me this is a no brainer. as in yes we should have it stickyed BUT, I also wanted to post up my apologie so that it isn't missed. have fun with the poll I've already pm'd Brook about it. hench why the poll options are silly and it's also a hommage to some comments Saggio and ToA had said (except the last one) years and years back. For me thats like three children ago.

Damion wrote:
you know, it took me almost three months of pm's and IRC time to get everyones pictures and I worked almost over a year keeping everyones pics updated and to top it off more then some were less then nice about getting there pics up.

Now you can't even let a simple man keep his small pleasure he had in doing something for what he thought of as home. you didn't even pm me.

see ya

This is a year later and reflecting back on this. I just wanted apologize. I was Feeling very hurt and it's more then obvious by the following responses that I really shouldn't have taken it in that manner. The member Picys Thread Meant ALOT to me. It made me feel useful and gave me a place here among some very caring and mentally wealthy people. I just hope that everyone can forgive me for my lack of fore thought on the matter and know that all of you are very important to me.

-- Robert (Does that look right Rich )
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