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Ending Questions *Spoiler*

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:36 pm    Post subject: Ending Questions *Spoiler* Reply with quote

First of all, the ending was brilliant. I think Lear's plan did have some echoes from "The Watchmen", but had a very original twist to it. The idea of God's Wrath upon man was ingenious, if not insane.

But I have a few questions/comments:

1. How did Shan get the powers of curing/killing? Clearly, she was genetically engineered by Lear, but was there a scientific explanation of her powers?

2. In the epilogue, Raimi mentioned that he has the code and will remind everyone from time to time about Shan's message. Now, I feel there is a little bit of hypocrisy going on here. The message in reality was not truly divine. Essentially, it was a hoax. Grant, it's a message of love rather than one of Fear (as Lear wanted), but the changes in the world is on false premises, and a similar result would have occurred with Lear's Plan. Also, I have a hard time believing Oran would go along with this, as he's opposed to the false God plan that Lear had going. What makes Shan's message any different? Do the ends justify the means?
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Couch Guy

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 10:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To answer your first question: No - there was never a "scientific" explanation for what Shan does, at least not to the detail I think you're asking after. She was engineered to be a highly sensitive empath and exopath (or transopath or whatever term you kids are using to mean "transmitting emotions" these days), and her 'vibing' was compatible with all the tech she's plugged into by the end of the series, but as to a blueprint of how she works - that's left to the imagination.
I think the idea was that all people are to some degree empathic (duh), and exopathic as a counterpoint to that. Meaning that, for there to be an emotion for any empathic person to receive, there needs to be an exopathic person sending it, so we all are slightly empathic and exopathic. Shan just had those attributes amplified to an insane degree. It's likely, given that, that the satellite technology and the "fear chips" are based on what Shan (and all people) can do, not the other way around.
So, putting it all together - there exists an innate ability in anyone to transmit and receive emotions from any other person. Lear discovered this, and designed both Shan and the tech to exploit it. There isn't an explanation of exactly how (other than a few pointers about the areas of the brain affected) because it's a pre-existing given in the series - it's how the BS universe works.

As to your second question, I once gave a rather lengthy and twisted reply to explain why I felt what Lear tried to do and what Raimi wants to do are different, that I thought was lost to the void of the old internet but recently discovered that Rexy had kept a copy of - but I'm not going to put it here. Reading through it, I think it's a bit too convoluted to follow unless your paying strict attention, and I'm still not sure if it makes sense.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 3:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As to your first question, I likewise don't think there's ever been any sort of complete explanation of the healing powers. Even if super-love could magically heal injuries, it doesn't explain what happened to the bullet in Oran's stomach. So, just as with Kamimura's super-Shinto, it seems to simply be how the world works.

(And if you feel like getting particularly symbolic, the fact that both the old and the new spiritual figures had superpowers might be meaningful.)

As to your second question, well, there USED to be a gigantic thread entitled "Is Raimi any better than Lear?" around these general parts. The creators definitely didn't want us to just view the ending as "happy." And in the thread, though lots of people seemed to think that "well, we won't complain so much about the original broadcast because it was an emergency situation," debate never really ended on the thread's title question. So you're welcome to add your words.

But to put in one other thing: I wouldn't call the message a "hoax" in the first place. The content of the message was perfectly "divine," given how "divinity" was defined. And analyzing Lear's reaction for our understanding of what the message did suggests that it accomplished basically what it was supposed to do, without, say, "lying" about anything.

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