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A decision to be mad

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:46 pm    Post subject: A decision to be made Reply with quote

I would have made a permanent decision, yet it's become clear that some people would rather I do it for profit than non profit. I've been advised to write for free instead of profit, which is all right because I'd rather do that instead because I wouldn't want to feel guilty for making people buy books. Yes, they are taking a risk with my novels, but in the long run, it's best not to force feed my own creativity through profit instead of promoting my free work. In the long run, anything should be for free and yet we've created so many projects that provide money to be given to those who don't really need it, such as the rich who refuse to share their wealth with others who need it more than we do. Honestly, I would make a profit out of something, but then I'd be under a lot of pressure especially when dealing with deadlines. There is profit of self--publishing, but I guess no one wants me to do it. It's become clear that I often find myself pleasing others instead of myself because I am waaay to easy to convince to do something else. What do you all honestly believe?
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Emperor Xan

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Stop caring about what others want. Writing is, in many respects an extremely selfish pursuit. We indulge our fantasies and pour our egos into our writing, which is why it is so painful to be rejected when starting out. The Latin root that is most important for us to bear in mind is communicare, to share. Writers do not commuicate, we tell. There is no meaningful exchange with our audience. We write for the future, not the past even though our stories are written as if they already occurred. We transmit ideas in hopes that they resonate with others, but we do so at a removed distance safe from the stares and questions that could be directed our way. Writing is a shield against the world while being an examination of it. We are as much a part of the world as we are separated from it, destined to live dual lives straddling multiple worlds within and sharing one with our fellow beings without. What we hope for is that someone will tell us how much meaning we have given them so that way we know our efforts weren't wasted and that we've been heard. Writers are walking contradictions of self-interest and selfless bearing of our own scars in the guise of the characters we create; flawed beings in all, heroes and villains. What we do is an honor and a privilege that we mistake as sharing for the sake of sharing. But how selfish is it of us to project our egos upon others and tell them our stories only to strip away the pretense and realize that we're motivated by wanting to know that we're not alone and what we do has value.
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