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The Witch Regent: Cr
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Opening the door up to the Gunsnake Cafe, Harvey enters without feeling like he had to hide in the dark. Of course, the evening had turned cloudy and the drizzling began to start. He notices more than enough customers around and the electric music box attached to the wall playing oldies songs. A few waitresses and waiters are taking orders, giving the customers their food and drink. To his right, Harvey sees a stage with a woman dancing on a pole in scantly clothing. This is a bit different from the usual cafe he came to twice in one week.

Harvey: Wow. This is almost reminds me of a titty bar.
Ursylla: That's a new one.

Harvey turns to see a thick-bodied woman carrying a tray of glasses filled with dark blue liquid. Her hair is very raven black, twisted in a small French braid. Her skin a deep mohagany brown. He remembers the eye color from before. A vampire's eye color, except they seem to glow with a hint of light yellow.

Ursylla: Hello, there. What brings you back to the Gunsnake Cafe?
Harvey: I was hoping to see Penny.
Ursylla: Penny?

She chuckles, revealing her fangs.

Harvey: What?
Ursylla: Take a look up at the stage.

Her free hand points towards where the stage to reveal that Penny is the woman in scantly clothing. Harvey is by far shocked with a sensation he can't seem to recall having felt before. His eyes mark her every move, seeing her twirl around the pole with pure grace and movement like a cat's. Harvey has to force himself to turn away and face Ursylla. Only this time, she isn't by herself. Holstice is with her this time.

Holstice: Hey there, bud.
Harvey: Oh, hey, um...
Holstice: Holstice. Holstice McCormick.

He lends out his hand. Harvey wraps his own around it, shaking it.

Harvey: Harvey Reilly.

He feels Holstice's grip getting stronger but says nothing, thinking that there is something going on here that needs to be done. After the bouncer releases his grip, he wraps an arm around Ursylla and hugs her.

Holstice: You doing all right, Ursylla?
Ursylla: Oh, I'm fine. And you?
Holstice: Just kicked a bunch of drunken demonic assholes out.
Ursylla: That's cool. Guess what?
Holstice: Hmm?
Ursylla: Harvey here wants to see your niece.
Holstice: Really, now?

Harvey is now feeling a bit nervous before he looks around more before facing the two vampires once more. His vision is suddenly blacked out by a fist and he falls backwards to the ground. It takes him a few minutes to register what just happened. Blood is coming out of his noise as he tastes it with his tongue.

Harvey: What the fuck?!

Ursylla is looking at Holstice who is looking at Harvey with a smirk and a glint of madness in his eyes.

Ursylla: What the hell, Holstice?
Holstice: Sorry, boss, had to do it.
Ursylla: I swear...

Ursylla shakes her head and faces Harvey once more.

Ursylla: You have to forgive him. You see, Holstice is very protective of his niece. To be truthful, men like you are hard to find who haven't taken Penny's gratitude for saving her life for granted.

Harvey's eyes widen at this while he wipes away the blood with a napkin Ursylla gives him.

Harvey: Thanks. So it's happened before??

Holstice nods.

Holstice: Oh yeah.
Harvey: So the hit was a warning for...
Holstice: You fuck it up, I fuck you up.

He offers his hand to help him up.

Holstice: We cool on that?

Harvey looks at the hand and back at where Penny is still dancing. He takes Holstice's hand and is helped up to his feet.

Harvey: Yeah, we're cool.
Holstice: Thank you.

The bouncer walks off. Ursylla sighs and puts the tray on a table besides her. She lends out her hand to Harvey.

Ursylla: Ursylla Lynn Royce.
Harvey: Harvey Reilly.

He shakes it.

Harvey: What is it that you do around here?
Ursylla: I own this cafe.
Harvey: Oh, really? That's nice.
Ursylla: Yep. Been owning this place for at least 1600 years within my 5000 years of age.

Harvey whistles in surprise.

Harvey: You're ancient.
Ursylla: Bingo.

She holds out a hand towards the stage, gesturing Harvey to go to it.

Ursylla: Care to take a closer look?
Harvey: Um, I'll wait.

Ursylla grins before picking up the tray.

Ursylla: If you say so. Take your time though. She's not going anywhere.
Harvey: Okay.

Harvey goes over to sit down while Ursylla makes her way towards the stage. She hands each glass to some customers and then waves over at Penny who stops dancing for a moment. Ursylla points to Harvey who is sitting nearby. She waves at him. Harvey waves back. The music stops playing and the men applaud Penny as she does on last dance around the pole before bowing then stepping down off the stage. She walks over to where Harvey is and sits down beside him by the bar.

Penny: Hey there. You've returned.
Harvey: Yeah, I did.
Penny: I figured you would. After all, this is the only place where you can be yourself. Without the violence, of course.

Harvey looks at Penny with a simple grin before he scans her outfit. She is wearing nothing but a purple velvet bikini with a black sash tied around her waist. Both of her arms have golden bangles that look Egyptian. Even her ankles are touched with golden anklets.

Harvey: You look good.
Penny: Thank you. This is usually the outfit I pick out for my dances.
Harvey: Ah.
Penny: So... Do you want a drink?

Harvey shrugs.

Harvey: Sure. I'll have a bloody mary, if you know what I mean.

Penny nods at his choice.

Penny: Okay.

Then she turns to the bartender and taps her hand on the table.

Penny: Hey, Mickey!

The bartender has his back on the customers while cleaning out a glass until he hears Penny and turns to face her. Harvey sees that his eyes are completely egg white and most of his ears are covering with silver hoops.

Penny: I'll have a Bloody Mary and a Bloody Orange.

Mickey doesn't say anything except let out a growl as he nods. He turns back to fix their drinks. Harvey wonders if it's such a good idea for someone like Penny to work in a place like this, especially with those who are not really human. But he decides not to bring it up in worry of causing a commotion.

Harvey: So how someone like you manage to work in a place like this?

On second thought, he might as well get it out of the way. Penny looks at him for a moment before answering his question.

Penny: It's a long story.
Harvey: You can tell me. I have time.
Penny: Well, to make it short, it's easy being raised by an uncle who is a vampire. He was the one who gave me this job.
Harvey: I see.

Mickey puts both drinks on the table. Penny grabs the Bloody Mary and gives it to Harvey. She takes the Bloody Orange and raises it up to him before drinking it. Harvey drinks from his glass before putting it back on the table.

Harvey: Mm! That's good.
Penny: Really?
Harvey: Yeah.
Penny: You should thank Mickey. He's the best bartender at this joint.

He turns to the egg white eyed bartender.

Harvey: Thanks, um, Mickey!

Mickey waves at him in response. The vampire turns back to Penny who is drinking from her glass.

Harvey: So do you dance every night?
Penny: Actually, I only do this on fridays.
Harvey: Oh, really?
Penny: Yep. You just happened to catch me doing what I do best when I'm not taking customers' orders.
Harvey: Are there any other dancers besides you working here?
Penny: Nope. Just me.

Harvey blinks.

Harvey: Just you?

Penny nods, grinning.

Penny: I'm the only dancer in this cafe.
Harvey: Why don't they call this a bar?
Penny: It used to be a strip bar, according to Ursylla, but now it's transformed into a cafe slash bar.
Harvey: Oh. Do you...

His eyes dart in the direction of her skimpy outfit

Harvey: Strip off completely?

Penny shakes her head.

Penny: No, I never take off any of my clothes when I'm dancing on stage. That would just break the promise I made to my uncle.
Harvey: You promised never to strip?
Penny: Exactly. He said I was allowed to dance in skimpy outfits as long as I remembered that I'm a dancer and not a stripper.
Harvey: Yet he doesn't mind you dancing in scantly clothing?
Penny: He knows I'm a big girl.

Penny drinks more of her Bloody Orange.

Penny: The truth is, I'd rather dance anyway than show off what's underneath. It's something I love to do.

Harvey takes another sip of his Bloody Mary.

Harvey: That's good.
Penny: Would you... rather if I stripped?

The vampire almost chokes on his drink before putting it down on the table. He coughs a bit while patting his chest, remembering the words of what Holstice said after he punched him in the noise.

Holstice: You fuck it up, I fuck you up.

Penny gives him a look of concern.

Penny: You okay?
Harvey: I'm fine, thanks. Actually, it's not up for me to decide what you want to do with your life. Trust me, I'm not exactly the stripper loving type.
Penny: What did you think of my dance moves?
Harvey: You were great.
Penny: Thank you. I'm always trying my best.

Harvey takes this actual moment to think about what else to talk about. He usually isn't the best conversationalist, except when he talks with Vio.

Penny: So... what do you do for a living?

This question catches him off guard. Harvey is not sure how to answer. He doesn't know if he should reveal himself as a hitman working for a gang he hasn't gotten to know these past six months. He doesn't know if Penny will either accept his profession or reject it.

Penny: Harvey?
Harvey: I'm just a drifter.

It's not nessecarily a lie because part of it is true. Harvey has drifted from city to city, not always staying in one place. This is the only way he could protect himself and his identity as a vampire.

Penny: I see. For how long?
Harvey: Too long.
Penny: Do you live here in Juno City or somewhere else?
Harvey: Actually, I've been living here for seven months.

A look of surprise appears on Penny's face.

Penny: Seven months?! How come I never saw you before then?
Harvey: I haven't came to this part of the city until recently, that's why.
Penny: What made you come here then? Your friend?

Harvey nods as he grabs his drink.

Harvey: Yeah. I mean, I saw it once, but I never came inside.
Penny: Vio is a nice person.
Harvey: How do you figure that?
Penny: Because she is a regular customer here at the Gunsnake Cafe. She always came alone before you appeared. It's the first time I've seen a demon and a vampire hang out together here. Usually, most demonkind never hang out with other species. Except for when they hang out with humans.
Harvey: What about vampires?

Penny looks down with a look of disappointment.

Penny: They rarely come here. Besides you, my uncle and Ursylla are the only ones here.
Harvey: What happened?
Penny: One time a group of vampires came. At first, things were well. But then one of them tried to feed on me, thinking I was a snack added to their enjoyment. Holstice and Ursylla weren't happy so the group got kicked out, thanks to a couple of demon customers.
Harvey: And the demons?

Penny looks up and turns to face the demon customers, some eating raw meat. A sad look appears on her face.

Harvey: What's wrong?
Penny: Most of these demons who come here, I've known for three years. They enjoy my company and would rather not allow any harm come to me.
Harvey: What about werewolves?
Penny: Werewolves?

The waitress/dancer shakes her head.

Penny: There aren't any werewolves here in California, especially in the Pacific area. Most of them are covering the midwest of America from what I've heard. Only demons and vampires hang around here.
Harvey: You're kidding me?
Penny: I kid you not.

She finishes off the rest of her Bloody Orange in a few gulps before placing the glass back on the table. Ursylla comes over to them.

Ursylla: Penny, it's time.
Penny: All right. Well, one last dance. Wanna hang out after that?
Harvey: Sure.

Penny winks at Harvey before heading back to the stage. Ursylla stands by him.

Ursylla: You're doing good, Harvey. Like I said, you're a rare gem in this side of town.
Harvey: You think so, huh?
Ursylla: Well, you're the only vampire I now know who hasn't tried to feed on her.
Harvey: That's good to know.
Ursylla: Yeah.

Music begins to play as everyone from both sides turn to watch as Penny wiggles her body a bit while tapping her foot to the sounds of drums. She turns to the crowd and makes a twirl, her sash flowing in the air. She moves her lower body from left to right, as if doing a belly dance. Harvey and Ursylla watch as Penny stretches herself and then leans forward before bending backwards. She flips and lands on her feet. Her eyes look at Harvey as he continues to watch her move. She moves her head around a bit while she runs both hands through her hair. While this keeps going on, Harvey finishes up his Bloody Mary.

Ursylla: You do realize that if you want anything to do with Penny, you'll have to understand something about her. This woman was born from a family of gypsies before she was abandoned by them for unknown reasons. Her uncle who is half-gypsy had to raise her by himself despite being a vampire. It took all he had not to make her into one.

Listening to what Ursylla said, Harvey has already understood what she is trying to say to him.

Harvey: Don't make her into a vampire. Got it.
Ursylla: Actually, that's the thing. She's immuned to vampirism for some reason.

Harvey turns to look at the owner.

Harvey: She is?

Ursylla nods.

Harvey: How did you discover that?
Ursylla: A vampire bit her before on the neck. But she never transformed. We thought we lost her once. I'd rather not go through it again, neither does Holstice.
Harvey: I understand.

He moves away from the owner and goes over to where Penny is dancing. When the music stops playing, she stops dancing and stays in a cat-like position before bowing her head. Everyone applauds, especially Harvey. Penny sees him and smiles. She gets off the stage once again and walks over to him.

Harvey: You were magnificent.
Penny: Thank you!

She hugs him. Unfortunately, some of the customers are watching this with suspicious looks in their eyes. But Harvey doesn't care. He just pats her on the back with his free hand. After she lets go of him, Penny plants a kiss on his cheek. Suddenly, Ursylla is shouting from the background.

Ursylla: Greget! Greget, stop!

A large hand pulls Harvey away from Penny who cries out. He falls on the floor again, the glass in his hand flies out of it, shattering on the hard ground. When he gets back up, a bulk man with a green mohawk is staring at him dressed in all leather.

Penny: Greget, what the hell is wrong with you?

Greget doesn't respond to her. He points a clawed finger at Harvey.

Greget: Stay away from my girl, you pale faced asshole!

Penny rushes over and stands between Harvey and Greget, facing the larger demon in human form.

Penny: I'm not your girlfriend anymore!
Greget: Oh, yes, you are.

Holstice rushes over to Harvey's side

Holstice: You okay?
Harvey: Yeah.

Actually, that was a lie. Harvey is far from okay. He doesn't like the fact that he must face conflict, especially when all he wants to do is enjoy himself in the company of Penny. Greget goes over and grabs Penny by the hair, placing a kiss on her small lips while she struggles to free herself.

Holstice: Hey!

Holstice is about go over there and save his niece when Harvey stops him.

Holstice: What are you doing?
Harvey: I'll handle this. Hey, jerk!

Greget looks over at Harvey before letting go of Penny who nearly tumbles backwards. Ursylla rushes over to come to her aid.

Ursylla: You all right?
Penny: I've been better.

The large demon walks towards the vampire before hovering over him. This doesn't scare Harvey one bit.

Harvey: Leave her alone. If she wants nothing to do with you, I'd suggest letting her be.
Greget: Why don't you butt out of this place, you blood-sucking--
Holstice: Hey! Watch it, Greget. Have you forgotten that I'm a vampire as well?
Ursylla: So am I.

Most of the customers and employees argee in union.

Greget: Sorry about that, Holstice. It's just that I don't like it when someone like this guy here messes with the woman I love!

As Harvey rolls his eyes, he steps back a few inches away from him before cracking his knuckles.

Harvey: Hey, Ursylla?
Ursylla: Yeah.
Harvey: How much will I owe you when I'm done with Greget here?
Holstice: I'll pay for the damages on my next paycheck.

Ursylla is frowning.

Ursylla: No fighting. Those are the rules. Greget, get out.

Greget just stands there for a moment before turning to Ursylla.

Greget: How come I leave and not pale face over there?
Ursylla: He's not the one causing problems, Greget.
Greget: Fuck you! I don't have to leave instead of that piece of shit!

She sighes before she pulls out a shotgun and points it straight between the demon's legs. Without giving him a chance to react, she shoots him there. Greget cries out a nocturnal scream as he hunches over, grabbing at where Ursylla shot him. Harvey is staring at this in shock, wincing at the sight of what just happened.

Ursylla: Are you gonna leave now?

Greget nods his head.

Ursylla: Good boy.

A few demons rush towards Greget's aid and help him out of the cafe. Ursylla turns towards the rest of the crowd.

Ursylla: Now, listen up! By this shotgun, everyone here is equal until they mess up. Is that understood?

Everyone nods their head in agreement.

Ursylla: Good. Harvey?
Harvey: Yeah?
Ursylla: Can you kindly escort Penny home?
Harvey: All right.

Harvey walks over to Penny's side who is sniffling a bit.

Harvey: Are you gonna be okay?
Penny: I will be.

She leans her head on his shoulder as he wraps an arm around her, pulling her close. Harvey turns to Holstice who nods in acknowledgment. He walks with Penny to the back of the bar, with Holstice following in tow. Minutes later, Penny has changed into a orange tank top and blue jeans. She hugs both her uncle and Ursylla before leaving the cafe with Harvey. As they start walking, Harvey decides to strike up another conversation.

Harvey: Feeling better?
Penny: Oh yeah. Much better, thanks.
Harvey: Who the hell was that guy?
Penny: He used to be my boyfriend. But only for a month.
Harvey: How come?
Penny: He was acting like a jerk to some people. I didn't like it so I broke up with him.
Harvey: And yet he came to your workplace no matter what?
Penny: Mm-hmm.

Harvey looks around the city, the entire ground slightly covered in dampness.

Penny: So what do you think of Juno City so far?
Harvey: It's beautiful. Not exactly your average place to live.
Penny: That's because it's mostly populated by demons and humans.

Harvey looks at Penny in amusement.

Harvey: Demons live in this city the most?
Penny: Yeah, it's their only haven. Vampires live here too, but they don't usually hang around this district.
Harvey: I see.
Penny: So.. how long have you known Vio?
Harvey: Mostly for 300 years.
Penny: 300 years, huh?
Harvey: It's a long story.
Penny: Can you tell me anyway?

Taking a deep breath, Harvey decides to pour out his life story.

Harvey: It started in Italy when I was still hanging out with a couple of vampires. I was already feeling out of place with them since all we ever did was hunt for human blood. You see, I used to be an aristrocratic vampire, but my way of thinking was...
Penny: Unusual?
Harvey: Not really unusual. It was more like... boring to the coven I represented. Anyway, back when I was younger, I had this passion for wanting to experience life without thinking of the consequences. But it never came because all we did was just celebrate in high fashion and talk all the time about how superior we were than the human race. No offense to that.
Penny: None taken.
Harvey: I had nothing against hunted for blood. It's been in my nature for who knows how long since I became a vampire. But it was the same routine over and over again. Then one day, on my way out to hunting, I saw Vio. I didn't know she was a demon until I tried to hunt her down. Needless to say, she kicked the shit outta me with her fists and legs. She's like a demonic version of a tomboy. We weren't friends at first, but it was Vio who somehow opened my eyes to a new world.
Penny: How did she do that?
Harvey: She saved my life once from a vampire hunter who singlehandedly destroyed my coven, then told me that if I wanted to do something different then I had to accept change in my life. I haven't left her side ever since.
Penny: Were you guys friends?
Harvey: Not really. We were acquantinces before we became friends. Friendship between a vampire and a demon takes time.
Penny: That's cool.

After a few more miles of walking, they finally arrive at Penny's apartment. She gets halfway up the stairs before turning back around and going back down, approaching Harvey. In one fellow swoop, she presses her lips against his, kissing him for all its worth. Harvey responds with pressing his lips against hers although he is careful not to let his fangs get caught up in their kissing. A second later, she breaks off the kiss and retreats back up the stairs without looking at Harvey. She unlocks the door, but leaves it open halfway. Harvey sees this. He knows why she kept it open. At first, he is thinking against the idea of going in. But the thought of returning back to his place seems like torture for him. He goes up the stairs and enters, shutting the door behind him. Penny is already at the elevator, waiting for him. Harvey arrives besides her and, as the door opens, enters it with her. They don't do anything until they get to the 3rd floor. Upon their arrival, they exit the elevator and move to the right. They continue to walk in silence before arriving at a single door with the number 302 engraved on it. Penny unlocks the door and goes inside. Harvey takes a moment to look at her. He knows what will happen next once he gets inside.

Penny: Aren't you coming in?

She offers her hand out to him.

Harvey: Yeah.

He takes her hand in his and walks inside, shutting the door behind him.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The next day, Chloe is already up and about. She just got down taking a shower as she covers herself with a pink towel until she hears a knock on her door.

Chloe: Who is it?
Rosetta: Chloe, it's your grandma. May I come in?
Chloe: I just got out of the shower, Grandma. Hold on.

Immediately, Chloe slips on her underwear and then takes this time to look into her dresser. She picks out three pieces of clothing and puts them on. Then she opens the door to reveal herself wearing a long black skirt and white shirt covered with a dark purple corset. For jewelry, she is wearing the cameo choker necklace like she did before. Rosetta looks at her with a smile.

Rosetta: My, you look beautiful.

Chloe can't help but grin at what she chose to wear.

Chloe: Thanks.
Rosetta: Ulric has woken up. He wants to see you.

Nodding, she makes her way into the master bedroom where Ulric is sitting up in the large bed, dressed in his pajamas. Chloe goes over and hugs him. From the looks of his appearance, his ears are still wolf-like but the hair all over his body are gone. Chloe sits down next to him on the bed.

Chloe: How do you feel?
Ulric: Much better, actually.
Chloe: I'm really sorry about what happened.
Ulric: So am I, Chloe. I heard you became the Witch Regent.
Chloe: Yeah, I did.
Ulric: How does it feel with taking on this new responsibility?

Chloe thinks for a minute. She isn't sure if she should reveal the vision she had last night.

Chloe: Well... It's a bit too soon to tell. I haven't used my powers yet.
Ulric: There's no need to rush.
Chloe: But Ulric, I really think I should be doing something about it. I mean, being a Witch Regent doesn't mean you just sit here and do nothing.

Ulric chuckles as he hand on her shoulder.

Ulric: That's probably because today is your birthday.

Chloe's eyes widen.

Chloe: My birthday?!
Ulric: Mm-hmm.

Chloe puts her head in her hands.

Chloe: Oh no! I forgot all about it!

Ulric hugs her while he laughs.

Ulric: Happy 22nd Birthday, Chloe.
Chloe: Thank you, Ulric.

Chloe looks up to see Rosetta holding a small round cake with a single candle in the middle.

Rosetta: Make a wish.

Chloe thinks on the wish for a moment before she blows it out.

Ulric: I hope it was a good wish you made despite all you've been through since last week.
Chloe: I'm sure it is, Ulric.

Rosetta puts the cake on a table nearby and pulls it out a knife to cut everyone a piece of it, revealing blueberries and cream.

Chloe: Ooh!

She hands both Chloe and Ulric a piece of cake before fixing her own.

Chloe: This is good!
Rosetta: Thank you. I made it myself.
Chloe: Not only that, you added buttercream!

Chloe is in high heaven as she savors every last of the slice she has.

Ulric: I was thinking maybe we could celebrate your birthday by having a party at this manor.
Rosetta: I think that would be a great time!

Though Chloe isn't so sure if it's a good idea to celebrate her birthday after what happened last night, she doesn't say anything as she doesn't want to spoil the happy mood everyone is in. A knock on the door catches Chloe's attention as she turns to see two women at the entrance.

Elena: Hello!
Rosetta: Elena! And Alexandra!

Elena and her wife Alexandra step into the master bedroom while the doctor is holding a large present in her hands.

Chloe: Hey.
Elena: I hope you don't mind, but I thought we'd come to see you before we took off today.
Chloe: You're not staying long?
Rosetta:: Actually, they're heading to see Elena's mother back in New York City for the weekend. Since there isn't anything else to do here, I've given her two weeks off so they can spend some time with each other.

Alexandra comes over and bows her head.

Alexandra: It is a pleasure to meet you for the first time, Miss Chloe.
Chloe: Thank you.

Elena gestures her hand to Alexandra.

Elena: This is my wife Alexandra. Alex, this is --
Alexandra: Chloe Endgrave. I have heard many things about you. I hope you find peace after your husband's death.
Chloe: Thanks.

Elena nervously steps up.

Elena: I had to tell her.
Chloe: It's okay.

It's only been a week and yet, despite being reminded of her husband's death, Chloe is starting not to let it get to her anymore. It was time to move on. For some odd reason, anyway, she felt like it was her only choice now that she had dozens of spells marked inside her body. Who knows how long it will take before she is ready to unleash them? But now isn't the time to think on it.

Rosetta: Would you both like a piece of cake?

Elena: Sure. Alex?

Alexandra nods. Rosetta fixes them both a plate.

Elena: So, Chloe, how do you plan on celebrating your birthday today?
Chloe: Well, Grandma and Ulric were thinking about a party.
Alexandra: A party? Sugoi da ne! That sounds exciting!

Chloe blinks for a moment.

Chloe: Sugoi?
Alexandra: It's wonderful in Japanese.
Chloe: Ohhhh!
Elena: My wife is half-Japanese, so you'll have to understand that she speaks the language from time to time.
Ulric: That's okay. I know a few languages myself.
Rosetta: Do you remember Italian, Ulric?
Ulric: Yep. As a matter of fact...

He turns to Chloe and speaks French to her.

Ulric: Want to open your present that Elena and Alexandra gave you?

Chloe responds.

Chloe: Okay.

She opens it up to see a white parasol inside. When she picks it and opens it up, it reveals cherry blossom trea patterns on it. Chloe looks amazed by its beauty.

Chloe: Wow! This is gorgeous!
Elena: We bought it from an online store in Japan.
Alexandra: The cherry blossoms represent purity in the country my late mother was born in.
Rosetta: Oh my. You chose a very nice present.

Chloe puts down the parasol and hugs both Elena and Alexandra.

Chloe: Thank you so much! Now I definitely want to go back to Japan!
Alexandra: You've been there before?
Rosetta: Three times.
Chloe: I have some relatives who live in Japan. Speaking of which, do you think they know it's my birthday or should I call them?

Rosetta shakes her head.

Rosetta: Nevermind that, Chloe. For all I know, they probably moved to another city.
Ulric: Really? I thought they were still living in Kanazawa.
Rosetta: Not since that incident with Karen who got into a fight with another foreign exchange student. Do you know her parents put her in a private school in Kyoto?
Ulric: Kyoto? That's interesting.

As Chloe listens to this, she remembers meeting her relatives, the Jackson family for the first time on Ft. Fujita in Tokyo, Japan. The fort was a private American base that only a few army brats grew up in. Though two of her cousins, Brenda and Rufus, weren't, only Karen was the rebel. Rufus, on the other hand, was adopted. Being the only black member of an immediate white family did not bother her one bit as she was raised with love and affection. Brenda, however, would be a different story to tell as she heard the sound of breaking glass from downstairs. Everyone has turned to towards it.

Ulric: What was that?

Chloe is the first to run out of the room and go down the stairway. She sees broken glass from the front entrance door and goes over to it, careful not to touch anything. To her right is a rock with something tied to it. Chloe picks it up and unties the paper from it, unwraps it to reveal a note inside.

Rosetta: What is it?

Chloe looks back to see her grandmother, Elena, and Alexandra come up behind her. She turns back to the note and reads what it said.

Chloe: 'To those of the Ashfall Clan and its allies, be it known that our retribution shall be realized. The crimson rain shall fall on those who do not yield to our powers. Now and forever, vengeance is ours!'

Her eyes peer at the end of the note, seeing a symbol of a basilisk wrapping around two crescent moons.

Elena: What the hell is going?
Chloe: It must be the Red Covenant who sent this.
Rosetta: What?!

Chloe gives the note to her grandmother. While she is reading it, Ulric calls from upstairs.

Ulric: Is everything all right? What happened?

Before Rosetta could say anything, Chloe stops her by speaking first.

Chloe: It's nothing, Ulric! Some random kid came out of nowhere and threw a rock through the entrance door. Most be one of the days where they do a dare.
Ulric: You sure?
Chloe: Yeah. Don't worry about it.

She turns to see a very incredulous look on her grandmother's face.

Rosetta: What the hell are you doing?! Why would you lie like that?
Chloe: I had to, Grandma. There's no need to cause any more problems for him.
Rosetta: We have to tell him the truth! He is the leader of the Ashfall Clan!
Chloe: I'm aware of that!

Chloe looks over at Elena and Alexandra.

Chloe: Listen, can you both keep this to yourselves?
Elena: Um, but doesn't your stepgrandfather have a right to know what's going on?
Alexandra: I agree.
Chloe: I know he does. But Ulric has just survived an assassination attempt last night. Plus the Carmichael Clan are considering going to war with the Red Covenant, one that may cause a lot of blood shed. I really don't want it to happen.
Elena: Do you have a plan then?
Chloe: I think I know where they are.
Elena: You do?
Rosetta: Where are they?
Chloe: Have you guys ever heard of... Juno? Not the goddess Juno, a place here in America.

Elena, Alexandra, and Rosetta thinks for a moment before one of them answers.

Alexandra: Yes, Elena and I have heard of that place before. It's in California, right?
Elena: Yeah. My mom went there once on a trip. She said something about it being infested with blood-sucking devils.

Chloe nods.

Chloe: I believe there are vampires living in that city.
Rosetta: But how do you know?

Chloe turns to her grandmother and takes a deep breath.

Chloe: Hours ago, I had a vision of a city. A storm of red rain caused a few people to turn into these bloody looking creatures. The same city that I saw was in a newspaper. The vision took place in Juno.

Rosetta is shocked.

Rosetta: Oh my god! Why didn't you say something like this earlier?

Chloe looks away.

Chloe: I wanted to, but you both looked so happy earlier. Plus I didn't want to put a strain on Ulric since he's been injured.
Rosetta: Chloe...

The young woman turns back to her grandmother.

Chloe: And besides, I don't think I can wait any longer for a miracle to happen. Therefore, I need to make it happen by going straight into Juno and finding out what exactly how the Red Covenant intend to exact their vengeance. Nathan can't go to war. He just became leader.

Elena turns her attention up the stairs, towards the master bedroom's door.

Elena: I think you should at least tell your stepfather the truth. You owe him that.

Chloe thinks on it for a minute. Despite wanting to find out the truth for herself, she realizes that making a decision like this will have consequences in the end.

Chloe: All right. I'll tell him.

She goes back upstairs to where Ulric is. He has a very serious look on his face.

Ulric: What happened?
Chloe: Ulric, I lied. It was something else.
Ulric: What do you mean?
Chloe: The Red Covenant gave us a warning. There was a note for the Ashfall Clan saying that 'crimson rain' will fall on those who do not yield to their powers.

Ulric squints eyes a little bit.

Ulric: Where is the note?
Rosetta: Right here.

Chloe sees her grandmother, who is by far upset, appearing from downstairs and giving the note to her husband. Ulric reads it carefully.

Ulric: I see. So they really are bent on destroying the Ashfall Clan, aren't they?
Elena: Looks like it.

Chloe closes her eyes, waiting for a possible outburst from her grandmother for lying to a family member. If there's one thing Rosetta hates is fibs against family. FAF, she calls it. A hand runs through Chloe's hand. She opens her eyes to see Ulric doing it. He also has a soft smile on his face.

Ulric: You're growning up, aren't you?
Rosetta: Ulric?
Ulric: It's all right, Rosetta. Chloe was just trying to protect me. She's worried about me, especially after what I went through. I'm afraid that birthday party will have to wait.

Tears appear in Chloe's eyes as she hugs her stepgrandfather.

Chloe: I'm so sorry!
Ulric: Don't be. The point is, you're an adult now. You should be making your own decisions. Though I don't like the idea of you leaving on your birthday, something told me you would have to.

Chloe lets go of Ulric, facing him.

Chloe: What do you mean?
Ulric: During my state of unconciousness, I had a dream about you holding a sword covered in blood. You said something I didn't understand and then it showed a city with you going inside of it to fight off a horde of strange creatures.
Chloe: I had a vision of people changing into them.
Ulric: Then it's true then.

Chloe nods, acknowledging her destiny. Ulric holds her in his arms.

Ulric: You must go.
Chloe: I have to, before Nathan does.
Ulric: I understand.

He lets her go.

Ulric: However, this is something that must be told to him.
Chloe: Don't tell him until I have at least get to my destination.
Ulric: And where is it?
Chloe: Juno, California.
Ulric: I've heard of that place. It's one of the most crime infested places if you look in the right areas. Not many tourists go there.
Chloe: I'm still going, regardless.

She stands up from the bed and turns to face her grandmother.

Chloe: I'm sorry, Grandma. But I need to go right now. If I don't, something tells me worse things will happen even if Nathan doesn't go to war with the Red Covenant.

Rosetta doesn't say anything look at her granddaughter in the eyes.

Rosetta: Can you at least wait a moment? There is something Ulric and I must give you.

She walks over to a closet and opens it. A small box is shown. Rosetta pulls it out and places it on the bedside table.

Rosetta: You might want to come and see this.

Chloe goes over to where the box is and, when Rosetta opens it, sees a golden ring inside with a red gem surrounded by white pearls.

Rosetta: This is another family heirloom of the Endgrave Bloodline. It has been in our family for ages since the beginning of its creation. Naia was the first to wear it. I believe it should fit your ring finger as well.

Rosetta takes the ring out and puts it on Chloe's finger, who suddenly feels a strange surge of power flow through her.

Chloe: What was that?
Rosetta: That was probably the magic's way of accepting the ring. It is the most precious heirloom ever created. It only happens to those who become the Witch Regent.

Stepping back, Chloe looks at the ring on her finger before she hugs her grandmother.

Chloe: Thank you. I'll return when this is over.
Rosetta: I know you will.

Chloe lets go of Rosetta before leaving the room. She enters her bedroom, grabs a suitcase from her closet, and starts packing up some clothes. Elena comes in.

Elena: You sure you want to go through with this, especially on your birthday?
Chloe: I've already made up my mind, Elena.

Elena sighs as she steps further into the bedroom.

Elena: Ever figure out how you're going to get there?
Chloe: The Union Station. I'll get to Juno by train.
Elena: If you want, Alex and I can take you there.

Chloe turns to Elena.

Chloe: Don't you both have to go to New York City?

Elena shrugs.

Elena: We're still going.

Chloe smiles.

Chloe: Thank you.

Elena turns to leave the room.

Elena: Let us know when you get ready.
Chloe: I will.

After Chloe finishes packing up, she takes one last look around her bedroom, especially at the dolls that Stefan gave her, before heading out. She sees Elena and Alexandra already downstairs.

Chloe: I'm ready.

Alexandra turns to her wife.

Alexandra: Our things are already in the car, right?

Elena turns to her wife and nods.

Elena: Yeah. Go ahead and get in the car. I'll be there in a minute.

Alexandra nods before looking up at Rosetta who is watching her granddaughter go down the stairway. She bows deeply before turning and leaving through the front door. Elena waves to Rosetta before following her wife outside. Chloe has already reached the front door but stops. She turns back to look at her grandmother once last time before she leaves out the front door as well. Once outside, she makes her way to a black SUV where Elena gets into the driver's seat and Alexandra is already in the passenger's seat. Chloe opens a door behind Elena and puts the suitcase in first before getting inside and shutting it. Elena presses a button and the gate opens.

Elena: Here we go.

The SUV pulls out of the driveway and onto the street. Chloe does her best not to look back, something in her heart almost tears in two. Alexandra turns her head to see Chloe looking sad.

Alexandra: Will you be all right?

Chloe looks at Alexandra and smiles while tears run down her face.

Chloe: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Elena continues to drive the SUV from the manor until they reach the highway. Almost an hour later, they finally reach Downtown Chicago and arrive at the Union Station.

Elena: Well, this is it. You be careful getting down there, okay?

Chloe nods after hugging both women.

Chloe: Thank you so much for your help.
Alexandra: Rosetta gave us your cellphone number. We'll call to check on you once we get to New York City.
Chloe: All right. Have fun, you two.
Elena: Oh we will.

Chloe gets out of the SUV with her suitcase and heads inside the Union Station after Elena drives off. She purchases a ticket and waits for the next train to Juno to appear. When it arrives, she immediately abroads it. After waiting for a moment, the Amtrak train takes off to head into Juno within more than three hours.

Chloe: Juno, California, here I come.
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Harvey had already woken up from his slumber and sat at the edge of Penny's bed. He is naked yet his lower body is covered in white sheets. His hands are clapsed together as he thinks about what had just occured. For the first time, he has found a sense of peace within the arms of a human. A human immuned to vampirism. He turns his head to see a sleeping Penny, his lover, laying on the bed with her back exposed to the dimmed city lights. The night was covered in clouds. The rain never stopped coming down after they were done making love to each other. Harvey knew there was no turning back the moment he entered the apartment building. When Penny kissed him, it was like a dream come true. Now he wanted to make sure that she was happy, no matter what she did. Now life would have no meaning if she ever died on him. At least that's what he wanted to believe. Turning his head away, Harvey stands up and leaves the bed. He goes over to one of the windows and looks outside to see the city lights. The vampire has never seen this side of Juno before at night, especially when he looked outside his window from the abandoned warehouse. A happy smile appears on Harvey's face. Suddenly, his cellphone rings from his jacket pocket. He reaches it and answers.

Harvey: Hello?
Vio: Hey there, prince charming.

Harvey rolls his eyes.

Harvey: What is it, Vio?
Vio: Awww, did I wake up sleeping prince?
Harvey: Vio!
Vio: All right, all right. Don't get your panties in a wad. Oh wait, you probably got nothing on.

Laughter could be heard on the other end.

Harvey: What do you want?
Vio: Relax, I just wanted to say congratulations on getting yourself an official girlfriend.
Harvey: That's it?
Vio: Not just that. I also wanted to tell you that Juan's been killed.
Harvey: The boss is dead?
Vio: Yeah. He got shot on his way back from San Diego.
Harvey: What's in San Diego?
Vio: His former mistress. Long story short, that guy's wife found out about his infidelity and hired an assassin to take them both out.
Harvey: What the? How did you find out about that?
Vio: I met up with Juan's wife a few hours ago. The Black Fang has just got done with Juan's funeral and now there's gonna be a meeting on who will take over the leadership.

Harvey takes this moment to think on what he should do next with his life now that he has found Penny. But first...

Harvey: What will happen to me afterwards?
Vio: They haven't exactly thought about you since the previous assignment I gave you.
Harvey: What about you?
Vio: What do you mean?
Harvey: Will you stay with the Black Fang? Honestly, I think it's time I called it quits.

There is silence on the other end.

Harvey: Vio?
Vio: I don't know about that, Harvey. That's a really tough decision to make.
Harvey: Vio... We're not human. One of these days, they might find out who we really are.
Vio: You do have a point. Still, it's a tough decision to make. I don't want the Black Fang looking for us if we call it quits, Harvey.

Harvey sighs. He is sure that he really wants to leave the Black Fang's occupation as an assassin for hire.

Vio: Think on it for the time being, okay? I gotta go. The meeting is about to start. I'll let you know what happens afterwards.
Harvey: Thanks.

They both hang up. Harvey goes back to the bed and covers him with the sheets. He lies next to Penny, wrapping an arm around her to pull her close to him. He buries his face in her hair, smelling the very essence of it, and stays like that until he drifts into a deep sleep.
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Upon her arrival at Juno, California, Chloe immediately rented a room at Nightrun Hotel for at least a week. The building was located right outside the inner section of the city. She doesn't know long it would take for her to find the Red Covenant and discover their plot against the Ashfall Clan and their allies before anything worse came out of it. She takes this time to take a quick shower and get dressed in a white t-shirt, black jeans, and dark brown boots and duster. Then she heads out into the streets as the morning breeze hits her face almost constantly. Chloe looks up at the sky to see that the dark gray clouds are still there.

Chloe: Maybe I should have brought my umbrella with me.

Suddenly, her stomach begins to grumble. She realizes that she hasn't eaten since her arrival, so she decides to look for the nearest place to get breakfast. One particular building somehow catches her eyes.

Chloe: Gunsnake Cafe? Hmm.

She walks up to it and checks the inside from the window, seeing only a few people. She enters through the doorway and checks it out the atmosphere.

Chloe: Wow. Everything looks like a Western restaraunt.

A waiter comes up to her. The only thing unusual about him is that his hair is a shade of dark green.

Waiter: Hello. Welcome to the Gunsnake Cafe. Smoking or non-smoking section?
Chloe: Non-smoking, please.
Waiter: All right. Follow me.

Chloe follows the waiter to a small table near the bar with no one behind it at the moment. Once she sits down, the waiter gives her a menu. She takes it and opens it up to read the menu.

Waiter: Anything to drink?
Chloe: I'll have orange juice.
Waiter: Okay. I'll be right back.

Chloe nods. The waiter leaves to retrieve her drink. While she looks at the menu, she heards the door open and curiously look up to see two people walking in, a man and a woman. From the looks of it, they seem to be a couple since the man has his arm wrapped around the woman besides him. A man with a thick mustache dressed in dark brown comes up to them, glaring at them.

Man with mustache: You're twenty minutes late, Penny.
Woman: Sorry, Uncle.

He looks at her for a moment before sighing.

Man with mustache: Nevermind. Just get dressed.

The man with the mustache gestures his niece to the back before facing the man with the shades in front of him.

Man with mustache: I won't ask what happened. Just remember what I said last night.
Man in shades: I know. Don't worry.

The man in shades goes over to sit at a table nearby where Chloe is. The waiter comes back with her orange juice and places it before her.

Waiter: Here you go.
Chloe: Thank you.
Waiter: Have you thought about what to order?

Chloe thinks for a moment and looks at the menu before turning back to the waiter.

Chloe: I'll have the cheese and egg souffle with some toast. That'll be it.

The waiter writes down her order.

Waiter: Coming right up.

Soon as he leaves, Chloe notices the man in shades taking off his jacket and cracking his neck a bit. When he takes off his shades, that's when she widens her eyes in shock.

Chloe: His eyes are red! That must mean...

From her knowledge, the man is a vampire. More proof shows when he yawns, revealing his fangs. Chloe turns away to think on what to do. Chances were that he's either part of the Red Covenant or just a regular vampire part of another coven, minding his own business. Either way, there was no telling for sure which guess was correct until she went over and made herself known in the vampire's presence. Taking a deep breath, Chloe stands up, grabs her drink, and walks over to the vampire's table. She doesn't hesitate to sit down across from him. The vampire is looking at her with a confused look on her face, but he doesn't say anything. They both stare at each other before Chloe breaks the silence while smiling.

Chloe: Hello.
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Kill it. Please.

Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.
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Darius wrote:
Kill it. Please.

Well, I've done what "killing" I can. If "D.Erusa" is an actual human, we may find someone coming by with a heavy dose of displeasure at losing three posts. However, it is far more likely that we are suffering an invasion of context-sensitive spambots.

"May your deity of choice follow you with anchovies." --Terry Pratchett.
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