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The Affair

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:57 pm    Post subject: The Affair Reply with quote

Note: I'm writing to get something out of the way, because I've been looking at hentai for almost my entire life now. Reality check, I need to do this in order to get touch with my own sexuality. It may prove to be useful to my love for someone special. By the way, I've decided to rework on Witch Regent for one important reason: to possibly kill off Chloe Endgrave. This is going to be different, I can assure you.

Chapter 1

Regina Woods, 26, stood at the entrance of her home in the fictional Rosewood, California. It was snowing that one morning. Snow scarcely appeared in this day and age in the Golden State. Not a moment went by when she did not wake up and feel a pang of sorrow in her heart. To her, winter was a sign of pure sorrow. She had a vision of a man with sandy blonde hair and greenish brown eyes. A man smiling like he hadn’t a care in the world. That man was Henry Marshall. A 30 year old handsome man who had stolen Regina’s heart from the moment he stepped into her life twenty years when she was six years old.

Regina: Henry…

No matter how many times her heart tried to tell her to move on, she just couldn’t do it. She loved Henry so much. But love itself is cruel to her, no matter where she goes in life. Love tends to think it can drown itself in happiness only to put her in a much more devious and twisted of fates. Reality check, though, Regina knew she would never be happy under normal circumstances until she got what she wanted. Therefore, she was willing to seek out Henry and tell him how much he changed her life around.

There was one issue that reminded her of why life was painful.

Henry was married to Katherine Jacobs, her best friend from high school.

In reality, when a man is taken, you’re supposed to do move on with your life. This is a certain part of tradition that the Woods family had went by, no matter what the harsh circumstances of being love was like. For Regina, this was something she had no control over. It was like a curse that couldn’t be controlled. She cried for the worst had come true. Reality was cruel.

Regina, sobbing: How could this happen to me!? Why was he taken from me?

But she knew why he was taken from her. It was because she had been too late to tell Henry how she felt. She kept crying until she couldn’t cry anymore.

Anger spread across her face after she uncovered her face with her hands. Determination was written in her eyes. She would take Henry away from Katherine, even if she had to destroy her best friend in the process. God helped anyone who try to stop her.

End of Chapter 1
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