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The Witch Regent: Cr
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:31 pm    Post subject: The Witch Regent: Crimson Rain Reply with quote

Author's Note: I may end up posting only a few chapters up here so you guys can see what I'm trying to finish.


Somewhere in an undeground facility, two people are hanging upside down from the ceiling's hooks with ropes around their feet. The one on the left has black hair, dark creamy skin, and green eyes. The one on the right has blonde hair, pale skin, and light red eyes. He is a vampire.

Harvey: Well, this is pathetic.
Chloe: Shut up. I'm trying to think here.

And both are really pissed off.

Harvey: Then again, so are you for actually thinking that by coming down here, we'd find that bitch Vicki that'll lead us to Penny.
Chloe: I said, shut the hell up!
Harvey: No, you shut the hell up! This is your fault for getting us into this situation. If you had just waited for me back at the entrance, we'd have never gotten caught!

The woman known as Chloe Endgrave takes a deep breath before she speaks in a calm tone.

Chloe: Look, we need to get out of here before Arlen comes back. Honestly, I'd rather not be around when he does. I'm sure you don't either.
Harvey: Yeah, right.
Chloe: Come on, Harvey! Can you imagine being tortured by a Hellion? Especially one from the very pits of Hell? I can only see the worst coming out of it.

The vampire known as Harvey Reilly, on the other hand, exaggerates.

Harvey: Been there, done that. Anyway, how do you expect we get our asses from up here to the floor, hmm? No offense but I'm used to the idea of tortue. Plus I think I kinda like the idea of seeing my own blood spilled from my body.

Chloe gives the vampire a weird look with one of her eyes arched.

Chloe: You're joking, right?

Harvey shakes his head at her.

Harvey: You really, really don't have a sense of humor, do you? And here I thought humans still did.

This finally breaks the last straw for Chloe as she has had enough of Harvey's insecurities, no matter what or who he is.

Chloe: You know, never in my life have I met a vampire who jokes at times like this, especially when he forgets the fact that he can easily just fly himself up and FREE HIMSELF BY UNTYING THE GODDAMN ROPES AROUND HIS ANKLES!!

Despite being reminded of his powers as a vampire, Harvey rolls his eyes at Chloe and looks up at where the ropes are dangling by a silver hook.

Harvey: Yeah? Well, guess what, sweetheart?
Chloe: Don't call me sweetheart.
Harvey: Whatever I can't fly shit if I'm upset with you.
Chloe Then what are you waiting for?

Harvey calms himself before looking straight at her, waving a finger back and forth at Chloe.

Harvey: Word of advice: never test a vampire's patience. Trust me, it'll get you killed.

He takes a deep breath and concentrates on moving himself with his mind. He finally levitates his upper body where his feets are and uses his hands to carefully untie the ropes around his feet.

Chloe: Hurry up before he comes back.

Harvey is gritting his fanged teeth while still working on the ripes.

Harvey: Hold your panties, woman.

Chloe looks at him like he has lost his mind and flusters.

Chloe: What?!

At last the ripes finally come off and Harvey safely lands down on the bone white floor. Suddenly, the air breezes by and the vampire smilles something of copper.

Chloe: Harvey?

After a wave of the strong smell goes away, his vision blurs for a moment just as Harvey falls on one knee, his right hand clutching at his chest while the other hand clutches at the floor.

Chloe: Harvey, what's wrong? Harvey!

Though she keeps calling for him, Harvey can't hear her. He only hears the beatting of his undead heart as a certain hunger takes over. The hunger for blood. Now Chloe knows something is wrong with him.

Chloe: Oh shit...

She tries to wiggle out of her ropes, but to no avail she can't get loose.

Harvey: So thirsty...

Chloe doesn't like what she hears and, when the vampire slowly gets up, all the woman can see is his eyes turn a deep red and gold. His face twisted in a look of bloodlust as he walks towards her.

Chloe: Oh god no...!
Harvey: God can't save you now, witch.
Chloe: Harvey, get a hold of yourself! Harvey!!!
Harvey: Harvey?

He tilts his head a little.

Harvey: And who, pray tell, is that?
Chloe: What the...?

He continues to stalk towards her and, while she looks at him in shock and fear, Harvey takes one look at her slightly exposed neck... and lungs at it with his sharp fangs.
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Joined: 17 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Two weeks earlier

Somewhere in Chicago, Illinois, a black limosuine arrives at the gate of the Endgrave Manor on a cloudy day. After the gate opens, the limo enters through the driveway and stops in front of the large building. The driver steps out of the long vehicle and walks over to the back and opens the door to reveal Chloe dressed in all black attire. She steps out of the limo and looks up at the manor with her deep green eyes.

Chloe, thinking: I'm home.
Driver: Welcome back, Miss Chloe.

She turns to the driver who is bringing out her suitcases.

Chloe: Thank you.

Chloe turns back to the manor to see two people looking down at her from a large window. She smiles when she recognizes them and enters the manor. She looks around the entire old and new interior design.

Chloe: This place hasn't changed a bit.
Rosetta: Chloe!
Chloe: Grandma?

Coming down the stairway is Chloe's grandmother Rosetta Endgrave. A warm smile appears on her face. Her hair is short and her eyes are the same color as her granddaughter's. She is wearing a light blue sweater and beige pants.

Chloe: Grandma!

She runs over to her and, the moment Rosetta arrives on the lower floor, they hug each other.

Rosetta: It's been so long.
Chloe: It's only been at least three days since I last talked to you.
Ulric: Chloe? Is that you?

The young woman's eyes peers over to see someone dressed in casual attire. His brown hair is tied in a ponytail and his eyes are light brown with hint of yellow.

Chloe: Ulric!

She lets go of her grandmother and runs over to Ulric, hugging him as well.

Ulric: It's good to see you again.
Chloe: I agree.
Ulric: We missed you so much. We're very sorry about what happened to your husband Stefan...

The memory of attending her husband's funeral plays in her mind. The agony she felt of losing the man she truly loved. Tears almost form in her eyes as she lets go of Ulric.

Chloe: It's all right, Ulric. Thank you.
Ulric: He was a good man.
Chloe: He sure was, wasn't he?

Noticing the look of concern on his face, Chloe tries to hid her depression with a grin.

Chloe: It's okay. I'll be fine.

Rosetta places a hand on her shoulder.

Rosetta: Chloe, why don't you go ahead upstairs for a bit? We'll get your things.

Chloe nods and goes up the spiraling stairway, leading to her bedroom down the hall. Inside of it is a large bed and two polished dressers. Atop both of them are porcelain dolls. Seeing them gives the young woman a nostalgic feeling. She puts her purse on the bed. Things have definitely changed since she left the manor. With her father's passing and her mother's disappearance, the only thing family she had left was her grandmother Rosetta and her stepgrandfather Ulric. Her life seemed to go on only through normal terms. At least until ten years ago when she met Stefan, a vampire from out of town. It wasn't love at first sight, but it did spark something in Chloe that she hadn't felt before. The dolls on the dressers were a present from her husband as a token of their friendship first, and then their love for each other.

Chloe: Lola.

Seeing the one doll dressed in Victorian red, Chloe goes over and picks it up. After staring it for a long while, the image of Stefan smiling plays constantly in her head. That's when something inside of her starts to break. Something very fragile. In that moment of madness, she throws the doll at the wall and it crashes, breaking into pieces.

Ulric comes in the moment he hears a sound. So does Rosetta.

Rosetta: Chloe? What happened?

Chloe doesn't say anything. She starts shaking and, before she knows it, break down and cries. Rosetta comes over and holds her in her arms. Her granddaughter buries herself into them, pouring out her broken heart.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


The night is young and the beauty of all thing unequal in the city of Juno Citymakes it easy to introduce Harvey as he chases someone, a male human.

Harvey: Hold it, Mal!

The man called Mal is running down the dark alleyway somewhere in the city. His face is mixed with fear.

Mal: Stay away from me, man!

He turns his head back a little to see Harvey still chasing him and coming up close. Harvey leaps up into the air and lands on top of Mal, sprawling to the ground. In anger, he picks him up by the collar and pins him to a brick wall.

Harvey: I thought I told you to stay away from Black Fang territory!
Mal: How the hell was I suppose to know it'd be filled with blood-sucking freaks?

Harvey shakes his head at him.

Harvey: I warned you, didn't I?

He shows his fangs.

Mal: Don't hurt me!
Harvey: I won't as long as you behave.

The vampire throws him to the ground before he pulls him back up to his feet.

Harvey: Now you listen to me, you dumbass. Don't let me see you anywhere near Black Fang territory again. Do you understand? That was the one rule you and your kind were suppose to follow.

In a sudden surprise, Mal spits in Harvey's face.

Mal: You can kiss my ass, dickhead! I ain't listening to no vampire.

Wiping the saliva from his face, Harvey rolls his eyes and looks at Mal with nothing but pity. His eyes glow a deep red.

Harvey: Suit yourself, Mal.

Grabbing him by the collar and exposing his neck, Harvey lowers himself and bites into Mal's neck. His hand covers his mouth so he won't scream. Mal struggles for a bit before his body becomes immobilized. After a short while, his body goes limp. Harvey drops it to the ground and wipes the blood from his lips.

Woman: Not bad.

A female voice catches Harvey's attentio, his head turning to see a woman of Asian features staring at him with a smile. Her skin is pale as well and her eyes are also red as well. Recognizing her, Harvey frowns.

Woman: What's wrong?
Harvey: What do you want, Jade?
Jade: Thought I'd come by to help you out, but I guess you already got to the problem.
Harvey: Yeah, sorry.

They both look at the corpse before their eyes. The blood from the two small holes are flowing from his neck as it forms a pool.

Jade: Poor bastard. He had it coming.
Harvey: What about his friends? They'll want to know what's happened to him.
Jade: We'll send it back to those morons.
Harvey: Yeah, I'm sure those guys will definitely think twice before heading into Black Fang territory.
Jade: Or Blood Dragon Syndicate territory. Either way, they'll die before they get a chance to run back to their boss.

Harvey starts walking away, passing Jade by.

Jade: Harvey! You can't expect to reason with humans once they've find out who you are. That's the way it goes.
Harvey: Whatever.

He leaves Jade behind to deal with the corpse of Mal and exits the alley.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Ulric: Feeling better?
Chloe: Yeah, thanks.

Still in Chloe's room, she takes a few deep breaths while drying her tear-stained face.

Rosetta: I can't believe you held it all in until now.
Chloe: Neither can I, Grandma.
Ulric: How long?

Chloe looks at her stepgrandfather.

Chloe: How long what?
Ulric: How long have you kept your anguish to yourself?
Chloe: Since my husband died three days ago.

They all stay silent for a moment before Ulric speaks.

Ulric: Chloe, do you want anything to eat?

Chloe nods.

Chloe: I'll have some cheesecake.

This makes Ulric and Rosetta smile.

Rosetta: Blueberry or strawberry?

The young woman smirks at her grandmother.

Chloe: C'mon, Grandma, you know I love blueberry.
Ulric: Let's all head downstairs.

Both Chloe and Ulric are the first to head out the bedroom and make their way downstairs until they hear the sound of knocking at the main door.

Chloe: Who's that?
Ulric: Let me get it.

As Ulric goes over to open the main door, Chloe sees two women passing by. One woman with blonde hair and green eyes wearing a black sweater and grey pants. Besides her is another woman with auburn red hair and brown eyes wearing a sleeveless green shirt and black skirt. They both see Chloe and wave at her. Chloe waves at them although she doesn't exactly recognizes them.

Ulric: Konrad!

Hearing Ulric's voice, she goes over to see a man with a medium built. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are light blue. He is wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. Ulric and the man known as Konrad hug.

Konrad: It's good to see you again, my brother.
Ulric: The same to you.

When they let go of each other, Konrad turns to Chloe and smiles.

Konrad: Chloe. You've grown up.
Chloe: Konrad!

She runs over and hugs him. Having remembered him since she was a child brings back pleasant memories for her, especially since he was the first werewolf she laid her eyes on.

Chloe: I didn't know you were in town.
Konrad: Well, I thought I'd stop by for a visit. Things have been different for me lately.
Chloe: What do you mean?

A dark look appears on Konrad's face.

Chloe: What's wrong?

Before Konrad says anything, Ulric does for him.

Ulric: Chloe, go ahead and head for the kitchen. I'll be there in a minute.
Chloe: All right.

Chloe goes back inside the manor and enters the kitchen. Rosetta is already there, fixing herself something to eat. She has sliced three pieces of blueberry cheesecake and placed each on a plate. At that moment, Ulric's voice booms breaking the silence.

Ulric: What!!! What do you mean 'destroyed'?!

Konrad's voice follows, loudly.

Konrad: It's like I said, Ulric. Rosehill has been demolished.

Chloe and Rosetta run out of the kitchen to see Ulric and Konrad talking.

Ulric: Who would do such a thing to a peaceful werewolf colony?
Konrad: Your guess is as good as mine, brother.
Ulric: Hunters?
Konrad: Probably. But we don't know for sure. There aren't much enemies against the Zalbot Clan.

Ulric falls to his knees. Rosetta runs up to hm and stops, her hands place on his shoulders.

Rosetta: My love, what's wrong?
Ulric: They're gone, Rosetta. They're gone.
Rosetta: Who?
Konrad: The residents of Rosehill Colony. They've been eradicated.

Chloe witnesses a look of bewilderment on her grandmother's face.

Rosetta: What!? How did anyone find out about it?
Konrad: I don't know, Rosetta. All I know is that someone did and now it's gone. Everyone and everything there is destroyed.
Ulric: It's not possible. It's just not...
Konrad: I'm very sorry, Ulric. Perhaps I should have came a different time, especially with the return of your stepgrandaughter.

Konrad looks at Chloe who is very confused at the scenario in front of her.

Konrad: I heard about what happened to your husband Stefan. I'm deeply sorry.

Regaining her composure, she shakes her head.

Chloe: It's all right, Konrad. I know how you felt about him.
Konrad: No, it's not.

Chloe steps forward, pressing a hand to her chest.

Chloe: At least you came to the wedding. I understood that your clan didn't like the idea of me marrying a vampire, especially you. But even when I did it, regardless of what others thought, you came and gave us your blessing. That, Konrad, was enough for me to look past your prejudice.
Konrad: It wasn't prejudice, Chloe. I was being overprotective. You were only 17 that time.
Chloe: I understand.

Chloe's hand goes back down to her side.

Chloe: By the way, what's Rosehill? Do I know what it is?

She watches as Ulric gets back up and turn to face her.

Ulric: Sweetheart, don't --
Rosetta: It's a place that was once a haven for werewolves. Before I met Ulric, he and Konrad helped find those who wanted only to live in peace a home.
Chloe: I see.
Rosetta: But before we go anything further, let's go back inside. We'll explain the rest in the kitchen.
Chloe: Okay.
Konrad: I'm afraid I must return back to England. I need to help my clan seal up the entrance to Rosehill for good. To make sure no mortal comes near it.
Ulric: Konrad...
Konrad: Until we meet again...

Konrad makes a bow before he leaves the three in the manor. Ulric moves away from his wife and they all head into the kitchen. While Chloe and her stepgrandfather takes a seat at the large table, Rosetta fixes them a plate of blueberry cheesecake before sitting down next to her husband.

Ulric: I can't believe that Rosehill is gone...
Rosetta: Neither can I, Ulric.
Chloe: I...

Both her loved ones turn to see Chloe looking a bit nervous as she eats her desert.

Rosetta: Chloe?
Chloe: Listen, if you don't want to tell me...
Ulric: No. I think it's best to let you know the truth.
Rosetta: Exactly. Do you remember the American Revolutionary War?

Chloe shrugs.

Chloe: I remember some of it. It was a battle between the colonists and the redcoats, right?

Rosetta nods.

Rosetta: Precisely. Part of the reason why Rosehill was created was because of the war. The other reason was to hide from the humans.
Chloe: Really?
Back: Yes. You see, during the war, Konrad Zalbot was serving the Redcoats back in England when he discovered an empty town far out in the outskirts of London. But, back then, it used to be a place that belonged to the Salem Witch Trials known as Gregory Town. Konrad adopted the town and called it Rosehill Colony, thinking of protecting his own clan. from being eradicated by werewolf hunters.
Chloe: Werewolf hunters?
Rosetta: Around that era, werewolves were being noticed by normal humans so Konrad had to figure out a way to protect the species that he and Ulric represent.
Chloe: How did you get involved, Ulric?
Ulric: I met Konrad during that time. I was about 210 years ago, I believe. I was just minding my own business while traveling around England when I first saw Konrad. At first, we weren't on best terms. But time changed us into friends.
Chloe: I see. So Rosehill was created as a secret haven for werewolves. But wouldn't people outside of Longdon know about it? You know, the villages.

Rosetta takes a bit out of her blueberry cheesecake while shaking her head.

Ulric: Humans knew it only as Gregory Town. That place had been abandoned for more than sixty years.
Rosetta: Until now.

Ulric had his head buried in his hands by now.

Rosetta: Don't worry, Ulric. We'll find out who did this and make them pay.
Ulric: I hope so, my love.

Not sure what else to do, all Chloe can do is watch as her beloved stepgrandfather mourns for the death of those who probably never saw the coming of their own demise.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Having left the alleyway, Harvey has already stopped by an outdoor coffee stand and has ordered a bottle of tomato juice. After drinking it, he takes this time to enjoy himself before heading back home. Suddenly, he hears something nearby. The sound is faint but is still enough for someone like Harvey to hear. The sound is louder this time, revealing it to be a yell or something. At first he decides to ignore whatever it, as he believes it has nothing to do with him. But then something begins to eat at him the moment he tries walking back home. Is it curiousity or something? Either way, as the sounds of yelling get louder, Harvey turns around and starts walking towards the source. Finally he reaches his destination which is another alleyway.

Harvey: Again?

He finds three men surrounding one woman. From the look of this scenery, Harvey can tell it isn't a friendly situation between them as she swings her purse around, fighting them off. The vampire examines them closely and finds that she looks worried and upset while the men have a look of lust on their faces. Harvey sighs, knowing this might get him in a lot of trouble later if he chooses to save her. But right now, he needs something to do.

Harvey: Here goes nothing. Hey!

Hs raised voice catches everyone's attention, the men and woman turning to dace him.

Harvey: Why don't you be good gentlemen and just let her go, huh?
First Man: Who the hell are you?
Harvey: Her knight in shining armor. Who else, sugar dick?

The second man pulls out a knife and points it at him.

Second Man: Watch it, asshole, or I'll cut your own dick off!

Harvey is in no way phased by this threat as he rolls his eyes at him.

Harvey: Where have I heard that kind of talk before, macho balls?
Second Man: Oh, you're a dead man now, you --

Harvey doesn't give him a chance to finish talking as he lunges over and punches him in the face, then kicks him in the stomach. The second man hunches forward, holding his stomach before he is thrown sideways to the ground. The third man, who remained silent during Harvey's appearance, grabs the knife from the second man and charges at him with it. But the vampire easily grabs the third man by the arm and knocks it out of his hand with his knee. Then he uses it to hit him in the face, the third man falling backwards and onto the ground next to the second man.

First Man: Hey!

Harvey turns to see the first man having a gun pointed straight at the woman's head.

First Man: Don't move or I'll blow her fuckin' head off!

Harvey doesn't move an inch from where he is standing while the two men behind him slowly get up. Not wanting to the fight to go on any further, he has a strange look in his eye.

First Man: Yeah, not so tough, are ya pal?

Looking between both the first man and woman, he forces back his own conscious to deal with the situation before him.

Harvey: Hey, lady. Do you trust me?
Woman: What?

The woman is looking at him, confused.

Harvey: Do you trust me? Yes or no? I can save you but you'll have to trust me.
First Man: Shut up!

The woman doesn't answer at first until she shakes her head.

Woman: I don't know what you're planning to do.

Harvey snickers in annoyance and reaches for something within his jacket.

Harvey: Whatever.

In a matter of seconds, he quickly pulls out a revolver and shoots the first man in the head, the bullet hitting him between the eyes. It kills him instantly as he falls to the ground. The remaining men have witnessed this and are standing there, staring at their fallen comrade before looking up at Harvey who has turned around and pointed the gun at them.

Harvey: Anyone else want to taste hot lead?

They both look at each other before running out of the alley. The only one still there is the woman who is in shock.

Harvey: Hey, miss.

She doesn't respond to him.

Harvey: Hey!

The woman snaps out of it and turns to Harvey.

Woman: You... saved me.
Harvey: You might want to get going before the police show up.
Woman: But I... What about --
Harvey: I said go!

She runs past Harvey before stopping near the entrance of the alley. Turning back to the man who saved her, she says two words to him.

Woman: Thank you.

And then she is gone. Harvey is left with another body at his feet.

Harvey: Perfect. Just like back at the other alley... I hate humans sometimes.

In a swift move, the vampire leaps up into the air, jumping back and forth from each wall before he arrives on the rooftop of a building. He hears police sirens from a distant but decides not to stick around. He begins jumping from rooftop to rooftop, making his way towards an abandoned warehouse which is his home.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Around the evening, Ulric and Rosetta have dressed up in formal wear. Both are dressed in black and are being escorted outside the mansion by the driver of the limo which brought Chloe here. When they turn back, they see her dressed in a all dark blue dress.

Rosetta: Are you sure you want to come along, Chloe? You should rest inside.
Chloe: It's all right. I think it's best if I tagged along. Besides I miss seeing Downtown Chicago.
Ulric: As you wish.

Rosetta turns to her husband.

Rosetta: But, Ulric --
Ulric: Let her come, Rosetta. The meeting is at the Buckinham Hotel, anyway. If she wants, she can rest there.
Rosetta: All right.

The trio get inside the limosuine. Once the driver has gotten into his seat, they all made their way into Downtown Chicago. Chloe watches everything pass by her just before they arrive at Buckingham Hotel.

Chloe: I miss this place.
Rosetta: It's only been one year since you and Stefan...

Rosetta stops in her words, thinking about what happened earlier back at the manor.

Chloe: Grandma?
Rosetta: Sorry. Since you and Stefan visited this place.
Chloe: I know, but...

She stops to think about the time she and her husband spent in Chicago in February, where they went ice skating in Millenium Park. Chloe still couldn't skate as much as she used to when she was younger. However, being with Stefan was enough for her to be happy despite how many times she fell down on the ice. They also went to see both Ulric and Rosetta while staying at a place in the northern area of Chicago.

Driver: We're here.
Ulric: Good.

Once they arrive at the large hotel, the trio make their way inside and turn to the right where they are greeted by two men. Both of them are dressed in black suits and red ties. Chloe recognizes both of them and smiles, although only one of them responds with a bow. He has green eyes and dark red hair.

Chloe: Hello, Nathan.
Nathan: Hello, Chloe.

She then turns to the one with light red hair.

Chloe: Hey, Joshua.
Joshua: Hey.

As they enter a room filled with a lot of guests, Chloe spots one patricular person at a large table while both Nathan and Joshua escort them towards him. He is young looking and has a scar across his left eye.

Nathan: Father, they're here!
Carmichael: Thank you, Nathan. Ulric, Rosetta, it's good to see you again!
Ulric: Same here.

Chloe remembers seeing this man before. He is Johnathan Carmichael of the Carmichael Clan, one of the important groups that have survived with the Ashfall Clan in the Midwest. His short, spiked red hair and green eyes shine from the chandelier. Memories of him and his family during her childhood brings some sort of happiness back into her life. Carmichael has already hugged both her grandmother and stepgrandfather when he looks over at Chloe and gives her one of his charming smiles and hugs her while his two sons sit beside him on his right.

Carmichael: Chloe...
Chloe: Mr. Carmichael.
Carmichael: Call me Uncle.
Chloe: Okay.

Carmichael turns towards the crowd of guests who talking amongst each other.

Carmichael: Everyone, take your seats.

Those still standing take their seat and turn to face him while Ulric, Rosetta, and Chloe sit at his left. Some glance at Chloe, remembering her from before. Somehow, she gets the feeling she is entirely welcomed her as they give her a weird look. The same type of look that Joshua gave her before she entered the room. Rosetta notices it and reassures her granddaughter.

Rosetta: Don't worry about them, dear.
Chloe: I won't.

However, she couldn't help but worry. She has been aware of the fact that someof these werewolves were not happy about her marriage to a vampire. She worries that they will bring it up and cause a problem for Ulric and Carmichael when there are more important issues at hand.

Carmichael: First, I want to thank everyone from the Argona Clan for coming. I know it's been awhile since you all came to Chicago.

On the left side of the room, those of the Argona Clan nod their heads in agreement. Carmichael turns to two people on the right side of the room. A couple.

Carmichael: Second, I would like to give my blessings to both Eric and Regina Jones for their newborn son Tyler.
Eric: Thanks, man. We appreciate that.

Everyone applauds for them.

Carmichael: I wish you good luck on raising him well.
Regina: Well, we intend on raising him outside of the city, like Eric promised we would. So you won't be seeing us as much.
Carmichael: That's good. Crime is not a good thing to expose children to, especially in this day and age.

Chloe sees Ulric closing his eyes for awhile, knowing that he will be bringing up a certain issue in the room. There's always bad news to bring in a meeting like this.

Carmichael: There is something Ulric wants to tell us, so I'll pass the torch to him.
Ulric: Thank you.

Ulric stands up after he takes a deep breath.

Ulric: Everyone, do you remember the Rosehill Colony in England?

Some of the guests murmur.

Nathan: Are you talking about the one place that's been a safe haven for the Rosehill Clan?
Ulric: Yes.
Nathan: What happened?

Ulric: It's been demolished. Everything and everyone in it is gone.

Joshua: What?!

All of the guests look shocked and angered. Even Eric is fumed.

Eric: What the fuck, man?! Carmichael, is this true?
Carmichael: I'm afraid so. Ulric told me this afternoon. The news came straight from Konrad Zalbot himself. But he needed to say it first before I said anything.

One of the guests stands up.

Guest: Who could do such a thing!?
Ulric: I'm afraid we must assume it to be werewolf hunters. Other than that, we have no idea who it was.
Regina: Humans did this!?

Another guest is shouting in anger.

Guest: They had no right!

Carmichael: Calm down, everyone!
Eric: Calm down?? Oh hell no! How the hell can we calm down when one of our clans have been destroyed? Especially a peaceful one!?

Except for the ones sitting at the larger table, everyone else agrees in unity.

Guest: I say we find out who it was and kick the fuck outta them! Before we all become eradicated!

They agree once again.

Joshua: Dad, we need to find a way to fight back. We can't just sit here and let those hunters destroy each and every one of us!
Carmichael: We can't just go out without proper knowledge of who is trying to so, Joshua!
Nathan: Father, I have to agree with Joshua on this one. I mean, can you imagine what we went through dealing with werewolf hunters back in 1994?

Carmichael shuts his eyes. So does both Ulric and Rosetta. Chloe notices this.

Chloe: What happened back in 1994?

Now everyone is looking at Chloe, especially her loved ones. But Ulric answers.

Ulric: Chloe, there was an incident similiar to what you heard about in the Rosehill Colony. Only it involved... vampires. There were few survivors, myself and Carmichael included.
Chloe: Wait, so how did the vampires get involved?
Carmichael: They're the ones who came after us, Chloe. It was called the Crimson Massacre back in 94.
Chloe: Oh. I'm so sorry, Uncle.

Carmichael gives her a sad smile.

Carmichael: There's no need to apologize, dear Chloe.
Nathan: Yes, don't worry about.
Joshua: Oh, of course you'd be sorry about it.

Now everyone has turned to Joshua.

Joshua: I mean, you were too busy with your husband who just happened to be a vampire.
Nathan: Joshua!

Now everyone has turned back to Chloe, who is looking a bit angered.

Chloe: That was my choice, and mine alone.
Joshua: Well, maybe if you understood back then what it felt like to lose someone important to those bloodthirsty bastards, then maybe you wouldn't have --

Chloe sees Joshua wince at the sound of his full name being called by his father, who is looking at him with great fury. Even both Ulric and Rosetta are glaring at him. Nathan just sighs and shakes his head at his younger brother's stupidity.

Carmichael: I won't have such meaningless talk brought here towards Ulric's only stepgranddaughter. She has already lost the man she loves. Don't you dare cause her such grief!
Joshua: Yes, dad...
Carmichael: You're dismissed for now. After this meeting is over, we're gonna have a long talk, you and I.

Bowing his head, Joshua gets up and leaves the room. Everyone is back to talking amongst themselves, though some are still looking at Chloe. At this point, she is beyond caring what they think.

Rosetta: Forgive me, Johnathan.
Carmichael: No, forgive my son. I'm sure he didn't mean to act this way.
Rosetta: Try telling my granddaughter that...
Carmichael: Chloe?

Chloe turns to Carmichael once again, trying to hide her fury of having dealt with Joshua's antics.

Chloe: I know what it's like to lose someone important. Maybe I shouldn't have opened my mouth.
Nathan: It happens.
Rosetta: Ulric?

Chloe sees Ulric still staring at where Joshua was once sitting before he turns away.

Ulric: We should have kept this private from the others.
Carmichael: What? No. You of all clan members should know that keeping such news from other clans is strictly forbidden. They had a right to know, Ulric.
Ulric: I know. I know! It's just... I never thought your son Joshua would act so rashly tonight.
Carmichael: Nathan...
Nathan: Yes, father?

Carmichael turns to his elder son.

Carmichael: Did you really have to bring up the Crimson Massacre, especially after what happened to Chloe's husband Stefan?
Nathan: What do you mean?
Ulric: Chloe's husband was killed by vampire hunters one night while he was trying to protect a couple of people from robbers in New York City. Unfortunately, his true self was revealed and a misunderstanding led to his own demise...

Nathan is looking at Chloe who now has tears in her eyes. A certain memory of walking down one street to meet up with her husband when suddenly a group of vampire hunters came and swiftly killed Stefan as he tried to explain that he was only trying to help a couple of misfortunate people who just happened to get robbed. Seeing the man she truely loved get plunged through the heart and head made everything shatter inside her soul.

Carmichael: Still, if it weren't for losing my wife during the crossfire, things would have been different.
Ulric: Johnathan. It was hard for all of us.

This forces Chloe put aside her own memories when she hears what Carmichael said.

Chloe: You lost your wife in the crossfire?
Carmichael: Nevermind that, Chloe.
Chloe: But...

Meanwhile, a female waitress comes inside the room carrying a tray of champagne. Everyone is still busy talking except for Chloe who gets up from her seat.

Rosetta: Where are you going?
Chloe: I'm going outside.
Rosetta: All right, dear.

Chloe begins to make her way out of the room when she notices something odd about the waitress who walks past her. Her eyes are red as they flicker for a moment. This stops Chloe in her tracks.

Chloe: Red eyes. A vampire? But what's a vampire doing serving champagne? Most of this area is only infested with lycans.

As she turns around, the female vampire pulls out something from underneath the tray - a machine gun - and points it straight at Carmicael. Chloe sees this and shouts towards him.

Chloe: Uncle, look out!
Carmichael: What?

But it's too late as bullets come out and puncture Carmichael's chest with holes. Everyone in the room turns towards this and screams in horror.

Ulric: Johnathan!
Nathan: Father!

Carmichael: falls to the floor. The vampire waitress smirks as she soon turns it upon Ulric and Rosetta.

Chloe: No!

Not wasting anymore time, Chloe lifts her hand and green light comes out of it. A bunch of forks and knifes float in the air and go straight into the vampire's back. She screams in pain. This gives Nathan an advantage as he jumps over the table and grabs the machine gun from the vampire. As she tries to pull out the eating utensils from her back, Eric and another man comes over and holds her down. She hisses while this happens. Nathan has the weapon pointed at her.

Nathan: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now.

The female vampire looks up at Nathan and glares at him. Her eyes are glowing very bright.

Vampire: Go ahead and kill me. At least our vengeance will be realized!
Chloe: No, don't!

Chloe runs over to Nathan's side.

Nathan: Stay out of this, Chloe.
Chloe: Don't do it. If you do, you'll never find out why she did what she did.
Nathan: She said something about vengeance.
Chloe: Yeah, but why?

Nathan is staring at the vampire before he turns to Chloe.

Nathan: You have a point.
Eric: Wait, are you crazy? Shoot her, Nathan!
Nathan: Give me a minute here, Eric!
Carmichael: Nathan...

The croaked voice of his father has Nathan's full attention as he runs back over to his side, with Ulric and Rosetta tending to his wounds.

Nathan: Father, I'm here.
Joshua: Hey, what just happened? I heard something while I was outside.

He sees his father on the ground, in a pool of his own blood.

Joshua: Dad! Dad! What the hell happened?
Rosetta: He's been shot!
Joshua: Who did this? Who shot him?

Rosetta points to the female vampire still be held down by two men. Joshua sees her and then grabs a nearby knife. He starts to leap up and go over to stab the one who shot his father until Nathan grabs at his arm, holding him afoot.

Nathan: Joshua, no!
Joshua: Let me go, Nathan! Let me kill her!
Nathan: We need her alive!

Joshua turns to his older brother with an incredulous look.

Joshua: What's the point in letting that blood-sucking bitch live!? She shot our dad!
Nathan: Because that blood-sucking bitch is going to tell us everything she knows.
Ulric: You think she has something to do with Rosehill and the Crimson Massacre?
Nathan: I think so. Eric!
Eric: Yeah?
Nathan: You and Roy take her back to the mansion. We'll deal with her there.

Eric and Roy pick up the hissing vampire, cover her up in a table cloth, and take her out of the room. Nathan lets go of his brother and turns back to their dying father. Chloe rushes to their side.

Nathan: Thank you, Chloe.
Chloe: No problem.
Carmichael: Nathan...
Nathan: Yes, father?

Reaching up his bloody hand, Nathan catches it.

Carmichael: I... leave the leadership... of the clan... to you... from now on...

Tears brim in Nathan's eyes. The thought of losing his father so soon is a harsh reality to him.

Nathan: Understood.
Joshua: No, Dad! Don't leave us!

Carmichael smiles at both his sons.

Carmichael: I'm proud of you both. Now I can join Priscilla at last...

Carmichael's body goes limp on the floor. Nathan lowers his head trying to not to cry, while the rest are mourning for his death in silence. Except for Joshua, who is crying in agony over the loss of his father. Finally, his older brother stands up to face the remaining guests, despite the noises outside this room.

Nathan: Everyone, listen up. There are people outside this room who will want to know what happened, so let me just say this: let me handle the media. What happened in this room will be based on a lie I tell them. The humans must never know there was a werewolf killing.
Regina: But what about the other clans?
Nathan: Don't alert them yet. I will bring back information on what we've discovered from that vampire who just killed our beloved father and compatriot.

He walks over to Regina's side.

Nathan: Regina, I know you've just had a child, but I need your help before you and your husband leave Chicago.
Regina: It's all right, I'm still part of this clan no matter what. Your father was a great man. If not for him, I wouldn't have gotten used to being married to a werewolf.
Nathan: Thank you. Listen, I want you to call Gizella as soon as possible and have her get a private ambulance for my father's corpse. We're gonna need it in order to find out what killed him.
Regina: All right.

They hug before Regina leaves the room. Nathan turns back to his brother.

Nathan: Joshua.

His name doesn't reach his younger brother who is still looking at the body of their father.

Nathan: Joshua!!

Finally, he turns to Nathan.

Nathan: Go outside to the front and pull up our car to the front of the hotel. We're gonna need the moment the cops and press arrive. Once we get back home, it's time to get to the point of the matter.
Joshua: Right.

Joshua leaves the hotel to go into the parking lot, but not before giving Chloe an angry look, which she doesn't notice. Nathan walks over to the trio and puts a hand on Chloe's shoulder.

Nathan: Chloe, get your grandparents back home. I have a feeling difficult times are ahead.
Chloe: Okay.
Nathan: And don't worry about what others may say about the decision you made. Joshua's been upset since the day our mother died.
Chloe: All right.
Ulric: Johnathan... Oh god... What has happened to our kind?
Rosetta: Ulric, let's go home.

As they get up, Chloe and Rosetta escort him out of the hotel just as a bunch of security men run inside the room.

Ulric: First Rosehill, now John? Has this world gone mad?

As they exit the hotel police cars appear at the entrance. However, that doesn't stop the trio from leaving. After reaching their limo, Chloe has the driver helping the couple inside. Before she gets in, she sees everyone has surrounded the area; the police, the reporters, everyone. She touches her purple cameo of her choker necklace, the one that her husband gave to her on her 17th birthday.

Chloe: Stefan...

She gets into the limo and shuts the door.

Chloe: Take us back home.
Driver: Yes, Miss Endgrave.

The driver takes off, leading the three back to the Endgrave Manor.
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I'm sorry that I don't really have the time to read very much stuff. This is a flaw in reality that I hope gets patched with the next update. But go-o-o-o-o writing!

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Ya know what, I might as well post the rest of my story here since I may need to go back to college in order to get my other stories in gear very soon. Look forward for Chapter 6 and going!
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Another day has passed. In the abadoned warehouse which is his home, Harvey is rarely asleep as he hangs upside down from the ceiling, his legs hooked around the iron pole. He can't help but thinki about what he had done last night, saving a human girl from being attacked by a bunch of idiots who wanted to do lewd things to her. He even killed for. For her...

Harvey: Damn it all to hell!

Pushing himself off the pole and landing on the floor, Harvey strips off his clothes from yesterday and heads into the shower. After a long while, he gets out, drives himself off, and puts on some sunblock all over his naked body. He still can't help think about the woman he rescued. Her long brown hair, her deep blue eyes, her sweet red lips...

Harvey: Fuck it. I need some fresh air.

Once done with the sunblock, Harvey puts on a pair of briefs before he makes his way into the kitchen. He digs into the refrigerator, seeing three water bottles filled with blood. He grabs one of them and drinks from it, gulping down the fresh coppery taste. He then puts it back in the fridge the moment he hears his cell phone ringing in his bedroom. Harvey hurries back and picks it up.

Harvey: Hi?

A deep, female voice speaks on the other end.

Vio: Harvey Reilly, I presume?

The vampire silently curses himself, recognizing the voice.

Harvey: Hello, Vio.
Vio: So I take it you're still awoke?
Harvey: Uh, yeah.
Vio: We need to talk. Meet me over at the Gunsnake Cafe in 37 minutes. You know where it is, right?
Harvey: Yeah, I do.
Vio: Don't be late now.

She hangs up. Harvey is looking very pissed off that he has to go a certain place he would rather not meet with someone he isn't looking forward to chatting with right now.

Harvey: God damnit!

He throws the cell phone on the bed and grabs a few clothes from his dresser; a red shirt and blue jeans. After getting dressed, he puts on his leather jacket and boots and small shades. Grabbing his cell phone, he leaves his house which is located in the last floor of an abandoned warehouse.

Harvey: This had better be good.

Walking away from his home, Harvey catches a train into the city. Soon as it gets near the inner section, he gets off and makes his way near a medium building with a blacklight sign saying 'Gunsnake Cafe'. He takes one look at the entrance before entering. Inside the cafe, rock music is blazing across the entire area while customers are drinking either alcohol or coffee or both mixed into one. Everything is an atmosphere of the Old West except for the electronics such as the music box and the stereo speakers. Harvey looks around before he sees a woman with creamy white skin dressed business-like in a black suit jacket and pants and a white shirt. Her hair is black with white streaks. Her eyes are a bright shade of gray. Her fingernails are a deep touch of red. Everything about her looks normal, except for the eyes and hair. Harvey knows that that she isn't human either. He makes his way past the customers before he suddenly spots someone familiar in the background. The same woman from last night is here as well.

Harvey: What the hell is she doing in a place like this?

By looks of what she is doing, serving a couple of men some drinks, she must work here. The woman doesn't see Harvey but the vampire can't help but stare at her.

Vio: You're late.

Vio's voice catches Harvey off guard as he turns to see her, her lips curled into a smirk.

Vio: See anything you like? A meal, perhaps?
Harvey: I don't drink drunk people.
Vio: That's too bad.

She reaches out her hand, gesturing Harvey to sit down. He does so, but doesn't take off his shades.

Vio: Don't want people to see your beautiful red eyes?

Behind his shades, Harvey glares at her.

Harvey: I'm a vampire, Vio. I can't expose myself to humans in the daylight. Isn't that your job since you're a demon?

Now Vio is glaring at him.

Harvey: Sorry...

Letting herself calm down, she picks up a large cup of coffee and takes a deep whiff, savoring the flavor of both vanilla and rum mixed together, then drinks from it.

Harvey: So, what is it that you wanted to talk about?

Putting down her cup, Vio wipes at her mouth.

Vio: Randy told me what you did last night.
Harvey: I was just doing my job. If only Mal has just listened to my warning the first time.
Vio: Yes, but he didn't. Stepping into Black Fang territory is against the rules that newbies like Mal needed to understand.
Harvey: He knew what I was.
Vio: And so you killed him.

Harvey sighs, remembering what he had to go through to get through to Mal before revealing his true form.

Harvey: What do you want me to do?

This guy wants to get straight to the subject of the matter. Vio takes one good look at Harvey before she leans over and folds her hands together.

Vio: Our boss Juan needs you to go somewhere outside of Juno for a couple of days.
Harvey: Another hit?
Vio: Very much so.

The demon reaches into her large purse and pulls out a file.

Vio: Everything you need to know is in here.

She puts it on the table and slides is across towards Harvey. He picks it up and opens the file to see a picture of a man looking slightly old as he holds a woman in his arms. His dark brown hair is in a ponytail. His eyes are a bit slitted like a wolf's eyes.

Vio: His name is Ulric DuBlaire and he is one of the leaders of the Ashfall Clan from Illinois.
Harvey: The Ashfall Clan?
Vio: They're werewolves.

Harvey puts down the file. He has a bad feeling about this one. Unfortunately, he owes Vio a lot.He sighs in defeat.

Harvey: Fine, I'll take the damn job. How much do I get out of this?
Vio: 270 Grand. Juan said so.
Harvey: Deal, then.

Taking the file, he gets up and starts walking towards the entrance of the cafe when, by fate, he accidently trips over something and falls to the floor. His shades fall off.

Woman: Are you okay?

The same woman from before runs over to help him up. However, the moment she sees his face, she gasps in shock.

Woman: Oh my god... It's you!

Looking up, Harvey stares at the woman before glancing around. He sees some people looking at him, including two particular people. One man dressed in black leather with black hair and a thick mustache is staring at him with dark red eyes. The same as the bartendress, whose eyes are deeper red the moment they pierce into Harvey's own eyes. Somehow he senses they're not human, but he has no time to think on that as the woman helps him up.

Woman: Are you all right?
Harvey: Uh, I... I'm fine.

The woman picks up the shades and hands them to Harvey.

Woman: I know I said this before but, thank you for saving me last night.
Harvey: You're welcome.

Another woman's voice speaks. The owner calls for her.

???: Penny!

The waitress called Penny turns to her.

Penny: Yeah, Ursylla?
Ursylla: Can you come over here and help me fix up this brew for Irvine? He needs it really quick.
Penny: Okay!

She turns back to Harvey and smiles.

Penny: Come back again.

Penny runs over to where Ursylla is to help her while the man in black is still staring at Harvey. Realizing he needs to get as far away from here as he can, he puts back on his shades and leaves the cafe, carrying the file in hand as he puts it into his jacket.

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By the time Chloe wakes up from her slumber, the sweet smell of cinnamon and apple hits her nostils. Turning her head, she sees a tray with a cup of tea with sugar and a spoon on the bedside table. Chloe smiles. Raising up her hand, it glows bright green. A sigil appears on her palm as the objects begin to make the tea for her. While that happens she notices the bedroom door opening. Her grandmother Rosetta enters.

Rosetta: Good morning, sweetheart.
Chloe: Good morning, Grandma.

The elder woman looks over to see the floating spoon mixing sugar into the tea and smirks.

Rosetta: I see your powers haven't left you.
Chloe: Of course not. Why would they?
Rosetta: Well, remember the time I told to you never to use them for personal reasons? You gave a young boy pimples just for teasing you too much.

Chloe chuckles.

Chloe: Grandma, that was twelve years ago. When my mom was still around, I believe.
Rosetta: Chloe...

Memories of her mother start to float into her mind but she forces them away.

Chloe: Anyway, how is Ulric doing?

Rosetta shakes her head and goes over to sit down.

Rosetta: Not so good, I'm afraid. He's still upset after what happened last night.
Chloe: I can't believe Mr. Carmichael is gone.
Rosetta: Neither can I.

The teacup floats over to Chloe and she takes it into her hands.

Chloe: Where is he, anyway?
Rosetta: After we returned home, he immediately left for the Carmichael Mansion where they took that vampire waitress. I haven't heard from him since.
Chloe: What should we do in the meantime?
Rosetta: Just wait it out.

Suddenly, a loud noise from downstairs catches Chloe's attention as she hears her stepgrandfather shout out his wife's name.

Ulric: Rosetta! Rosetta!

Rosetta runs out of the bedroom and heads downstairs. Chloe follows after carefully putting the tea down on the table. They both notice a look of fear in Ulric's eyes.

Rosetta: Ulric! What's wrong!?

The couple hug each other tightly.

Ulric: My love, I'm afraid the situation has grown more dire than ever.
Rosetta: What are you talking about? What happened at the mansion?
Ulric: Have you ever heard of the Red Covenant?

A gasp of horror escapes Charley's lips as she lets go of her husband and clasps both of her hands over her mouth, shaking her head in denial.

Chloe: Grandma? What's wrong?

Rosetta turns to her granddaughter and runs over to hug her tight. Chloe is worried and confused.

Chloe: Grandma?
Rosetta: Forgive me, Chloe. I should have never brought you into this.
Chloe: Brought me into what??

She looks over at Ulric.

Chloe: Ulric, excuse me, but what the hell is going on here? What is the Red Covenant?
Ulric: The Red Covenant is a lethal organization of vampires. For centuries they have been at war with my species.

Rosetta lets go of her granddaughter and wipes the tears from her eyes.

Rosetta: They believe themselves to be the true rulers over the human world.

Chloe: Would that explain what happened last night?
Ulric: And to Rosehill.

The witch turns to look at her stepgrandfather in shock.

Chloe: They did that as well!?
Ulric: It would appear that they've found out about Rosehill somehow. The vampire we interrogated explained everything to us.
Chloe: Where is she now?
Ulric: Dead. Nathan had her head cut off and the rest of her body dismembered.
Chloe: How... is Nathan?

Ulric looks down.

Ulric: He's planning on searching for the Crimson Covenant and going to war with them.
Rosetta: What???
Ulric: It's true. I'm sorry, Rosetta.
Rosetta: But he just became leader!
Ulric: It's something he believes is the right thing to do.
Chloe: But that won't be enough to bring back his father!

Ulric looks up and stares at Chloe hard.

Ulric: This is not about revenge, Chloe. This is about justice and honor for our kind.

Now Chloe is staring at him hard. But she doesn't say anything.

Ulric: Something you want to say?

Chloe looks away.

Rosetta: Chloe!

She runs back upstairs to her room and shuts the door. Stripping off her clothes, she enters the bathroom and takes a quick shower. Afterwards, she dresses herself into a casual brown shirt and blue jeans. She makes her way back downstairs, passing by both her grandparents.

Rosetta: Where are you going?
Chloe: Out.
Ulric: I forbid it. It's too dangerous out there.
Chloe: I don't care.
Ulric: Chloe!!

Chloe stops at the doorway, her emotions boiling inside of her. She doesn't turn to look at anyone behind her.

Ulric: I understand how you feel but you need to remember that you are part of the Ashfall Clan. No matter who you marry, you must never forget that. There are those who would kill you and your grandmother in order to get to me.
Rosetta: Ulric, stop it. She already knows.
Chloe: If that's the case, then why did you let me marry Stefan? Why didn't you just tell him to go away and let me be miserable?

Ulric sighs deeply.

Ulric: Of course I blessed your marriage with Stefan. I wanted you to be happy, Chloe. I never said you couldn't marry anyone.
Rosetta: I'm the one who didn't want you becoming a vampire, not Ulric.
Chloe: What?

Rosetta: Before the wedding, I asked Stefan not to make you into a vampire because I feared for your future.

Chloe looks at her grandmother.

Chloe: Why would you --
Rosetta: I wanted you to have children.
Chloe: Grandma, I would still would have gotten pregnant no matter what.
Ulric: Vampires cannot get you pregnant, Chloe.
Chloe: I know that!

Now Chloe is in tears.

Chloe: So it was you all along who didn't blessed my marriage to Stefan.

Rosetta nods, crying.

Rosetta: It's not that I hated vampires, darling. I just didn't want to lose you to the night, and the night only.
Chloe: Not all vampires die by sunlight! You should know this by now!

Chloe walks towards the back of the mansion.

Ulric: Where are you going now?
Chloe: The courtyard. I need fresh air.

She runs outside into the courtyard, stopping in front of the rose garden. Memories of when she first saw Stefan flood inside her head. Her heart once again breaks and she falls on her knees, crying as she hugs herself.

Chloe: It's not fair, Stefan.... It's not fair! Why did you have to die?

As she wipes at her tears, she continues to cry.
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Hours later, after leaving from the cafe, Harvey doesn't return back home. Instead, he heads over to another bar. A place where only vampires go to, located on the portside of Juno City: the Bloodlost Bar. He enters it and already he sits at a table far away from the other vampires who are drinking to their undead hearts' content. At that moment, a waitress dressed up as a gothic schoolgirl comes over and greets him.

Waitress: Want anything, sugar?

Harvey looks up at the smiling waitress.

Harvey: I'll have a blood smoothie. That's all.

She writes it down and winks at him.

Waitress: Coming right up.

After she leaves, Harvey sees someone familiar coming his way. It's Jade and she's dressed in a black and red classical cheongsam. Her glossy black hair is tied up bun-style. Her dark red makeup seems to match her red eyes. Once she sees Harvey, she smiles.

Jade: Harvey. So good to see you again.
Harvey: You too.
Jade: Mind if I sit down?

Harvey shakes his head. Jade sits across from him, stretching out her dress.

Jade: So I hear you have another job.
Harvey: Where did you get that idea?
Jade: My boss Chenfei Long told me.

Harvey blinks at the name. Chenfei Long is the name of a female vampire who led the Blood Dragon Syndicate, the same one Jade works for, that rule over in Juno's Chinatown. He had heard of her before, but never saw Chenfei in public on all the times he had lived here. It would be surprising to see that woman for the first time.

Harvey: How did she find that out?
Jade: The city has ears, Harvey. Our kind is everywhere in Juno.
Harvey: Oh.

Jade: I also heard that you rescued someone in another alley. A human. That's unlike of you.
Harvey: Look, can't we just change the subject?
Jade: Why? I think it's interesting that you allow yourself to be a knight in shining armor.

One of her hands goes over to touch Harvey's in an affectionate way.

Jade: It really turns me on.
Harvey: What are you doing?

Jade grins at him as she takes his hand into hers and leans over to kiss it.

Jade: Isn't it obvious? I want you, Harvey.

In a swift motion, Harvey pulls back his hand and gets up.

Harvey: I think I've overwelcomed my stay here.

He turns away from Jade, making his way out of the bar. The waitress sees him and tries to call out.

Waitress: Hey, wait. Don't you want your blood smoothie?

Jade runs after him, but she stops at the entrance of the door

Jade: Harvey! Harvey, wait!

Harvey doesn't stop as she calls for him.

Jade: I'm sorry if I went too far! Harvey!!

He disappears into the twilight as night is about to break. Taking a bus back into the city, Harvey decides to walk around a bit before heading back home. He stops for a moment and cusses at himself.

Harvey: Why the fuck did I have to do that?!

Giving himself some time to think, he starts to remember why he did. It's because even though Harvey is a vampire, he is not like other vampires who go into the night and surround themself in the luxuries he once vied for. Though it felt like a lame excuse, perhaps it's due to his interaction with Vio and the sudden appearance of Penny that has made him different from everyone else. And just like that, the thought of meeting with Penny is enough to switch all other thoughts off from his mind.

Harvey: Why the hell am I still thinking about her?

He punches the nearby wall in anger, leaving a hole in the process. Then he sits somewhere and pulls out the file from his jacket, opens it up, and examines everything inside, including the address of where he lives.

Harvey: After this, I'm gonna need a vacation. A long one.

He puts the file back inside his jacket and starts making his way back to the warehouse.

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Two days have passed since that heartbreaken incident with her grandmother Charley. Chloe is laying in her bed, not having done anything ever since she came back here. Part of her wants to leave the manor and never return. The other part doesn't know what to do with her life anymore. Behind her, the door opens.

Chloe: Go away.
Ulric: Chloe, it's me.

Ulric steps into the bedroom with a tray filled with food.

Ulric: I brought you something from the kitchen. Scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon.
Chloe: I'm not hungry, Ulric.
Ulric: I doubt that, seriously.

She doesn't move as he places the tray on the bedside table near her.

Ulric: Whenever you're ready to eat, it'll be there waiting for you.

As he turns to leave, Chloe sits up.

Chloe: Ulric.

The footsteps stop.

Chloe: I'm so sorry for acting like a complete idiot that day.
Ulric: Why do you need to apologize for what's not really your fault?
Chloe: Because it is. I married someone you both didn't exactly approve of.
Ulric: Chloe...

He sits on the bed besides her.

Ulric: I try my best not to let my pride as a werewolf get in the way of what mattered to you the most. Charley, on the other hand, had her reasons for not wanting you to become a vampire.
Chloe: Who said anything about that?
Ulric: We both figured the moment you married Stefan, you would turn into one yourself. Wasn't that what you wanted?

Chloe looks over at Ulric before letting his words sink in. She shakes her head.

Chloe: It wouldn't have been possible. Besides, Stefan wanted me to stay mortal so that I would be able to give birth.

Ulric looks amused.

Ulric: Really? That's an interesting concept.
Chloe: We both figured it would be nice to have a child of our own.
Ulric: But it never happened?
Chloe: No. He died before we had a chance to.

Chloe goes over to the table and grabs the tray of food, bringing it with her to the bed. She begins to eat her food.

Chloe: So what has my grandma been up to?
Ulric: She feels miserable. The poor woman feels sorry for what she put you through. I guess it's because of the fact that we werewolves were not always on positive terms with vampires which made her feel emotionally strained as well.
Chloe: Come on, Ulric. That's not entirely true. Then why did some of you from the Ashfall Clan and the Harmona Tribe come to my wedding.
Ulric: They did that in spite of how they felt. They were ready to pounce on Stefan if he hurt you in anway. Technically, even if he wasn't a vampire, they'd still threaten him. You're too important as a family member to us, Chloe. No one but you and Charley have accepted our kind as equals.
Chloe: Hmm.

While chewing on her bacon, she points to the picture frame on her dresser.

Chloe: You forget someone else. My father and your stepson.

She watches Ulric get up and takes a look at the photo of a younger Chloe and her father together by the beach.

Ulric: Chloe?
Chloe: Yes?
Ulric: Your birthday is coming up, right?

Realization hits her as she remembers her birthday is tomorrow.

Chloe: Oh yeah!
Ulric: When you wake up, the three of us will go out to dinner to celebrate. Is that all right with you?

She smiles.

Chloe: Yeah, that would be fine.

Within seconds everything seemed to change. Chloe notices a red dot appearing on the wall. It stays there at first, but then it moves around a bit before she realizes something is wrong. Her realization is correct the moment the dot moves onto Ulric's back.

Chloe: What?

Suddenly, a bullet crashes through one of her windows, hitting the Ulric in the spinal area. He yells in pain.

Chloe: Ulric!!!

Another bullet goes into his ribcage. Another to his right ankle so that he won't run. Ulric falls down to the floor. His stepgranddaughter runs over to his side.

Chloe: Ulric, are you all right? Ulric! Talk to me!
Ulric: I'll be fine...

He groans in pain before coughing up blood.

Chloe: Help!! Someone help me!! Ulric's been hit!!

Her screams echoe throughout the entire manor, summoning frantic footsteps up to her room. Rosetta is the first to arrive, along with the blonde woman.

Blonde: What happened?
Rosetta: Oh no! Ulric!

She rushes over to her husband's side. By the time she does, however, his eyes are closed and part of his body has already gone limp.

Rosetta: Ulric! Open your eyes!!

He doesn't respond.

Rosetta: ULRIC!!!!!
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Somewhere in Chicago, Harvey is sitting in his hotel room smoking a cigarette, very angry due to the events that took place the moment he arrived at his destination. He remembers having brought his sniper gun to do what he came to do, only to have his job taken away by someone else. He couldn't see who it was. The person was dressed in all black and a helmet covered the head up. He also remembers seeing the weapon in his hands. It was a lot more... advanced that his was. The mysterious person fired a shot through a certain window three times. And then, once the person had run off, screams rang throughout the entire mansion. Harvey had wasted no time leaving, pissed off at himself for everything that had happened in that one moment that was suppose to be his job. Putting down the cigarette in the ashtray, the vampire picks up his cellphone and calls a certain number. The beep tone goes on for awhile before he hears a familiar voice answering it from the other end.

Vio: This had better be good, Randy. I was just in the middle of making a deal with someone important for Juan. If I don't get it done, he's gonna have another fit about how women shouldn't be doing a man's job. I swear, I hate that sexist bastard --
Harvey: Vio, it's me Harvey.
Vio: Harvey?
Harvey: Yeah.
Vio: Well, did you get the job done?

Already feeling regret in his voice, he answers her.

Harvey: Unfortunately, someone else did it before me.
Vio: WHAT!?
Harvey: Someone shot Ulric before I had a chance to.
Vio: How the fuck could --
????: Vio?

A voice behind her speaks.

????: Are we gonna get this done or what? We don't have all day.
Vio: Yeah! Just give me a minute.

Now her tone is lowered.

Vio: Look, nevermind. Get back here as soon as possible. We're gonna have a long talk, you and me.
Harvey: Hey, I wasn't gonna screw up!
Vio: I figured as much. Just get your ass back in Juno!

She hangs up. Harvey almost throws the cellphone out of his hand and across the room. It takes all of his strength not to blow up.

Harvey: Fuck...!

He packs up his clothes and takes a look out at the window. A full moon is out tonight and it's already pass midnight.

Harvey: Oh yeah, I'm taking a loooong vacation after this.
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At the basement level of the Endgrave Manor, four doctors are standing over Ulric, operating on him. It's been over five hours since Rosetta called the Ashfall Clan and told them what happened. Above the operation room are Rosetta, Chloe, Nathan, and Joshua, looking over the glass window as they watch the doctors take out the bullets and examinate them.

Nathan: I'm so sorry for what happened to Ulric.
Rosetta: So am I.
Joshua: Who the hell would do such a thing?
Nathan: My guess is, the Red Covenant had something to do with this.

Chloe turns to Nathan.

Chloe: They did this as well??

Nathan doesn't turn to Chloe, but he answers.

Nathan: I'm afraid so, Chloe. No one else in this would have this much hatred against us.

He turns to her grandmother who is in a deep thinking position.

Nathan: Mrs. DuBlaire?
Rosetta: Why now, after all this time?
Joshua: I don't know and I really don't care! Let's go after them and show them what happens when they fuck with our species!

Nathan turns to his younger brother Joshua, bemused.

Nathan: And just where do you suppose they're located, Joshua? We have no idea where the Red Covenant is! Much less have any knowledge of how they found out about this place or Rosehill!!

Now Joshua is speechless. He wants to say something but he can't. In frustration he storms out of the room. Nathan can't help but shake his head in embarassment.

Nathan: I swear, he always speaks with his heart before he thinks.
Rosetta: What else do you expect? Your younger brother takes after your late mother Priscilla, while you take after your father Johnathan.

Chloe watches as Nathan chuckles.

Chloe: Nathan? Are you all right?
Nathan: I'll be fine, Chloe. I'm really sorry about what happened to your husband.

The young witch sighs.

Chloe: Why is everyone apologizing for what's not their fault?
Nathan: Because it is. Remember, our kind has not always been on good terms with Stefan's. You know that.

She nods. Nathan walks over and takes her hands into hers.

Nathan: If I could, I'd hunt down the bastard and make him pay for causing you pain.
Chloe: Nathan...

He lets go of her hands and turns back to the window, as well as Chloe. They notice Ulric's ears have transformed while the rest of his body is covered in hair.

Nathan: I knew it. Silver.
Chloe: Silver bullets?!
Nathan: That assassin must have used them. Silver is like a kyptonite used against us werewolves that can kill us.
Rosetta: Are you still thinking about going to war with the Red Covenant?
Nathan: What?
Chloe: Ulric told us that you wanted to find them and then declare war on their organization.
Nathan: I did.
Rosetta: Will you still do it, even though it won't bring your father back?

Chloe and Rosetta turn to Nathan, awaiting his response. His hands ball up into fists and his lips twist into a deep frown.

Chloe: Nathan, we're worried about you and the Ashfall Clan.

Nathan: Please don't. This is about survival. Right now, I want you both to concentrate on Ulric.

He turns to face the doorway.

Chloe: What about you?

Before leaving, he looks back to the young woman, granting her a small, sweet smile.

Nathan: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

He turns back to the doorway and walks out of the room.

Chloe: He's gonna live, right grandma? Grandma?

She turns to see a very concerned Rosetta looking towards the door.

Rosetta: Everyone has their own story to tell, Chloe. Nathan has his, just as you will have yours.
Chloe: What are you talking about?

Rosetta doesn't say anything as she takes one more look at the window to see her husband. A female voice booms from the intercom. One of the doctors is speaking.

Doctor: Mrs. DuBlaire?

She presses the intercom button, turning to see the female with blonde hair holding a tweezer with a silver bullet in her hand. She is the same woman from before as Chloe recognizes her.

Rosetta: How is he?
Doctor: Your husband will be fine, ma'am. The bullets have missed his vital organs and have been taken out of him. We're going to stich him up now.
Rosetta: Thank you so much.

Now she has a look of determination on her face as she faces her granddaughter once more.

Rosetta: Come with me. We're heading up to the courtyard.

Chloe: The courtyard? But why?
Rosetta: Your birthday is tomorrow, correct?
Chloe: Yes.
Rosetta: It's time for you to call to your own destiny.
Chloe: What are you --

Rosetta wastes no time walking pass Chloe and out the door. She runs after her.

Chloe: Wait a second! Grandma! What do you mean, 'my own destiny'?
Rosetta: You'll understand once we get 'there'.

They both head out of the basement and make their way up the stairs, arriving on the first floor. They make a left turn through the kitchen and exit outside into the courtyard where Chloe remembers having poured her heart out. She nimbles on her lip, feeling guilty for what happened two days ago.

Chloe: Grandma, I want to say --
Rosetta: Don't. What's done is done.
Chloe: But I took your feelings for granted.
Rosetta: Chloe, I was selfish. Now, please just follow me.

Chloe follows her grandmother all the way through the courtyard as they approach a black steel gate. Rosetta stops in front of it and pulls out something from her pocket: a small golden key. She turns the lock with it and it opens with a loud, squeeking sound.

Chloe: May I ask what we're doing here?
Rosetta: Do you remember how you first got your powers?
Chloe: Yeah. I got them during a bus accident on my way back from Springfield during a field trip. My powers somehow manifested out of nowhere, saving my life. But most of the students onboard were killed. I was 13 years old when it happened. Why do you ask?
Rosetta: Well, there's something I never told you before. There was a reason why your powers manifested at such a young age.
Chloe: Care to explain?
Rosetta: I will. But first...

Reaching out her left hand, Rosetta summons something from the fog ahead of them. An old lantern appears out of nowhere, along with the sounds of wailing and moaning. Rosetta grabs the lantern and fire automatically is lit inside.

Rosetta: Follow me and stay close. The spirits here have been restless for awhile.

Chloe gulps just as she follows her grandmother into the fog-covered area.
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Having returned back to Juno City in California, Harvey immediately makes it all the way back to his home at the abandoned warehouse before day breaks. The first thing he does is take off all of his clothes and head straight for bed. Unfortunately, before he can drift off to sleep, his cell phone rings. Harvey moans in agony before picking it up and answering it.

Harvey: What?
Vio: Have you returned back home?
Harvey: Vio? Yeah.
Vio: Good, because we're gonna have a nice little chat. Come to the Gunsnake Cafe. Now.

After she hangs up, Harvey lets out a bloodcurling snarl of frustration. Minutes later and after trying his best to control his anger, he finally reaches the Gunsnake Cafe once more. Vio is waiting for him at the same table he saw her sit before two days ago. This time, she is wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. Harvey goes over to sit down across from her.

Harvey: Vio.
Vio: Mind telling how the hell you managed to miss your chance at killing Ulric DuBlaire?
Harvey: I already told you. Someone else got there before I did. I was just about to make my move until someone with a sniper gun - one more advanced than mine was - and shot Ulric three times.
Vio: Three times?
Harvey: Yes.

The demon takes one good look at Harvey who is wearing his shades. He doesn't notice Penny coming over with a pen and pad.

Penny: Hi! Welcome to Gunsnake Cafe. May I take your orders?

Harvey looks up to see her smiling. He almost loses his nerve and moves his head away, facing Vio.

Harvey: Tomato juice, thanks.
Vio: I'll have a cup of coffee. Lots of cream and sugar. For food, I'll take the beef n' eggs souffle.

Penny looks at Vio with a confused look.

Penny: Beef n' egg souffle? You sure? It's suppose to be a seasonal thing here in the cafe.
Vio: I'll still take it.

Penny nods as she takes down their orders.

Penny: Okay. I've never heard of a demon eating cooked meat, anyway.
Vio: Well, now you know.

What just cames out of her Penny's mouth has Harvey dropping his own.

Harvey: Did - did you just hear what she said?
Vio: Yeah.
Harvey: She called you a demon!
Vio: Uh-huh.
Harvey: How did she know?

Vio points to her right. Harvey turns to see a group of people with very unusual eye colors. Some are violet, black, copper, and bright pink.

Vio: Those guys are demons. This place is the only haven for our kind. Sometimes vampires and werewolves come here as well. Either way, Gunsnake Cafe is the only place we can enjoy ourselves without worry about what happens in the outside world.
Harvey: What about humans?

Vio shrugs as she awaits her food.

Vio: Humans come here as well, but magic here protects those who aren't human, shielding their rare eyes from normal people.
Harvey: Like a faery's glamour?
Vio: Exactly.
Harvey: And that young lady?
Vio: Penny McCormick is the only human who works here. But her uncle is a vampire. See that guy over there with the mustache?

She points to the same guy from before, sitting down at one of the tables with a bottle of tomato juice in his hand.

Vio: That guy is Holstice McCormick. Word has it that he was once a convict before he became a vampire. Now he's a bouncer here during the night. Right now, he's just watching over the cafe.
Harvey: Who turned him into a vampire?
Vio: Who knows.

Penny comes back from the kitchen with a tray. On it is a glass, a bottle of tomato juice, and a cup of coffee.

Penny: Here you go.

She then turns to Vio after giving placing all three items on the table.

Penny: Your souffle will done in a short while. Please hold for awhile.
Vio: All right.

The waitress turns to Harvey.

Penny: Are you okay? Can I get you anything else?
Harvey: No, thanks.

Penny pauses for a moment. This catches Harvey's attention.

Harvey: What?
Penny: Mind if I... see your eyes? I just want to know what you look like underneath those shades.
Harvey: You sure?
Penny: It's okay. You're safe here.

Harvey takes one look around and notices a few people staring at him. Mostly those with the same red eyes as him.
Harvey, thinking: I should probably just let my guard down for once.

Finally, he takes off his shades, revealing his eyes to Penny. The waitress stares at him before smiling.

Penny: I knew it...

She turns to Vio.

Penny: Is he your boyfriend?
Vio: No, we're just friends.

Harvey almost chokes on his tomato juice after drinking it from the bottle.

Penny: You okay?
Harvey: Yeah, I'm fine.

He notices a smirk coming from Vio's lips.

Penny: Well, I better get back to work. Let me know if you need anything else, okay?

The vampire just nods his head as he pats himself on the back. As the waitress leaves, Harvey turns on Vio.

Harvey: It's been almost a hundred years since you called me your friend.
Vio: Yeah, and?

She arches an eyebrow.

Vio: Who saved you from that notorious vampire hunter Carla 300 years ago?

Harvey winces at the memory of meeting up with a ferocious vampire hunter known as Carla Van Isaac back in mid 1800s. He was only trying to get by in this world after he got tired of hunting in packs with the other vampires. Eventually, his own coven was destroyed but he alone survived the attack back in Italy. He didn't know who it was, but then again, he didn't seem to care in the least. Something about his entire world changed the moment he met Vio, a demon who was in the same position as he was. Both just wanted to do something with their lives but life never shined upon them because they were not human in origin. At least Vio could pass as human without revealing her demonic form. Harvey could only survive during the night. This gave someone like Carla an easy time hunting him down. And she would have killed him too had it not for Vio's interference. The woman was killed by a single bullet from Vio's human weapon: a large magnum that she had been given by one of her human lovers. One that she would never forget even til the end of time.

Harvey: You could have left me to die.
Vio: And then what? Lose my only companion? No, thanks.

Harvey looks at her hard before drinking more of his tomato juice.

Vio: So, I hear you rescued Penny from a group of horny assholes.

Harvey: Yep. And I killed a man in front of her.
Vio: How?
Harvey: With a gun.
Vio: What did she do?
Harvey: She didn't do anything. Not scream or anything.

Harvey notices a smirk on her face.

Harvey: What?

She gestures him to come closer with her point finger. Once he does, she whispers in his ear.

Vio: In case you were wondering, Penny is a lot more used to seeing death. That's why she never screams when someone dies in front of her. Remember when I told you her uncle was once a convict? It's because of Holstice that his neice got more use to the fact that people die all around her up front. She's rare these days, that's why she works here.

When Harvey sits back in his seat, he thinks deeply on the time when he shot one of the men in front of Penny but she never freaked out. That would explain why she thanked him.

Harvey: That's interesting.
Vio: Oh, yeah.

Once Penny comes back with Vio's souffle, she also puts something else on the table. A piece of paper.

Penny: Enjoy your souffle.
Vio: Thank you, Penny.
Penny: Your welcome.

The moment she leaves, Vio picks up and looks at it. A wide smile appears on her face, showing her sharp teeth.

Harvey: What?

She doesn't say anything as she gives it to Harvey. When he takes it into his hand, Vio can't help but chuckle when he has a weird look on his face. His eyes widen as he turns to see Penny looking at him with a wave and a wink. He looks back at the paper. On it is her name and a phone number.

Vio: Looks like you have an admirer, Harvey. Should I set all future appointments aside so you can go on a date?
Harvey: Vio?
Vio: Yeah?
Harvey: Shut up.

A burst of laughter comes out of Vio's mouth as he puts the number into his jacket pocket and drinks more of his juice. However, he has no idea someone is watching him outside the cafe from the darkness...
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As they walk into the field, Chloe noticed a change into the fog as it thickens less. There are gravestones all around.

Chloe: Grandma, where are we?
Rosetta: We have entered the Endgrave Graveyard. The one place where descendants of our family are buried.
Chloe: Really?
Rosetta: Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances in this day and age, the spirits have not found peace.
Chloe: Why?
Rosetta: Who knows why, Chloe.

They appear before a large gravestone with a statue on top on it. The statue is in shape of an angel with four wings. Chloe lowers the lantern over where a large name is engraved in stone.

Chloe: 'Naia Hauser Engrave'?
Rosetta: The first witch of our coven, born from Germany. The Endgrave bloodline started with her when she first recieved her powers during the Holy Roman Empire. From then on, it began to spread across the entire European regions in secret: France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, and many others. When the bloodline came to England, that's where our family heirloom was born.
Chloe: What family heirloom?
Rosetta: You'll see. But first...

She gestures Chloe to move back with her hand. After she does as well, she puts her hand out. A six-pointed pentagram appears on her palm and she shouts.

Rosetta: Guardian of the Six Stars, I invoke thee to open the gate!

A purple light appears around the four-winged angel as it comes to life. Slight fear comes into Chloe's heart but she stands her ground, watching the event unfold. No voice booms from the sky.

????: Who awakens me from my slumber?
Rosetta: It is I, Crowan. I am Rosetta Clarise Endgrave, the 509th descendant of the Endgrave Covenant.

The four-winged angel called Crowan stares at her before turning to look at Chloe.

Rosetta: She is my granddaughter Chloe Margiette Endgrave, the 511th descendant of our bloodline.
Crowan examines her for a moment before disappearing. The gravestone splits in half, revealing a stairway that leads downstairs somewhere.

Crowan: Step forward. Proceed to your destiny.

Rosetta turns to her granddaughter.

Rosetta: Let's go.

As she goes down first, Chloe follows afterwards.

Chloe, thinking: Why do I get the feeling something isn't right here?

They both enter inside a large room surrounded by lantens. The entire walls are covered in tree root veins. Four marble columns stand on each end of the walls, holding the ground above in place. In the center is a stairway leading up to a statue of a woman holding something in her hands: a broken sword with rune engravings on the blade.

Chloe: Is that the family heirloom?
Rosetta: Part of it. Go forward.
Chloe: Are you sure it's me that should do it?
Rosetta: Yes.

Chloe doesn't say a word as she examines the area around her and goes up the stairs. She doesn't notices veins suddenly coming to life and moving slowly towards her until she reaches halfway up. She stops for a moment, watching them float slowly around her yet doing nothing but float.

Rosetta: Whatever you do, don't stop! No matter what happens, keep going up until you reach the statue!
Chloe: Okay...

As she continues up the winding stairway, Chloe sees one of the veins grow thorns as it reaches one of her arms and grabs onto it, squeezing it tightly. Blood begins to seep from where they pinch her skin. Chloe can't help but hiss in pain as she continues going up. The moment she breaks free from the vein is when she is finally standing in front of the statue. She takes one look at the broken sword before reaching out to grab it. Her hand touches the golden handle, carefully wrapping her fingers around it as she lifts it up and looks at it. A golden light appears before her, surrounding her entire hand. The broken sword's blade grows longer until the upper part is put in place again, becoming one. The runes glow a golden light and disappear. They instantly reappear around her bleeding arm in a circle. It burns into her skin. Chloe does all she could to control herself as it continues to burn, the pain nearly becoming too much to bear. Once the rune are finally done burning into her skin, Chloe turns around to see her grandmother looking at her with pride.

Rosetta: It is done.
Chloe: Was this part of a ritual or something?
Rosetta: You have faced the meaning of pain. Now you must face the meaning of fear. Then you shall recieve what we've come here for.
Chloe: Where is it?

Suddenly, the stairs begin to lower itself, almost causing Chloe to lose her balance. She runs down the stairs, back to her grandmother's side as the stairway continues to lower itself. It stops only halfway to a door. Rosetta points to it.

Rosetta: The heirloom is behind that door. However, you must be careful. Crowan guards the only entrance to it. You'll have to defeat him in order to get inside.
Chloe: You've been here before, haven't you?
Rosetta: I have. How else do you suppose I got my powers?

Rolling up her left sleeve, Rosetta reveals the runes embedded into her skin.

Chloe: I see. So I have to go up there, huh?

She slowly walks up the stairway once more and approaches the door. It opens the moment she takes one last step up. Moving inside the room, Chloe forces herself not to look back at her grandmother as the door closes behind her. She notices three different corridors.

Chloe, thinking: Let's see. Which one do I take?

Not wanting to waste anytime in here, she takes one single guess and enters the right corridor, her sword in her hand.

Chloe: All right, let's see what I can do.

As she makes her way down the long corridor, Chloe doesn't see a shadow looming behind her and disappearing back into the darkness.
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Noon is almost near. Harvey and Vio step out of Gunsnake Cafe before turning to each other.

Vio: Care for a ride home?
Harvey: Thanks, but no. I'll find my own own.

Vio shrugs.

Vio: Suit yourself, cowboy.

As she turns to leave, another familiar woman comes out of nowhere and grabs Harvey by the arm. He jumps a bit before facing... Jade. And a very mad Jade, at that. Her blood eyes pierce into his own.

Harvey: Jade? What are you doing?
Jade: We need to talk.

She pulls them through a crowd of people and into an alleyway. Harvey is starting to think that him and alleys are inseparable. Once she lets go of his arm, Jade pulls out a gun.

Harvey: What's going on here, Jade?
Jade: I want to know what she is to you.
Harvey: What are you talking about?
Jade: You know what I'm talking about. That woman in the cafe!
Harvey: Jade...
Jade: Tell who she is to you!

Harvey has no idea how to respond to a vampire on a fuming rage. He wonders if he meant either Penny or Vio. If it was Vio, he could easily just answer her question. But if it was Penny...

Harvey: She's just a friend.
Jade: Is she?

Harvey is now getting tired of Jade's antics and starts getting angry.

Harvey: I just told you who she is to me, okay? Why are you trying to get involved in my life?
Jade: Because she's a human, Harvey.
Harvey: So?
Jade: So? Are you trying to get yourself killed? What if she finds out who you really are and goes against you?
Harvey: She already knows who I am, Jade! And guess what? She doesn't care.

A surprised Jade looks carefully into Harvey's eyes, finding truth in his words. When she finally does, the female vampire puts away her gun and turns away from Harvey.

Jade: I see. So she knows who you are. But I still don't think you should get involved with her.
Harvey: She's not like other people, Jade.
Jade: Who told you?
Vio: I did.

At the same time, both Harvey and Jade turn to see Vio standing at the very entrance of the alley. She has a serious look in her grey eyes as she stares at Jade.

Harvey: Vio!
Jade: Who the hell are you?
Vio: A friend of Harvey's. The name is Vione Kijan. But you can call me Vio for short.

She starts to walk towards them both.

Vio: Do we have a problem here?
Jade: This is none of your concern.
Harvey: Actually, we were done here.

Jade turns back to Harvey, giving him an incredulous look.

Jade: Harvey!
Harvey: Sorry, Jade.

He walks away from Jade and goes past Vio.

Jade: We're not done talking here!
Harvey: Goodbye, Jade.

The demon follows him out of the alley.

Jade: Harvey, come back!! Harvey!

Both Harvey and Vio make their way back into the streets and disappear into the crowds.

Vio: Are you okay?
Harvey: No, I'm not. Thanks for coming though.
Vio: Your welcome. How the hell did you manage to get caught up with someone like her?
Harvey: Jade?
Vio nods.

Harvey: I'll make this long story short. I thought I found another companion. One that was a vampire.
Vio: You mean, you wanted a friend in someone who was like you?
Harvey: Someone who didn't always rub the pleasure of vampirism in someone else's face.
Vio: Didn't you use to do that?
Harvey: No, Vio, I became a vampire against my own will. Jade was like that too.
Vio: Oh.

Harvey runs a hand through his blond hair as he continues explaining how he got involved with Jade.

Harvey: But Jade became different the moment we met with other vampires. She started to enjoy it more than I did. I was content with the idea of being a vampire already.
Vio: I think I get it now.
Harvey: I guess your real companions are the ones who know you the longest.
Vio: Or the most.
Harvey: Jade didn't, which is why I grew distant from her.
Vio: Is she in love with you?

Harvey stops. So does Vio.

Vio: Harvey.
Harvey: Yeah. She is in love with me.
Vio: Let me guess, you didn't return her feelings.
Harvey: Yeah. I couldn't.
Vio: Why not?
Harvey: I don't know why, Vio.

The demon takes one good look at Harvey before noticing smoke. She looks down to notice it coming from his right hand.

Vio: Uh, Harvey?
Harvey: What?
Vio: Your hand's about to catch on fire.
Harvey: What!?

The vampire almost screams in pain when he sees his pale flesh sizzling underneath the hot sun. He immediately runs over to a dark area and stays there.

Harvey: Damn, I forgot to put on sunblock!
Vio: You're gonna be okay?
Harvey: If I can find a way to get home without being burned alive.

Vio looks left and right before running to a random vehicle. She clenches one of her fists and breaks the window before unlocking the door and opening it.

Vio: Hurry!

Harvey runs over to her side, very surprised that she would do such a thing.

Harvey: What are you doing!?
Vio: Saving your life. Now get in!

Without another word, he gets inside the car and sits down. Vio shuts the door and Harvey unlocks the driver's side of the door, letting his 'companion' get inside the door. After shutting it, she hotwires the car and drives off into the city.

Harvey: Where are we going?
Vio: Back to your place.

After that, Harvey says nothing and just sits back, letting Vio drive him all the way back to the abandoned warehouse, where he plans to put on a lot of sunblock when he gets back.
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Chloe is still walking down the long corridor until she gets to the end of it, entering another room. This one is covered in tree veins as well.

Chloe: Where am I now?

She takes a look around and proceeeds into the next corridor until she reaches a larger room surrounded by water. A waterfall is cascading down from a pipe in a wall. When she steps closing, Chloe hears a hissing sound from above.

Chloe: What the?

Looking up, she sees nothing. But when she looks back in front of her, something comes slithering out of the pipe. Something long and scaly.

Chloe: Oh my -- !

A large snake lands on the ground before her. It slithers slowly, moving like a hunter towards its prey. Chloe is looking shocked at the size of it. Before long, the snake opens its large jaw and goes straight at Chloe. Though she shortly prepares herself, her fear suddenly takes over and she makes a run for it. Unfortunately, a door appears before the corridor and closes it before she can pass through.

Chloe: No!

Once it shuts the entrance off, Chloe bangs on it to no avail. She turns back to face the snake still making its way towards her. She then remembers the sword in her hand and moves foward, going into a fighting stance.

Chloe: Okay. Here goes nothing.

She waits for the snake to come closer. Once it does, she slashes at it wildly, forcing it back a little. The snake does nothing but stare at her, waiting for her to stop moving. The moment she does, it makes its move lunging at her in a swift motion. Chloe dashes to the right, her sword still in hand. She decides to do something really stupid.

Chloe: I hope this works.

She runs towards the snake, arriving at its belly. Without holding back, Chloe stabs it with her sword, opening up a large hole. Blood gushes out, almost onto the young witch's clothes. She steps back a bit, pulls out the sword, and stabs at the belly one more time before backing away. Finally, in one swift movement, she swings the sword, the blade cutting through the snake's skin and in half. The snake makes the loudest hissing sound and falls to the floor, crashing against the wall. Chloe watches as it dissolves into a pile of green water.

Chloe: That was close.

Still holding her sword, she sees a black shadow appear on her right. It transformes into a younger woman in a black Victorian dress. Her hair are in curls and she has pale-looking skin.

Chloe: And you are?
???: I am Crown, Guardian of the Six Stars. I have come to congratulate you on your victory of defeating the basilisk.
Chloe: Crowan? But you're a girl. Last time I saw you, you were an --
Crowan: An angel?

Chloe nods.

Crowan: Yes. I am one being but I have many forms. This...

The girl puts a hand on her own chest.

Crown: ...being one of them. However, you are still not yet done down here.
Chloe: I'm not?

Crowan shakes her head.

Chloe: Oh yeah, I was told that I must defeat you in order to get to my destination.

Chloe raises her sword in one hand and points it straight at Crowan. The spirit shakes her head again.

Crowan: No. Not this time.
Chloe: What?
Crowan: In order to defeat me, you must answer a certain question.

Chloe lowers her weapon before Crowan and steps forward.

Chloe: All right.
Crowan: In the very beginning, there was nothingness. But then one day a voice from that nothingness spoke. It said, "let there be light". And then the world of light was born. Within it were created beings of celestial divinity. Then it said, "let there be darkness". And then the world of darkness was born. Within it were created beings of demonic divinity. And, finally, it said, "let there be twilight". And then the world of twilight was born. Now what beings did the voice create within that world?

Chloe takes a minute to think before she speaks.

Chloe: I'm not so sure if I know the answer.
Crowan: If you do not know the answer then you will never recieve what you seek down here.

The young witch crosses both her arms, her sword still in hand. She thinks on the question given to her.

Chloe: In the world of light, celestial beings known as angels were created. In the world of darkness, demons were created. Could it

Crowan doesn't say anything, which makes Chloe worry if she got the wrong answer. Finally, the spirit transforms into an older version of herself. Her dress is now modern.

Crowan: That is correct. In the world of twilight, man is but a creation that stands in the center of all things. It can be affected by both light and darkness. As angels and demons are superior in strength and power, mankind is superior by intelligence. However, there have been those of both light and dark that have blessed the twilight with special powers. Powers that have either survived or been destroyed as humanity continued to evolve in the mortal realm.

As she lets Crowan's words sink in, Chloe watches her walk across the room, approaching the waterfall.

Crowan: As beings of the light have done ther best to protect your kind, those of the darkness of tried to destroy you. But reality... is not always in black and white.

She moves her hand forward and makes a small wave. The water stops moving out of the pipe above, revealing a large door.

Crowan: Some demons have gain a conscious and decided to protect humanity while some angels have fallen from grace. Through time, the world of twilight suffered many fates at the hands of both worlds.

She turns to look back at Chloe who approaches her.

Crowan: There is a family motto in your family, one that Naia herself created. 'Neither foe or friend, we stand in the twilight of all worlds.'. That, Miss Chloe, is how the Endgrave family have managed to survive all these years. Even when it seems like the odds were against your bloodline, your descendants made sure they succeeded in every turn. Whether they took a side from whichever world they choose, in the end, they were on their own side. I alone understood what it meant to survive in this world filled with hate, prejudice, fear, disease, death, chaos, destruction, and other negative emotions that humans feel. The Endgrave family have always believed in hope. Therefore, so should you, no matter what stands in your way.

Chloe stands before Crowan, looking between her and the door.

Chloe: I have one question.
Crowan: The answer is behind that door.

As she points to it, the black steel door begins to rise up from the ground. It fully opens to reveal an altar. On it lies a large book with a six-pointed star on it.

Chloe: This is the family heirloom?
Crowan: You must touch it in order to accept your destiny.
Chloe: What happens when I touch it.
Crowan: You'll see.

Chloe lowers the weapon to the ground and takes a step forward. She takes one look at the book before placing her left hand on it. It instantly glows a bright red. A moment later, the entire book slowly dissolves into dozens of red floating twinkles as they float around Chloe.

Chloe: Wait, what's going on? What are they --

She screams in pain as they enter her body. Her entire body is now glowing with a red aura. Memories of every descendant, the witch trials, and a vision of a family tree engraved on the wall appear in her mind all at once. Chloe clutches at her head as she falls on her knees, trying to keep herself from going insane. The visions then disappears along with the pain, leaving Chloe breathing hard. She slowly gets back up and looks up at her left hand, seeing a six-pointed star burned into her palm.

Crowan: Congratulations. You are now the Witch Regent.
Chloe: The Witch Regent?

Chloe turns to Crowan.

Crowan: Every guardian holds within them knowledge of all magic created by the Endgrave descendants.
Chloe: Like a cooking recipe wrote down for those born in the future to remember.
Crowan: Precisely.
Chloe: But what if I don't remember all the spells?
Crowan: You won't need to worry about that. Your body is now a book of magic. Itself will help you remember. All you have to do is follow your heart and it will obey your command.

Chloe lowers her hand.

Chloe: Did you know what my question was?
Crowan: You wanted to know how I became the Guardian of the Six Stars. That answer was shown to you.

Chloe remembers the younger version of Crowan and one of the visions of a young girl coming down the same way as she did. Something in her mind clicks.

Chloe: You're Naia.

Crowan, also known as Naia, doesn't answer. But she smiles before disappearing. Her last words ring in Chloe's ears.

Crowan/Naia: Remember, Chloe, the words of our bloodline: 'Neither foe or friend, we stand in the twilight of all worlds'. That is what us all together.

Chloe goes over to pick up her sword and walks out of the room, making her way all the way back to where her grandmother is waiting. A look of worry fades from her face as she sees that her grandaughter is still alive. They embrace each other.

Chloe: I did it, Grandma.
Rosetta: I know.

Chloe lets go of her and grins.

Chloe: Let's head back to the manor and check on Ulric.

Nodding, Rosetta leads the way out of the lower levels and back up to the graveyard where the fog has completely cleared up and there is no more wailing.

Chloe: Everything here looks normal. Even the spirits have disappeared.
Rosetta: That's because they were waiting for the next Witch Regent to show up.

Chloe turns to her grandmother.

Chloe: Wait, you weren't the previous one?

Rosetta shakes her head. As they head back to the manor, Chloe starts to realize that in the end, she was meant to become the next Guardian of the Six Stars.

Chloe: Oh.
Rosetta: I couldn't solve the question that Crowan asked, but I was given the task to make sure the next one did.
Chloe: Which would explain why you exposed me and my father to the world of werewolves, vampires, demons, and angels at a very young age.
Rosetta: Exactly.
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After returning to the warehouse, Harvey quickly runs into the bathroom and grabs at the sunblock, putting some on his hand that burned in the sunlight. He hears Vio calling from outside.

Vio: Nice place you have here, Harvey.
Harvey: Thanks.

When he is done, he returns to the kitchen to see Vio checking out the fridge.

Harvey: What are you doing?
Vio: My, you have a lot of blood in here. Oh, wait.

She reaches in and pulls something out of there. A large glass of water.

Vio: What's water doing in your fridge?
Harvey: It's holy water. I got it from a nearby church.
Vio: Come again??

Harvey shrugs as Vio gives him a look of disbelief. She puts the glass back in the fridge.

Vio: Exactly what is holy water doing in your fridge?
Harvey: You really wanna know?
Vio: Just tell me already!
Harvey: I was gonna use it as a case of emergency.
Vio: For what?
Harvey: For myself.
Vio: What do you mean for yourself - Oh.

Harvey nods when a look of realization hits her.

Vio: You want to kill yourself.
Harvey: I have thought about it.
Vio: THAT miserable, huh?

Harvey nods, acknowledging the fact that there is a part of him that is vulnerable and twisted inside. Noticing the look of sadness on his face, Vio walks over and cups his chin with her hand.

Vio: How about the next time I get a job from Juan, I'll give it to someone else?

This surprises Harvey as he blinks at Vio.

Harvey: You sure?
Vio: Yeah. 'Cause something tells me you need a break. That way you can also get to know Penny more.

Harvey pushes Vio's hand away, goes over to the table, and sits down by it.

Harvey: I really don't think it's a good idea.
Vio: Why not?
Harvey: Well... For one thing, it's like you said about humans. They're predictable.

The demon gives Harvey a hard look before sitting across from him.

Vio: Wait a sec, Harvey. Just because I said that, it doesn't mean you have to follow what I say.
Harvey: But it's true, isn't it?
Vio: Much as it is, I don't want you to go around acting like you don't have a chance to be happy.
Harvey: Vio...

Seeing this side of Vio has a very polar prespective on how he had always seen her, a cold-hearted business demon. On the other hand, Vio has been the only one who gave him a reason to continue living, even if it mean creating a pile of corpses along the way.

Harvey: Thanks.
Vio: Don't mention it.

Taking a look around the place once more, Vio heads for the door.

Vio: If you don't want to meet up with Penny though, then that's fine with me. Just decide how you want to control your life.
Harvey: Thanks. Oh, hey!

Vio: Yeah?

After Vio stops by the door, Harvey walks over to the fridge, pulls out the holy water, and gives it to her.

Harvey: When you get outside, can you pour that out for me?

Grabbing the glass of holy water, Vio takes one look at it before nodding her head.

Vio: Will do.

She leaves through the doorway, with Harvey now by himself once more. Feeling dejected by reality itself, the vampire flops onto his bed and stretches himself before he closes his eyes, sleeping peacefully for the first time.
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Chloe: So what happens now?

Both Chloe and Rosetta are back at the manor, sitting in the living room while drinking tea.

Rosetta: We wait until Ulric has completely recovered.
Chloe: Shouldn't I be doing something productive? Like helping Nathan and his clan find the Red Covenant?
Rosetta: If that were the case, he would have called for our help. You should know how prideful werewolves are.
Chloe: Good point.

Chloe places the teacup down on the table and sees the same blonde from before appear at the entrance of the living room. She is dressed in an all gray suit as she walks over and greets them.

Rosetta: Mrs. Costello, welcome.
Elena: Just call me Elena, Mrs. DuBlaire.
Rosetta: As long as you call me Rosetta.
Elena: All right.

She sits down.

Rosetta: Chloe, this is Elena Rion Costello. She is one of our recent family doctors. Elena, this is my only granddaugther Chloe Margeriette Endgrave.
Elena: Hi, welcome back.

Both Chloe and Elena shake hands.

Chloe: Thank you.
Elena: I know this is something you've probably heard before, but I heard tales of why you returned, so... I just want to give my condolences.
Chloe: It's appreciated.
Rosetta: Would you like some tea?
Elena: That's all right. My wife and I are going out, if that's all right with you, Rosetta.
Rosetta: Of course.

Chloe looks surprised.

Chloe: You have a wife?

Elena nods.

Elena: Yep. I've been married for four years.
Chloe: Wow.
Elena: You're not surprised I'm a lesbian?
Chloe: No. I mean, I just met you and all. It's not in me to judge those based on sexual preferences.

Elena smiles.

Elena: Thank you. It's the same with you being married to a vampire. Not that I've met one in my lifetime. I've only been around werewolves more.
Rosetta: Where is your wife?
Elena: Alexandra? She's still at the guest house getting ready for our night out. By the way, Ulric is easily recovering from his wounds so he should be all right in a day or so. I would suggest he not move too much though once he wakes up.
Rosetta: Thank you.

Elena gets back up from her seat and looks at Chloe, nodding her head in acknowledgement of her presence. Chloe does the same thing.

Elena: Take care of yourself, Chloe.
Chloe: You too.
Elena: I'll see you both later.

She waves goodbye to them as she leaves the living room. Rosetta and Chloe get from their seats and head upstairs where Ulric is laying in the master bedroom that he and his wife shares.

Rosetta: Ulric.

Ulric is sound asleep.

Chloe: I'll leave you two alone.
Rosetta: Okay, dear.

Chloe leaves the master bedroom and heads back downstairs until she suddenly gets a vision of something. A city filled with tall buildings is shown while dark gray clouds covet the sky. As they transform into dark green, lightning strikes nearby and rain comes pouring down, revealing the water to be red.

Chloe: Red...rain?

The vision continues with the red rain continuing to pour down as it touches a few people. Suddenly they fall over in pain as their teeth become fangs, their hands become claws, and their skin turn into a fresh blood red. The sound of their bones crunching as they transform into hideous beasts. When they get back up, they look around and start scurring into different places, searching for prey. One of them finds a homeless man who has witnessed this happening and makes a break for it. But he can't outrun the creature as it leaps onto his back and starts tearing at his skin. The homeless man falls to the ground screaming in pain as the creature continues to tear him apart. The vision ends there. Chloe is standing there with a look of horror on her face.

Chloe: What the hell was that?

She takes this time to breathe in and out before walking back into the living room. Chloe sits on the couch and crosses her hands together, thinking about the vision she just had.

Chloe: Could that be... a sign of something about to happen?

As she thinks on it, Chloe hears thunder outside of the manor. Something tells her that this may be the start of something different in her life now that she has taken on the role of being the Witch Regent. She looks up at the ceiling and sighs.

Chloe: What have I gotten myself into?

She looks back down to see a newspaper on the table. A small picture of the city is shown on the front page. Chloe looks closely at it and remembers the vision she had earlier. Reading it, one particular title come to mind.

Chloe: Juno, California.

More sounds of thunder can be heard in the background.
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