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IRC meeting- Feb 10th, 2006

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:08 pm    Post subject: IRC meeting- Feb 10th, 2006 Reply with quote

Okay so to be fair, I'm going to post only what was said the time Zero entered and exited. Part One:

[04:52:PM] *** Zero has joined #brokensaints.
[04:53:PM] Zero: Howdy, kids!
[04:53:PM] Moosh: hey
[04:53:PM] Zero: S'up, s'up?
[04:54:PM] Moosh: nada
[04:54:PM] Moosh: on phone with laura
[04:54:PM] Zeek: my anus is bleeding
[04:55:PM] Moosh: nice
[04:55:PM] Zero: Tell her I say hey!
[04:55:PM] Zero: And ask her if she's coming in tonight.
[04:55:PM] Zero: Also, Zeek, me too. My 'roids are flaring up again.
[04:55:PM] Zeek: Ask her if she'll join me in wedlock!
[04:56:PM] Moosh: she can't, she said I'm subbing for her?
[04:56:PM] Moosh: lol
[04:56:PM] Zeek: okay
[04:56:PM] Zero: *laughs* Works for me!
[04:57:PM] * Zero remembers that Moo has Gups' power of attorney. ~_^
[04:57:PM] kiretsu: Tell Yuppy I dont have a hat yet
[04:57:PM] Zero: Now I know who to talk to when it comes time to pull the plug.
[04:57:PM] Moosh: lool
[04:57:PM] Moosh: lol
[04:57:PM] Zero: I have some good hats, kit.
[04:57:PM] Zero: I have a fedora, and a fishing hat, a couple of feathered ones, a four foot wide paddy hat...
[04:58:PM] Zeek: Anything admiralic in nature?
[04:58:PM] Zero: Baseball cap, tobogans, cherry red cowboy hat, couple others...
[04:58:PM] Zero: I could loan you one.
[04:58:PM] Zero: I'm looking at getting a pirate hat, actually Zeek, which is admiralic by virtue of being totally opposite of an admiral.
[04:59:PM] Zeek: sweet
[05:00:PM] kiretsu: I have an indiana jones hat
[05:00:PM] kiretsu: but gups was going to send me a beanie
[05:00:PM] kiretsu: and through a series of errors, she still needs to send it
[05:00:PM] Zero: An Indy hat, huh? Sounds nice.
[05:04:PM] Moosh: brb
[05:05:PM] kiretsu: olympics~
[05:05:PM] kiretsu: opening cerimonies
[05:06:PM] *** Caroljoy has joined #brokensaints.
[05:06:PM] Zero: Hey CJ!
[05:07:PM] Zero: S'up, s'up?
[05:07:PM] Moosh: ok back
[05:08:PM] Zero: Wb.
[05:08:PM] Moosh: thankies
[05:08:PM] Moosh: so should I wait to gives Gups' side?
[05:08:PM] Zero: How's everyone this evening?
[05:08:PM] Zero: Had dinner yet?
[05:08:PM] Moosh: no not yet
[05:08:PM] Zero: Me either. Starving.
[05:08:PM] Moosh: 5pm here :S
[05:09:PM] Zero: I was kinda hoping Rex and Sag would show up. Probably not likely though.
[05:09:PM] Zero: And oh yeah. West coaster, represent!
[05:09:PM] Moosh: W
[05:09:PM] Zero: 8:10 here. Just got off work.
[05:09:PM] Caroljoy: Bwa ha ha. This IS Rexfelum!
[05:09:PM] Moosh: lol
[05:09:PM] Caroljoy: I am on Caroljoy's PC!
[05:09:PM] Zero: Ah, sneaky, sneaky, Rex!
[05:09:PM] Caroljoy: Bwa ha ha!
[05:09:PM] Zero: Stealth mode!
[05:09:PM] Moosh: hot, Rexy as Carol
[05:09:PM] kiretsu: Rex said he would show up
[05:09:PM] Caroljoy: How do I change names in Trillian?
[05:09:PM] Zero: Well, change over to Rex then so I don't feel creepy. ~_^
[05:09:PM] kiretsu: he even popped in a bit agao
[05:09:PM] Zero: Try "/nick Rexy"
[05:10:PM] kiretsu: but left right away
[05:10:PM] *** Caroljoy is now known as Rexfelum.
[05:10:PM] Rexfelum: SWEET!
[05:10:PM] Zero: W00t, w00t.
[05:10:PM] Zero: IRC 101.
[05:10:PM] Rexfelum: What's 102??
[05:10:PM] Zero: So, do we want to wait on Sag then?
[05:10:PM] Moosh: yeah wait a bit
[05:10:PM] Zero: "/kick", Rex. ~_^
[05:10:PM] Zero: 100 is /topic.
[05:10:PM] Rexfelum: . . .
[05:10:PM] Moosh: yeah but no OP status Z
[05:10:PM] Moosh: lol
[05:10:PM] Zero: The ultimate level is 201.
[05:11:PM] Zero: Which is /trout-slap
[05:11:PM] Zero: ~_^
[05:11:PM] Moosh: lol
[05:11:PM] Rexfelum: The fish slapping dance?
[05:11:PM] Moosh: aww man trillian won't let me do it
[05:11:PM] Zero: It's more of a shuffle.
[05:11:PM] Zero: Naw, it's not a real command, Moo. ~_^
[05:12:PM] Rexfelum: The fish slapping shuffle?
[05:12:PM] Moosh: no, you used to be able to right click and do it
[05:12:PM] Moosh: but realizing that's an OP command, I'll shush now
[05:12:PM] Zero: ...There really is a troutslapping command? 0_o
[05:12:PM] Zero: I thought it was only a legend!
[05:13:PM] Moosh: yeah lol
[05:13:PM] Moosh: in mIRC I did it all the time lol
[05:13:PM] Rexfelum: Hmm . . .
[05:13:PM] Moosh: but I got rid of that once I figured how to use IRC on Trillian
[05:13:PM] Zeek: It's just
[05:13:PM] Zeek: /slap
[05:13:PM] Zeek: I think
[05:13:PM] Rexfelum: Must use emote to immitate fish slapping . . .
[05:13:PM] Zeek: I modified my /slap
[05:14:PM] Zeek: during a starcraft fannering phase
[05:14:PM] Zero: I knew you could maaake one, I never knew there was a default one.
[05:14:PM] Zeek: yup
[05:14:PM] * Zeek leads a large squad of marines to lay waste to the forces of Zero
[05:14:PM] Zeek: See
[05:15:PM] Zeek: mine doesn't troutslap anymore
[05:15:PM] Zeek: but it is a default mirc functionn
[05:15:PM] Zeek: there are lots of eastereggs
[05:15:PM] Moosh: yep
[05:15:PM] Zeek: you used to get silly message right-clicking the help icon
[05:16:PM] Moosh: yeah
[05:16:PM] Zeek: and if you got to the 'about' screen and clock the guy's nose it makes a noise, and opens a window
[05:16:PM] Zero: And dammit! Marines! My only weakness! ~_^
[05:16:PM] Rexfelum: Anyway. I'm flooded with work.
[05:16:PM] Moosh: yeah
[05:16:PM] Zero: Me too, Rexy. I just got off work for the day.
[05:17:PM] Zero: They want me to rebuild a whole new accounting module! That pays people and lets those people pay their people! It's madness! Argh!
[05:17:PM] Rexfelum: I'm watching kittens wash themselves.
[05:17:PM] Moosh: hehe how cute
[05:17:PM] Rexfelum: Groom groom.
[05:18:PM] Rexfelum: Polydactyl groom.
[05:18:PM] Moosh: how.... interesting.
[05:18:PM] *** FallenAngel has joined #brokensaints.
[05:18:PM] Rexfelum: Oh, one of them is watching the olympics , , ,
[05:18:PM] Moosh: aww
[05:18:PM] kiretsu: might be me
[05:19:PM] Rexfelum: Their first Olympic pounce-match!
[05:19:PM] Moosh: that's on huh?
[05:19:PM] Zero: Hey FA!
[05:19:PM] kiretsu: Ya
[05:19:PM] Rexfelum: Suuuuusan.
[05:19:PM] FallenAngel: Ah, that worked, thank you kit and zero!
[05:19:PM] Moosh: Soo.
[05:19:PM] Zeek: Sooooooooo
[05:19:PM] Zero: Sooooooooooo.
[05:19:PM] FallenAngel: Been a while since I've been in here
[05:19:PM] Zero: Hmm, my IM program seems to know you, it assigned your color as pink automatically.
[05:19:PM] FallenAngel: Hello everyone, nice to see you all
[05:19:PM] FallenAngel: Really...
[05:19:PM] Zero: ....Strangely enough, it did the same to Zeek, albeit a different shade...
[05:19:PM] Zero: ~_^
[05:20:PM] FallenAngel: This is interesting indeed
[05:20:PM] Zeek: ~_^
[05:20:PM] Moosh: lol
[05:20:PM] Rexfelum: The kittens are between me an the screen.
[05:20:PM] FallenAngel: Awww kittens!
[05:20:PM] *** You are now known as Moo_GupsRepresentative.
[05:20:PM] kiretsu: welcome FA /late
[05:20:PM] Moo_GupsRepresentative: I'll just abbreviate
[05:20:PM] FallenAngel: My very big kitten sleeps in front of my pc screen
[05:20:PM] *** You are now known as MGR.
[05:21:PM] * Zero laughs
[05:21:PM] Zero: Is that short for Manager? ~_^
[05:21:PM] MGR: hah oops
[05:21:PM] *** You are now known as Moo_GR.
[05:21:PM] Zero: Also, Witch Hunter Robin has a bitchin' theme.
[05:21:PM] FallenAngel: Moo..Grrrrrr
[05:21:PM] Moo_GR: haha
[05:21:PM] FallenAngel: Are you a cow or a tiger?
[05:21:PM] FallenAngel: LOL
[05:21:PM] kiretsu: tigers have stripes
[05:21:PM] kiretsu: cows dont
[05:21:PM] Zero: Tigow.
[05:21:PM] kiretsu: zebras do
[05:22:PM] Moo_GR: haha
[05:22:PM] Moo_GR: A Mooger
[05:22:PM] Moo_GR: hahah
[05:22:PM] FallenAngel: I wont dance, don't ask me, I wont dance, dont ask me, I wont dance, madame, with you.....
[05:23:PM] FallenAngel: HAAHHHAAHH Mooger...HAAHHA
[05:23:PM] Zero: Where's my pizza dammit?
[05:23:PM] Moo_GR: haha I just choked
[05:23:PM] Moo_GR: on my drink oops
[05:24:PM] Moo_GR: hehe
[05:24:PM] Rexfelum: These kittens are on auto-purr. Pick up kitten, kitten starts purring.
[05:24:PM] Zero: Ah, here!
[05:24:PM] Moo_GR: so ok, just FYI, Gups and I feel the same way on the Mod thing.
[05:24:PM] Zero: bbs!
[05:24:PM] *** Zero is now known as Zero_Pizza.
[05:24:PM] Moo_GR: But I digress
[05:25:PM] kiretsu: Kittens purr are based on a very sensitive mercury switch
[05:25:PM] FallenAngel: auto-purr?? Awwwwwwwww
[05:25:PM] FallenAngel: I love kittens
[05:25:PM] Moo_GR: me too
[05:25:PM] * Moo_GR looks at her girls
[05:25:PM] Moo_GR: damn mongrels
[05:25:PM] Moo_GR: lol
[05:25:PM] * Zeek begins a Busby Berkeley routine
[05:26:PM] Moo_GR: yay no Chem quiz this weekend
[05:26:PM] Moo_GR: but grrr Calc 2 quiz x_x
[05:29:PM] Rexfelum: Okay, I have serious grading to do for my students. And I have to figure out how to do it around kittens a flying fuzz. So, I may be silent.
[05:29:PM] *** Eggplant has joined #brokensaints.
[05:29:PM] Rexfelum: "and flying fuzz."
[05:30:PM] Moo_GR: heh fuzz
[05:30:PM] Zeek: Soo hugged me once, thusly I feel special!
[05:31:PM] Moo_GR: aww you lucky bastard
[05:31:PM] Rexfelum: I can be fairly certain I got there before you.
[05:31:PM] FallenAngel: Yup, I ran up to him and gave him a hug, I think i scared him HAHAHA
[05:31:PM] FallenAngel: And it is true, Rexfelum did get a hug before most
[05:32:PM] Zeek: Yes indeed~
[05:32:PM] Rexfelum: And my hands were cold. WHY did she trust someone with cold hands??
[05:32:PM] Moo_GR: yeah
[05:32:PM] Moo_GR: well it's all about the shake.
[05:33:PM] FallenAngel: I still wanted to hug ya!
[05:33:PM] Moo_GR: me?
[05:33:PM] Zeek: Shame the 5-0 shut us down early, didn't get the opportunity to pass out
[05:33:PM] FallenAngel: Yeah, so sad
[05:34:PM] Moo_GR: oh
[05:34:PM] Moo_GR: oops
[05:34:PM] FallenAngel: And I want to Hug MOOOO
[05:34:PM] Zeek: Ian in his drunken-ness thanked me personally for the event or something. I'm not sure, he was slurring, haha
[05:35:PM] Eggplant: me too?
[05:35:PM] Eggplant: don't hog the hugs!
[05:35:PM] FallenAngel: Yeah, Ian was pretty hosed, so funny
[05:35:PM] FallenAngel: Andrew is always drunk...
[05:35:PM] FallenAngel: I was pretty gone myself
[05:35:PM] Zero_Pizza: Meh. Fullllll.
[05:35:PM] *** Zero_Pizza is now known as Zero.
[05:36:PM] * Moo_GR slaps Zero
[05:37:PM] Moo_GR: bastard! where's ours!?
[05:37:PM] Zeek: I've never seen Sober Drew, heh
[05:37:PM] Rexfelum: How do I emote?
[05:37:PM] * Rexfelum wonders.
[05:37:PM] FallenAngel: Sure I have
[05:37:PM] Zero: Ouch!
[05:37:PM] * Zero splashes his water on Moo
[05:37:PM] Moo_GR: in Trillain IRC there's a Microphone thingy somewhere
[05:37:PM] Moo_GR: O_O
[05:37:PM] Zeek: he's surprisingly coherent when drunk sometimes though. We had an in-depth conversation about colorspaces in assorted mediums
[05:37:PM] Zeek: heh
[05:38:PM] Moo_GR: k Sagg is online on the forums
[05:38:PM] Moo_GR: someone get him in here
[05:38:PM] Rexfelum: Yes. Now.
[05:38:PM] Zero: Wow, we do show up in blue. 0_o
[05:38:PM] kiretsu: yep
[05:39:PM] Moo_GR: yeah
[05:39:PM] Moo_GR: and you can track IPs conveniently
[05:39:PM] Moo_GR: o_O
[05:39:PM] Zero: Sent him a PM.
[05:40:PM] Zero: God, my stomach is so FULL O_O
[05:40:PM] Zero: It feels like John Holme's girlfriends!
[05:40:PM] Moo_GR: ....
[05:40:PM] Zero: Holmes'*
[05:40:PM] Zero: What? I fixed the typo. ~_^
[05:41:PM] Rexfelum: I, simultaneously, watch an Olympic interview with a "controversial" skier, and kittens playing with a catnip mouse.
[05:42:PM] Moo_GR: lol
[05:42:PM] *** Saggio has joined #brokensaints.
[05:42:PM] Zero: Hey Sag!
[05:42:PM] Rexfelum: Yo!
[05:42:PM] Moo_GR: oh great, I just saw Saw2's commercial
[05:42:PM] * Moo_GR body shivers
[05:42:PM] Saggio: Yo.
[05:42:PM] Moo_GR: yo
[05:42:PM] Saggio: This is amazing.
[05:42:PM] Zero: The skier being Bode, Rex?
[05:42:PM] Saggio: All these people.
[05:42:PM] Zero: True, true.
[05:42:PM] Saggio: I was here yesterday and only Weeg was here.
[05:42:PM] kiretsu: holy fuck
[05:42:PM] kiretsu: Saggio, you changed your avatar
[05:42:PM] Rexfelum: Yes, Zero. Whee.
[05:43:PM] Saggio: Yeah, I did.
[05:43:PM] Zero: It's nice, I like it.
[05:43:PM] Saggio: First time in close to two years.
[05:43:PM] Saggio: Heck yes.
[05:43:PM] * kiretsu watches for the bombs to drop
[05:43:PM] Zero: You've finally fulfilled your ambition!
[05:43:PM] Rexfelum: Wait, what's the new avatar?
[05:43:PM] Saggio: Rene Levesque.
[05:43:PM] Saggio: (That's said "Rennie La Vec")
[05:44:PM] Zero: Bless you.
[05:44:PM] Saggio: Hah.
[05:44:PM] Saggio: So what's the dealio, here?
[05:44:PM] Rexfelum: We be in the chat, yo.
[05:44:PM] Rexfelum: YO.
[05:44:PM] FallenAngel: Word.
[05:44:PM] Zero: Alrighty, yo yo.
[05:44:PM] Zero: The idea of you saying YO amuses me so much, Richard. ~_^
[05:45:PM] Moo_GR: ....
[05:45:PM] Saggio: o_O
[05:45:PM] Rexfelum: You really, really don't want to see me get down with my bad self.
[05:45:PM] Eggplant: "phil slice of cheese"?
[05:45:PM] Moo_GR: haha man.
[05:45:PM] kiretsu: No, Ive seen you eat sushi
[05:45:PM] kiretsu: thats close enough
[05:45:PM] Rexfelum: "Homie gomie phil slice."
[05:45:PM] Rexfelum: Get it right.
[05:46:PM] Zero: Okay, guys, I was hoping to moderate tonight since I did nag you all into here, and because historically I usually modded BS chats. Everyone down with that or do I gotsta bus'a'cap?
[05:46:PM] Rexfelum: We seem to have a theme for the night.
[05:46:PM] Rexfelum: "The Gangsta Mods."
[05:46:PM] Zero: Foshizzle, my nizzle.
[05:46:PM] Zero: We roll like dat
[05:46:PM] Moo_GR: eh
[05:46:PM] Rexfelum: Wait, did that work?
[05:46:PM] Rexfelum: My topic change?
[05:46:PM] Zero: Naw.
[05:46:PM] Zero: Sorry.
[05:46:PM] Rexfelum: Dang.
[05:46:PM] Zero: Nobody's ops.
[05:47:PM] Moo_GR: Oh Sagg, I'm speaking for Gups tonight, since she doesn't have access and we're on the same wave length in opinion
[05:47:PM] Zero: I wanted to change it to Mighty Morphin' Mod Rangers earlier.
[05:47:PM] Saggio: Alright, sounds good.
[05:47:PM] Rexfelum: And i like the Gangsta Mods.
[05:47:PM] Zero: Okay, well, Rexy has already stated his opinion on the boards earlier.
[05:47:PM] Rexfelum: Dang it.
[05:47:PM] Rexfelum: Ya.
[05:47:PM] Zero: I assume we've all read it?
[05:47:PM] Zero: So, would you like to add anything to it before we go any farther around?
[05:47:PM] Rexfelum: Well, just that I'd do the job, but DANG I feel bad.
[05:48:PM] Rexfelum: Which is what i said on the board.
[05:48:PM] Moo_GR: ok hmm
[05:48:PM] Moo_GR: would you like Gups' side?
[05:48:PM] Zero: Okay, Moo, we haven't heard you and Gups ye-, so yeah. ~_^
[05:48:PM] *** dumbwhiteguy has joined #brokensaints.
[05:48:PM] Saggio: I assume this chat will determine policy issues with regards to moderation and our role as moderators vs. members? Yes? No? Maybe so?
[05:48:PM] Moo_GR: yeah so ok.. she and I talked about it and this is how we feel
[05:48:PM] Zero: Hopefully, Sag.
[05:48:PM] Saggio: Wookies.
[05:48:PM] * FallenAngel sits down and watches
[05:48:PM] Rexfelum: (Ya. I have some ideas, but I wait now.)
[05:49:PM] * FallenAngel makes wookie noises
[05:49:PM] *** Elise has joined #brokensaints.
[05:49:PM] Zeek: Yes, Wookies is an important part to factor in Saggio
[05:49:PM] Zero: Everyone else, we appreciate your cooperation, we're going to hear everyone's opinion soon, hopefully.
[05:49:PM] Rexfelum: Whoa, full court.
[05:49:PM] FallenAngel: Game On!
[05:49:PM] Rexfelum: The Gangsta Mods are now in session!
[05:49:PM] Saggio: Is anyone logging this?
[05:49:PM] Rexfelum: But we're waiting on Moo_Gups
[05:49:PM] Zero: I'll make one.
[05:49:PM] kiretsu: I am sag
[05:49:PM] Rexfelum: Go, K.
[05:49:PM] Zero: Thanks, Kit.
[05:49:PM] Zero: Moo, you have the floor.
[05:49:PM] Rexfelum: Good. Not go. Good.
[05:49:PM] Moo_GR: hold on
[05:50:PM] Zero: Okay, no rush.
[05:50:PM] dumbwhiteguy: I don't care if we have mods, as long as you don't mess with the party thong
[05:50:PM] Elise: I say we have a Porno Friday.
[05:50:PM] Moo_GR: we think it's wrong
[05:50:PM] Saggio: Moderators?
[05:50:PM] Zero: Guys, hold on till Moo's done, please. I don't mean to be mean, but I want to hear everyone out if you don't mind.
[05:51:PM] Zero: So, you think having Mods in general are a mistake?
[05:51:PM] Moo_GR: not necessarily the choice of Rex, because we know he has a leveled head, but hell the others that were chosen are some of the instigators of things that occur in threads and whatnot. (not done)
[05:52:PM] Moo_GR: I think is contradictory to actions of the past.
[05:52:PM] Moo_GR: We*
[05:52:PM] *** Saggio is now known as Saggio_Dinner.
[05:52:PM] Moo_GR: And I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but I certainly do not think it's fair for a fellow BS rat/member to have access to information such as IP address and banning rights.
[05:52:PM] Moo_GR: And
[05:53:PM] Moo_GR: How fair is it to just choose people without asking them, or asking any one of us?
[05:53:PM] Zeek: on a side note, this guy looks like a supervillain ( I will stay quiet after (Link:
[05:54:PM] kiretsu: If I may but in, its very easy to obtain an IP address, without mod powers
[05:54:PM] kiretsu: I can easily get anyones IP in irc
[05:54:PM] kiretsu: or on the boards
[05:54:PM] Zero: In addition, I'm not sure we have banning rights. But, let's let Moo finish.
[05:54:PM] * kiretsu sits and bes quiet
[05:55:PM] *** Saggio_Dinner is now known as Saggio.
[05:56:PM] Moo_GR: Brooke asked you guys (mods) to "keep the place clean" basically. (I'm not going verbatim). Define clean hmm? How can you go from no modding (which he pretty much didn't govern over anything...but who's fault is that?) to all of a sudden we've got special mods for the different sections of the forum. I'm all for inviting new people to join, but what difference will this truly make hmm? (not done)
[05:59:PM] Moo_GR: I'm not going to go and kiss his ass and tell him he's done a great job by selecting mods finally. I'll tell everyone like it is if I see it needs to be said. That's why I'm not sorry for the things I said in that godforsaken thread. I don't like the idea of moderators if moderators come from the pool of we the members. There were better choices to make, and no offense but having Sag, Zero, Gups as a moderator, I thought that was the worse choice ever.
[06:00:PM] Moo_GR: I'm sure Gups would want to say more, but she'll have to do that later. I'm exhausted and tired of talking about this shit. I'm tired of hypocritical bullshit and I'm not afraid to tell people how I feel about them or their actions. There I'm done.
[06:01:PM] Zero: Okay, thanks, Moo. We appreciate you standing in tonight.
[06:01:PM] Zero: Sag, if you're ready, we haven't heard from you yet.
[06:01:PM] Saggio: Alright.
[06:02:PM] Rexfelum: Yeah, I already gave my essay.
[06:03:PM] Saggio: Well, philosophically, I'm opposed to the whole 'moderation' thing. But, practically? Well, I believe that if we, the moderators develop some guildelines and follow them, we should be fine. I think moderators are most definitely long overdue on the BS forums - when everyone was still around, back in the day, we didn't need moderators. The crew was on the forums multiple times a day, and the rest of the 'rats could deal with most problems on their own.
[06:03:PM] Saggio: That isn't the case now.
[06:03:PM] Saggio: Especially with the recent influx of spambots...I believe that moderators actually have a place on the forums. If Brooke had done this a year, or even six months ago, I'd be dead set against it.
[06:04:PM] Saggio: Therefore, it is my belief that all of us (not just mods) should develop guidelines for the moderators (and by extension, members) to follow. Something to limit the powers of the moderators, and to keep the channels of communication open.
[06:05:PM] Saggio: That's basically it.
[06:05:PM] Zero: Thanks, Sag.
[06:05:PM] Elise: Hear, hear Jack.
[06:05:PM] Saggio: Wookies.
[06:05:PM] Zero: Okay, if everyone's fine with it, I'd like to take a turn if you don't mind, and then we'll hear from everybody else.
[06:06:PM] Moo_GR: ok
[06:06:PM] Rexfelum: Hang on. The Olympics opening ceremony has JUST started.
[06:06:PM] * Zero laughs.
[06:06:PM] Rexfelum: I will be distracted. It looks awesome.
[06:06:PM] Rexfelum: Just warning y'all.
[06:06:PM] kiretsu: Tivo, Rex. Tivo
[06:06:PM] Zero: Okay.
[06:06:PM] Zero: That's alright, Rexy.
[06:07:PM] Zero: Like all of you, I'm shocked that we now have moderators. And I'm even more shocked that I'm one of them.
[06:07:PM] * FallenAngel still listening
[06:07:PM] Zero: We all know, Brooke isn't my favorite person in the world, nor am I his.
[06:08:PM] Zero: What we do have in common is that we love these boards, like everyone who took the time to come here tonight. So, I actually kind of feel sorry for him. I think this was a real damned if you do, damned if you don't decision. And ultimately, I'm sad it came to this. When I woke up this morning and realized that I'd been made into a mod overnight, I at first though about turning Brooke down.
[06:09:PM] Zero: I did ask myself WHY he did this though.
[06:09:PM] Zero: The fact is, Sag is right. Times are a-changing. We need mods now just to deal with the spambots. It isn't fair to ask Brooke to garden the forums which are already a demand on his time.
[06:10:PM] *** dumbwhiteguy has signed off IRC (Socket error: Connection reset by peer. [0kb/16pks(0q)] [15kb/144pks(0q)]).
[06:10:PM] Zero: Therefore, I think the first and biggest duty we mods will ever have is deleting Spam. In fact, I think that's probably about all we'll ever do.
[06:11:PM] Zero: In addition, I don't think our place is to moderate discussions. I think our second duty is to try and be peacemakers, to keep the calm when tempers flare to an excessive degree.
[06:12:PM] Zero: And I think our last duty is to be a group of people who, when things do get out of hand, are not to try and clamp down on discussion, but to point these things out to Brooke so that he can administrate the board in the same fashion he always has.
[06:12:PM] Zero: Ladies and gentleman, boardrats and boardmarsupials, the boards are not like they use to be.
[06:12:PM] Zero: Three months ago, I would have resisted this.
[06:13:PM] Zero: Now, I believe we must do it. If Brooke releases the DVD and inks his live action movie deal, the forums are going to be exposed to more new people then ever.
[06:13:PM] Zero: We will need rules on behalf of moderators AND members to handle this.
[06:14:PM] Zero: As for the choices of moderators, I believe, after some thought that Brooke didn't do badly.
[06:14:PM] Zero: We all know Rex is a perfect choice.
[06:14:PM] Zero: Saggio, while a bit of a firebrand, is fiercely honest and has to much respect for the truth to ever repress someone for disagreeing with him.
[06:14:PM] Saggio: Errr...thanks.
[06:15:PM] Zero: As for Gups and I, we are leftovers, we're well known, we're reasonably well liked, and we're fairly levelheaded.
[06:15:PM] Zero: So, that's my long winded speech. Sorry for taking up so much of your time. Thanks.
[06:15:PM] Zero: Now, anyone else have an opinion they'd like to voice?
[06:15:PM] * FallenAngel raises hand
[06:15:PM] Rexfelum: Commentary: Zero said "I think our second duty is to try and be peacemakers." I disagree. I tried to do that BEFORE any of this, from time to time. Humans can be peacekeepers no matter what "rank."
[06:15:PM] Moo_GR: exactly
[06:15:PM] Zero: FA, you have the floor.
[06:15:PM] * kiretsu raises his hand too, waits to be called on
[06:16:PM] FallenAngel: Ok here goes..
[06:17:PM] FallenAngel: I think all of the mods that have been chosen have one thing in common: they care a great deal about the forums. Now, I am not saying that no one else cares for the forums, I am saying they care, and are around a little more than others (and have been members longer). (still going..)
[06:18:PM] FallenAngel: I personally agree with Brooke's choices for moderators, for reasons that have been stated before by the moderators themselves. I also agree that pretty much all you will be doing is cleaning up spam, and notifying Brooke if there IS a thread or incident that needs his attention (like the recent hullabaloo over Efraim's av)...
[06:20:PM] FallenAngel: Now, because you all care about these forums enough (as is demonstrated by your presence here and initiative to have a discussion about it), I think you all will do a fine job. I have faith that you will take care of this community and nothing will get out of hand. You all have my full support, and I will give input and suggestions when I see something. That doesnt mean you have to do it, but I am always glad to help.
[06:21:PM] FallenAngel: I think that is all I have to say, if I think of something else, I will wait for my turn to speak again.
[06:21:PM] Zero: Thanks, FA.
[06:21:PM] FallenAngel: You're welcome.
[06:21:PM] Zero: Kit, I think you were next?
[06:22:PM] Rexfelum: (Has anyone else noticed how this "get-together" sounds like a crisis management session?)
[06:22:PM] * kiretsu nods
[06:22:PM] FallenAngel: HAHAAHHA
[06:22:PM] * Zero laughs
[06:22:PM] Moo_GR: and how funny that when we do get together it's always because of some newfound bullshit that's been dredged up on the forums...................
[06:23:PM] kiretsu: I do feel somewhat responsible for putting everyone in this situation, as I accidently did act as the catalyst. What happened, happened, and I do apologize for it. (cont..)
[06:25:PM] kiretsu: I do feel Brooke should have asked the mods if they wanted to be mods, before just pushing the buttons behind the curtains. As zero said, he is in a damned if he does, damned if he doesnt situation. Many people dislike e* with passion. Others, while they may not support him, respect his freedoms on the boards. Others are non-carring on the issue.
[06:26:PM] kiretsu: Whatever your personal stance on it is, Brooke was put into a hard spot by the more vocal members. Anything he did, even if he sat and did nothing, would have only caused more protest by someone. In this situation, there is no way he could please everyone, so he did what he thought was best
[06:27:PM] kiretsu: This is what he decided, now we have to handle it. Zero told me earlier, that if any of the new mods act up, all it would take is a PM to brooke, and they are done.
[06:29:PM] kiretsu: Also, as for security issues go, as I mentioned, if you are on the internet, someone can get your IP. It isnt difficult. Its about as hard as looking you up in the whitepages. It's an like a street adress. If you dont have locks on your door, you might get unwanted visitors, but most people do have some form of protection
[06:30:PM] kiretsu: Also, the default mods on phpbb, do not have the power to ban. An extension has to be added for you to do that. The powers consist of moving threads, seeing IP adresses easily, locking, deleting, and moving posts/topics
[06:31:PM] kiretsu: I do think that the mods will be able to be cool about this. And, if not, we can deal with that as a community too. Priorities in our little haven have changed. It's nice to just have things the way they were, but things change, and we need to change with them
[06:32:PM] * kiretsu sits down, passes out milk and trookies
[06:32:PM] * Saggio eats some trookies
[06:32:PM] Rexfelum: Mmm, triangle/truffle cookies.
[06:33:PM] Rexfelum: And I'll have ye know that the Olympics opening ceremony has been bringing tears to my eyes. Whew.
[06:33:PM] kiretsu: The cow tux was tacky though
[06:33:PM] Rexfelum: Cow? Didn't see them too closely?
[06:33:PM] Zero: Mmm, thanks, Kit.
[06:33:PM] Zero: Are there any more opinions?
[06:34:PM] Zero: Okay, is there anyone who has spoken yet who would like to speak again?
[06:34:PM] Rexfelum: Well, I had some random ideas.
[06:34:PM] * FallenAngel eats trookies
[06:34:PM] Rexfelum: But I don't know if we're done with the big stuff.
[06:34:PM] Zero: Well, if I could throw out one more quick thought before ceding the floor again?
[06:34:PM] Rexfelum: Yar.
[06:35:PM] Zero: You know, I was thinking, maybe this is Brooke's way of ceding more autonomy to us.
[06:35:PM] Zero: If we didn't like the way he handled the Efraim thing, maybe he's saying that here's our chance to govern ourselves.
[06:35:PM] Zero: And rather then go through the hassle of "elections" or "nominations" which would've further divided us, he just gave us a quick running start.
[06:35:PM] FallenAngel: Maybe, you could always as him you know.
[06:36:PM] Zero: I think that if anyone doesn't want to be mod, or would rather give their position to someone they feel is more deserving, Brooke would be happy to listen and oblige you.
[06:36:PM] Zero: That's all.
[06:36:PM] Zero: Floor's your's Rexy.
[06:37:PM] Rexfelum: Well, I was just thinking about what I would do if this thing stuck.
[06:37:PM] * Moo_GR reads up

Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part Deux:

[06:37:PM] Rexfelum: The limit would have to be something like labeling "to-be-deleted" threads with something like "this thread will self-destruct in 24 hours" and doing little else. Well, aside from the deleting.
[06:38:PM] Rexfelum: I mean, are there any other powers that really should be used?
[06:38:PM] Rexfelum: Legal issues are for tossing up to Brooke.
[06:38:PM] Rexfelum: Like hacked accounts.
[06:38:PM] Rexfelum: With that in mind,
[06:39:PM] Rexfelum: the simple existence of "mods" would be little different from the current "literally unmoderated state," but it now comes with the added . . . strangeness of "ranks."
[06:39:PM] Rexfelum: And that's all I was saying on the forum, really.
[06:40:PM] Rexfelum: Mods SHOULDN'T do much,
[06:40:PM] Rexfelum: but there's now a different feeling to being on the forums.
[06:40:PM] Rexfelum: I honestly feel weird.
[06:41:PM] Rexfelum: What are those kittens DOING . . . ?
[06:41:PM] kiretsu: DDR
[06:41:PM] *** Eggplant has signed off IRC ().
[06:41:PM] Rexfelum: . . . eating the shower curtains. Right.
[06:42:PM] Rexfelum: Hey, I'm done.
[06:42:PM] Rexfelum: If you were waiting for me, sorry.
[06:42:PM] Zero: It's alright.
[06:42:PM] Rexfelum: I thought we'd gone "informal."
[06:42:PM] Rexfelum: Guess I should put the tie back on.
[06:43:PM] Zero: Sorry to disappoint. ~_^
[06:43:PM] Rexfelum: Accursed tie.
[06:43:PM] Zero: Anybody else?
[06:43:PM] Zero: It's like a noose. ~_^
[06:43:PM] kiretsu: I have one little thing
[06:43:PM] Rexfelum: (Ever played "Over the Edge"?)
[06:43:PM] Zero: Go for it, Kit.
[06:44:PM] *** CA has joined #brokensaints.
[06:44:PM] Zero: Hey CA.
[06:45:PM] CA: Yay, home sweet home. TGIF... and it looks like it's a full house in here.
[06:45:PM] CA: Hi Zeeeeeero. {{{hugs everyone}}}
[06:45:PM] kiretsu: Rex said he feels weird about this, and I can understand that, but I dont see the mods any differently than I did yesterday. I think it's been assumed that the mods will mostly just be a janitorial staff, and only when there is a mess that is made. I really think that all the current members wont really react to the new rank, but new members will, until they see you guys acting like regular members
[06:45:PM] kiretsu: shhh CA, Saftey metting
[06:45:PM] kiretsu: Im done, btw
[06:46:PM] CA: shhhh, my foot! I said my hello, sorry I'm late.
[06:46:PM] Zero: Okie dokies.
[06:46:PM] *** EmperorXan has joined #brokensaints.
[06:46:PM] Zero: Do you have something you'd like to say, CA? ~_^
[06:46:PM] Rexfelum: And do you like us being known as "The Gangsta Mods"?
[06:46:PM] CA: hahaaaa
[06:46:PM] kiretsu: Sure, but it's more of a cult
[06:46:PM] kiretsu: a cult within a cult
[06:46:PM] CA: ummmm, to impose fear....? nah
[06:47:PM] Rexfelum: "The Mods of the True Name"?
[06:47:PM] Zero: I can assure there'd be no CORA preference.
[06:47:PM] Zero: Seriously though, if no one else has an opinion...?
[06:47:PM] CA: I think, like Kit said, it's mostly "janitorial stuff"- you know, to delete spambot things...
[06:47:PM] FallenAngel: I am done
[06:47:PM] Zero: I was going to suggest perhaps we could discuss some rules of the road for Mods that might help everyone feel more comfortable?
[06:48:PM] Zero: I think Rex has a good point with his To-Be Deleted Notice.
[06:48:PM] Zero: Except for obvious Spam, which I feel okay deleting on sight. ~_^
[06:48:PM] * kiretsu agrees
[06:48:PM] Zero: Seriously though, the only other power I think we should ever use/hold is the power to lock a thread.
[06:49:PM] Zero: And only then to stall convo to call Brooke in to moderate that.
[06:49:PM] Zero: And I think we should only do that after we take a vote on it.
[06:49:PM] Rexfelum: Grm. Disagree on the lockiness.
[06:49:PM] *** stellarvisions has joined #brokensaints.
[06:49:PM] stellarvisions: Boo!
[06:49:PM] Zero: Sure, Rex? Whatcha think?
[06:50:PM] FallenAngel: The locking of threads is a good idea
[06:50:PM] Rexfelum: Locking never existed before, and "voting" behind the scenes would be impractical.
[06:50:PM] CA: Hmmm... I think the lock is good....
[06:50:PM] Rexfelum: Note the second point more than the first.
[06:50:PM] CA: yeah, but mods didn't exist before either...
[06:50:PM] CA: the "rules" have changed
[06:50:PM] Saggio: Where or when would we use locking?
[06:50:PM] FallenAngel: Yeah, there were mods, they were Ian Andrew and Brooke
[06:50:PM] Rexfelum: The voting thing, I emphasize, would be impractical. The power would be used too slowly to be any good.
[06:51:PM] EmperorXan: I love it when people fuck things up for others....
[06:51:PM] CA: yeah, but they are the creators.... they can decide for sure about these things
[06:51:PM] Rexfelum: We haven't formally heard from Xan.
[06:51:PM] FallenAngel: Early on, they did, but now they dont have time to: thus, new mods have been chosen
[06:51:PM] Zero: I'm thinking that locking would only be used on something extremely controversial where there's an actual need to call things in. In fact, I think we should call Brooke in before locking something, it should just be a very rarely used power.
[06:51:PM] Zero: I think our jobs are to prune spam and call Brooke if there's an issue we can't reach an agreement on.
[06:52:PM] CA: The news mods are fine, they'll use their judgement & I think the ones that were chosen are perfect & reasonable/just people.
[06:52:PM] *** Eggplant has joined #brokensaints.
[06:52:PM] stellarvisions: I know that I haven't been a part of this at all, but I can throw in my two cents, being an outside observer
[06:52:PM] Zero: If you feel that voting is a bad idea, Rich, you might be right. We were each assigned a forum, maybe we should merely look after our own forums at our own discretion.
[06:52:PM] kiretsu: this is a group discussion, all are welcome
[06:52:PM] Zero: And certainly SV, please throw in.
[06:53:PM] stellarvisions: I saw what was happening, after it happened, and while I do think that having moderators is a good idea, I don't think it's a thing that should be advertised
[06:53:PM] Rexfelum: Dang it, the Bermuda team did NOT wear Bermuda shorts!
[06:53:PM] Saggio: How do you mean, SV?
[06:54:PM] CA: hahaaaa
[06:54:PM] * FallenAngel laughs hysterically
[06:54:PM] * FallenAngel hugs Richard.
[06:54:PM] FallenAngel: I love you.
[06:54:PM] Rexfelum: Thankies. But . . . Bermuda shorts!
[06:54:PM] * Moo_GR finishes dinner
[06:54:PM] Moo_GR: ok
[06:54:PM] Moo_GR: woah more people
[06:54:PM] stellarvisions: as in, the "Moderator: Your name here" thing underneath each subforum shouldn't be there
[06:55:PM] Rexfelum: That would be a NICE change.
[06:55:PM] stellarvisions: I do think that having mods is good, but I think they they should act silently
[06:55:PM] FallenAngel: I think that is a default setting on the board itself
[06:55:PM] kiretsu: it is a setting
[06:55:PM] kiretsu: a hackie would be needed to change it
[06:55:PM] Zero: I agree with the spirit of what SV is saying.
[06:55:PM] stellarvisions: can't someone talk to Brooke about that?
[06:56:PM] Zero: I'd like to have this council get done so we can forget about being mods and go back to being posters, honestly.
[06:56:PM] stellarvisions: I wanna start powwowing about my idea
[06:56:PM] Zero: Sorry, SV, it would probably take a decent amount of work to change that. In addition, I'd rather know who the mods are then have a shadow mod government. ~_^
[06:56:PM] Zero: Look, I think Brooke laid out our mission himself.
[06:56:PM] stellarvisions: true enough
[06:56:PM] Zero: "It's mainly to keep spam at a minimum, and keep me posted on any potentially explosive threads or comments (more of a PERSONAL nature).
[06:57:PM] Zero: I don't believe anything will ever be deleted or locked with out the MEMBERS, not the mods, voicing their will.
[06:57:PM] stellarvisions: yeah, I guess I can see the point in that
[06:57:PM] kiretsu: I would strongley suggest to not read into his guidelines
[06:57:PM] kiretsu: take them at face value
[06:57:PM] FallenAngel: Right, it still is a community.
[06:57:PM] stellarvisions: but I don't want new people to get the wrong idea about the function of the mods
[06:57:PM] Moo_GR: I hated that line
[06:57:PM] Zero: I think the best way we can do that, SV, is to go back to being regular posters again.
[06:57:PM] stellarvisions: as was stated in the thread
[06:57:PM] EmperorXan: And how can you tell if someone's not deleted a topic because they didn't agree with what was written regardless of whether or not it falls in the range of acceptability?
[06:58:PM] stellarvisions: yeah
[06:58:PM] Zero: Jesus taught be example, not lecture. ~_^
[06:58:PM] Zero: I think deleting a topic would require a significant outcry first.
[06:58:PM] Zero: In addition, perhaps we mods can agree never to delete non-spam topics, and leave that solely to Brooke and the crew.
[06:58:PM] kiretsu: Im for that
[06:58:PM] stellarvisions: that sounds good
[06:58:PM] Rexfelum: What non-spam topics, other than Aaron's tarot one, have EVER been deleted?
[06:58:PM] Zero: If that was ever violated, I'm sure it wouldn't take much to have the offending mod quickly removed.
[06:59:PM] Zero: None, as far as I can recall, Rex.
[06:59:PM] EmperorXan: And how would anyone know?
[06:59:PM] Moo_GR: exactly Xan
[06:59:PM] Zero: I don't foresee much of a need for deletion of topics, but I'd like to address it now.
[06:59:PM] EmperorXan: The word of the poster against the mod?
[06:59:PM] Saggio: I believe all of our actions are logged, yes?
[06:59:PM] Zero: Indeed, Sag, they are.
[06:59:PM] Zero: A poster could complain to Brooke, who could check the log.
[06:59:PM] Saggio: Yes. So Brooke still knows what happens.
[07:00:PM] stellarvisions: yeah, as Brooke stills know and sees all, etc.
[07:00:PM] Zero: Indeed.
[07:00:PM] EmperorXan: My eyes are too swollen and my sinuses are bugging me too much for me to truly express how I feel about this.
[07:00:PM] Zero: I'd also like to mention about the limitation of our powers, we can not delete avatars or edit profiles or anything like that.
[07:00:PM] Rexfelum: Brooke . . . Lear . . . scary thoughts.
[07:00:PM] Rexfelum: But I kid.
[07:00:PM] stellarvisions: suddenly, I wanna call Brooke Omnipitus, lol
[07:01:PM] Zero: We can move topics, lock them, edit them, and delete them. That's IT.
[07:01:PM] Rexfelum: Edit?
[07:01:PM] stellarvisions: *hopes someone will get his "The Tick" reference*
[07:01:PM] Zero: I think so.
[07:01:PM] Moo_GR: I hate that
[07:01:PM] Rexfelum: Would the post get a label saying it had happened?
[07:01:PM] Moo_GR: no one has that right to choose
[07:01:PM] kiretsu: rex: no
[07:01:PM] Zero: Possibly.
[07:01:PM] Zero: Not sure.
[07:01:PM] Moo_GR: which topic to delete etc*
[07:01:PM] Rexfelum: No??
[07:01:PM] kiretsu: not unless it shows in the admin log
[07:02:PM] Zero: Well, let's agree to not edit anything isn't flashing a Goatse or Tubgirl image. ~_^
[07:02:PM] CA: I feel that all of the newly appointed moderators are fair people. You all believe in freedom of speech, not that you agree with everything that is posted. I think that basic judgement calls will suffice. I haven't been around forever, but the one person that has consistenly offended people & has acted so ridiculously vulgar, has been put on check.
[07:02:PM] * EmperorXan reserves his opinion on this...for now..
[07:02:PM] Saggio: What would require us to edit the name of the thread, anyway?
[07:02:PM] Rexfelum: Wait, I think it does. I think I've seen Brooke's name on someone else's post. Maybe.
[07:02:PM] Zero: It's not that we'd ever intend to do it, Sag, they want to know what we'd do if we felt it was justified.
[07:02:PM] stellarvisions: Honestly, from what I know of those of you who've been appointed as mods, I don't have any problems
[07:02:PM] kiretsu: the B impersionation thread?
[07:03:PM] * EmperorXan will never trust you mods.
[07:03:PM] Zero: ...You didn't trust us before, Xan. ~_^
[07:03:PM] EmperorXan: Not true.
[07:03:PM] Rexfelum: With good reason. Scary people.
[07:03:PM] Rexfelum: Have you seen that one with all the hair?
[07:03:PM] Zero: Seriously though, if I can repeat something?
[07:04:PM] kiretsu: For editing post bodies, you could very easily make a note in the post saying what you did, and why
[07:04:PM] Moo_GR: this is wrong
[07:04:PM] Zero: Here's what I think we should do.
[07:04:PM] Zero: 1) Delete ONLY spam.
[07:04:PM] CA: Xan, what do you think they'll do? I think you are just being silly.....
[07:04:PM] EmperorXan: However, what constitutes "enough outcry" from the community before the post is deleted?
[07:04:PM] Moo_GR: exactly
[07:04:PM] Zero: 2) If an argument happens, try to mediate.
[07:04:PM] EmperorXan: How much does it take before someone's view is offensive?
[07:04:PM] Zero: 3) Refer everything else to Brooke. Same way it's always been.
[07:04:PM] Moo_GR: yup
[07:04:PM] Zero: That is ALL.
[07:04:PM] Saggio: Wait, we have to actually get involved in conversations now?
[07:04:PM] Moo_GR: you better Zero
[07:04:PM] Moo_GR: that's all I'm saying
[07:04:PM] stellarvisions: I really don't think that there can be a standard set, it really comes down to different situations
[07:04:PM] kiretsu: I think this is being read into way too much, guys
[07:05:PM] Saggio: I was under the impression that we just move topics that are in the wrong forum, and delete spam.
[07:05:PM] Elise: Agreed.
[07:05:PM] Zero: I wouldn't even both moving topics.
[07:05:PM] Rexfelum: Concurring with Saggio like a madman.
[07:05:PM] EmperorXan: What constitutes deletion from an outcry of offending someone?
[07:05:PM] Rexfelum: Though moving threads didn't occur to me.
[07:05:PM] stellarvisions: god, I have a whiney cat on my lap that is COMPLETELY uninvited
[07:05:PM] Zero: Okay, excuse me, ladies and gentleman.
[07:05:PM] stellarvisions: *pets kitty anyway*
[07:06:PM] Zero: If we can have a moment of silence here to review?
[07:06:PM] * CA pouts because she has no kitty...
[07:06:PM] Zero: Most of the concerns right now center on what we might or might not delete.
[07:06:PM] Zero: I think amongst ourselves, we've decided not to delete ANYTHING that is not obviously spam.
[07:07:PM] Zero: Mods, do you agree with that?
[07:07:PM] Saggio: Yeah, sure.
[07:07:PM] * kiretsu offers to be CA"s kitty
[07:07:PM] CA:
[07:07:PM] Zero: Rex?
[07:07:PM] Zero: Moo?
[07:07:PM] Moo_GR: what?
[07:07:PM] * CA pets my fluffy Kit kitty....
[07:07:PM] Zero: Do you agree that mods should not delete anything that is not spam?
[07:07:PM] Moo_GR: Gups would say maybe lol.. I dunno what she's going to say now.
[07:07:PM] Zero: Well, let's just work with what we have.
[07:07:PM] *** You are now known as Manda.
[07:08:PM] Zero: If that's the case, and deletion of threads is no longer a concern...
[07:08:PM] Zero: What other objections are present?
[07:08:PM] Manda: I'm done giving my opinion, you all think I'm nuts anyway. So why fucking bother.
[07:08:PM] *** Zeek has signed off IRC (Socket error: Connection reset by peer. [23kb/596pks(0q)] [91kb/1225pks(0q)]).
[07:08:PM] Manda: I'm only here to log this conversation
[07:08:PM] kiretsu: Uh, when did we say that manda?
[07:08:PM] Manda: not literally saying it
[07:09:PM] kiretsu: If your logging it, point us to where that has been said tonight, please. I missed it
[07:09:PM] EmperorXan: Hey, don't forget, I'm viewed as a right-wing nut.

Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part Trois:

[07:09:PM] Zero: And I'm a left wing nut. We're all nuts her.e
[07:09:PM] FallenAngel: Hey putting of words in peoples mouths, it isnt fair. But I acknowledge your sentiments, Manda
[07:09:PM] Zero: That's why we love this place.
[07:10:PM] Manda: I'm about ready to scream. Moderators is not fair. and I vow not to change if "new people in the summer" start coming.
[07:10:PM] EmperorXan: No, that's not why.
[07:10:PM] * Manda rolls eyes
[07:10:PM] Zero: Guys, look.... This mod thing is obviously Brooke's decision. I think we should try to make the best of it.
[07:10:PM] stellarvisions: the way I see it, mods being appointed doesn't change the nature of what the forums are
[07:10:PM] Zero: Moo, I don't want anyone to change.
[07:10:PM] Zero: I don't want the forums to change.
[07:10:PM] Manda: just because it was a decision made doesn't make it right
[07:10:PM] FallenAngel: Anyway, I am late for a birthday dinner, I am leaving, but I am going to stay in mIRC and read it later just in case anything was said that I will miss
[07:10:PM] Zero: Bye, FA!
[07:10:PM] EmperorXan: I have a problem with who's been made a mod for the rants/politics/etc. forum.
[07:10:PM] CA: C-ya FA.
[07:10:PM] FallenAngel: Bye everyone and thaks for letting me put in my 2 cents! Have a lovely Friday!
[07:10:PM] CA: Keep rockin' the real world.
[07:11:PM] kiretsu: Well, Sag has been behaving for a good long time
[07:11:PM] CA:
[07:11:PM] EmperorXan: And he's never given me a reason to trust him.
[07:11:PM] kiretsu: and as was mentioned, if there are issues, all it takes is a PM to brooke about the offending mod
[07:11:PM] Zero: Xan, if you have a problem with a mod and have a valid reason, please send it to Brooke.
[07:11:PM] Zero: If Brooke finds an abuse of power, he will most definitely demod anyone.
[07:11:PM] kiretsu: indeed
[07:12:PM] Saggio: Oh, Xan. Lighten up a little. If you have a problem with me being a mod, tell Brooke.
[07:12:PM] EmperorXan: Oh, I will..
[07:12:PM] Saggio: Excellent. We're forming our very own bureaucracy.
[07:12:PM] CA: heh
[07:12:PM] Manda: fucking lovely
[07:12:PM] Zero: Does this mean I have to fill out my posts in triplicate? ~_^
[07:13:PM] Saggio: Errr...? I like bureaucracies. Always so interesting.
[07:13:PM] kiretsu: Manda, there isnt a way to please everyone
[07:13:PM] Saggio: Heck yes.
[07:13:PM] CA: Xan, Saggio may not share your views, but he won't delete your posts..... right Sagg?
[07:13:PM] Saggio: No, I wouldn't. I can honestly say that.
[07:13:PM] kiretsu: Im sorry this greatly upsets you and others, but any descisions would have put someone in a bad place
[07:13:PM] EmperorXan: And you trust that in the heat of emotions?
[07:13:PM] CA: If he abuses his power, you can talk to Brooke.
[07:13:PM] Saggio: Certainly. I find it easier to just prove you wrong than delete your posts.
[07:13:PM] Manda: no one knew about making people mods... if brooke hadn't gone and did what he did, no one would have been complaining now would they?
[07:14:PM] EmperorXan: Sorry, but I believe that the only person that should be the mod of that forum is someone who's not interested in politics.
[07:14:PM] CA: But I think he won't delete your posts "in the heat of emotions"- I think he'll reply to you, as he has before
[07:14:PM] Zero: I think the fact that Sag is so hardcore about politics is the greatest protection that forum can have.
[07:14:PM] Saggio: Thanks for the endorsement, Z.
[07:14:PM] kiretsu: It was a result of people complaining about a disrespectful poster
[07:14:PM] Manda: oh please
[07:15:PM] *** You are now known as Mandaway.
[07:15:PM] Zero: Let me suggest this, guys.
[07:15:PM] CA: Manda, people were complaining before... & during recent events. Brooke did what he had to do.
[07:15:PM] EmperorXan: Right...only if by protection that would be removing "offensive" topics that aren't held by the majority of the community.
[07:15:PM] CA: Manda.... if certain things were being said about you, as they were with me, you'd want someone on it? Ready to act... no?
[07:15:PM] Mandaway: yeah, all he had to do was stick to the rules originally and ban Efraim, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo he didn't and voila. UGHHH I"M NOT GOING TO FUCKING EXPLAIN MYSELF TEN MORE TIMES
[07:15:PM] CA: she's away......
[07:15:PM] Zero: How about we mods sit down and draw up our own charter. We'll post it on the boards for you. If in 30 days, there's been any abuse of power or valid complaint, we were take ourselves to Brooke personally.
[07:16:PM] CA: ah, well- I wasn't here for what you said before
[07:16:PM] Mandaway: I wrote it in my livejournal
[07:16:PM] CA: but yes, Efraim should've been banner, considering he had been warned
[07:16:PM] kiretsu: Banning e* takes care of the spambots how?
[07:16:PM] Mandaway: I don't feel like talking about the difference of opinions.
[07:17:PM] * Zero sighs.
[07:17:PM] Zero: This is becoming extremely unproductive, people.
[07:17:PM] EmperorXan: Because it's the potential for abuse that's bothersome.
[07:17:PM] Zero: Please, for the sake of the community, can we please reach an acceptable compromise.
[07:17:PM] CA: Well, I have no difference in opinion in what you are saying, I understand your concern, but I sincerely don't believe that any new mods will abuse their powers.
[07:17:PM] kiretsu: But if there is any abuse, Brooke will take care of it
[07:17:PM] EmperorXan: How many people have said in the past that they wouldn't overstep their bounds?
[07:17:PM] kiretsu: why is tha so hard to understand?
[07:18:PM] EmperorXan: Because you can't reason with someone's emotions after the fact, Kit.
[07:18:PM] EmperorXan: The damage will have been done for that person.
[07:18:PM] Zero: Well, let's take a vote.
[07:18:PM] kiretsu: well, thats currently obvious
[07:18:PM] Zero: Okay, quick poll, see where everyone stands.
[07:18:PM] Zero: Has no real purpose outside of statement of opinion.
[07:18:PM] *** Zeek has joined #brokensaints.
[07:18:PM] Zero: All who would like to see all mods removed, please say Aye.
[07:18:PM] Saggio: Look, Xan, all of our actions are logged and reviewed by Brooke. If something should ever happen, I can guarantee you that the offending mod would be removed and punished. I can also assure you that I personally will not ever edit or delete one of your posts maliciously.
[07:18:PM] EmperorXan: Right, I bet you think I'm talking from emotions for not wanting Sag to be the mod of the politics forum.
[07:19:PM] EmperorXan: Sag, I don't care about logs.
[07:19:PM] Saggio: It seems pretty reactionary, anyway. When was the last time we had an arguement? Four months ago? Five?
[07:19:PM] CA: Emotions have nothing to do with these people. Zero, Saggio & Rex are very reasonable... as is Guppy.
[07:19:PM] EmperorXan: Don't know.
[07:19:PM] Mandaway: Aye
[07:19:PM] EmperorXan: However, if I were in your position, I would have asked to be made moderator of another section.
[07:19:PM] EmperorXan: Why tempt yourself if you don't have to?
[07:19:PM] Zero: All who would like to give the current mods 30 days, please say aye.
[07:20:PM] Saggio: I didn't ask to become a moderator, Xan. I woke up and I was one.
[07:20:PM] Zero: Aye.
[07:20:PM] CA: Aye.
[07:20:PM] Saggio: Aye.
[07:20:PM] Zeek: aye
[07:20:PM] kiretsu: Aye
[07:20:PM] CA: I think if any conflicts arise from this, Brooke will hear about it & the mods will be removed.
[07:20:PM] EmperorXan: I'm aware of that, Sag. Still wouldn't have stopped me from requesting a change if I were in your place.
[07:20:PM] CA: he is trying to be fair & make people comfortable
[07:21:PM] CA: there really is no pleasing everyone......
[07:21:PM] Zero: Afraid not, CA.
[07:21:PM] Zero: Okay, everyone.
[07:22:PM] Zero: Let's all step back, and take a breather.
[07:22:PM] Saggio: Xan, I'll tell you a secret. The only forum I really and truly care about is Rants. There, I said it. No offense to anyone else, but that's how I feel. I want it to be a place of open debate - with lots of discourse and dissenting opinions.
[07:22:PM] Mandaway: I'd like to ask why we need 4 moderators................
[07:22:PM] Mandaway: when there's not THAT much spam
[07:22:PM] *** Weeg has signed off IRC (Socket error: Connection reset by peer. [4kb/349pks(0q)] [121kb/1263pks(0q)]).
[07:22:PM] Zeek: If any of you would ike a potato I have cooked too many
[07:22:PM] * Saggio would like a potato
[07:22:PM] Zero: Okay, potatoes for everyone.
[07:22:PM] Zero: Now, let's sit down.
[07:22:PM] EmperorXan: You've never given me a reason to believe you before, so I'll just avoid posting there from now on.
[07:22:PM] Zero: Let's start over here folks.
[07:22:PM] * Zeek loads the cannon then. potatoes for all
[07:22:PM] CA: We don't need 4.... 3 would suffice.
[07:22:PM] Zero: Everyone, please, please hush for a moment.
[07:23:PM] CA: Mmmmmm...... potatoes.
[07:23:PM] Zero: Let's step back and review.
[07:23:PM] Zero: Now, if someone has an opinion they would like to state, please, raise your hand.
[07:23:PM] * Zero raises his hand.
[07:23:PM] *** Weeg has joined #brokensaints.
[07:23:PM] Zero: Floor recognizes the handsome gentleman. ~_^
[07:23:PM] Saggio: Haha
[07:23:PM] Zero: Listen, I think Brooke made 4 for a reason.
[07:24:PM] Mandaway: 3? we only need one if there's to be any fucking at all
[07:24:PM] Zero: The same reason for multiple branches of government.
[07:24:PM] Mandaway: goddamn people
[07:24:PM] Zero: Checks and balances.
[07:24:PM] Zero: Manda, I didn't interrupt you earlier. Please.
[07:24:PM] Mandaway: sorry didn't see the handsome gentleman....
[07:25:PM] Zero: Xan, I understand your concerns. That said, you have a way to expel Sag should he act up. I think that's fair.
[07:25:PM] Zero: The same goes for the rest of us.
[07:25:PM] Zero: What I said before goes.
[07:25:PM] Zero: We only delete Spam.
[07:25:PM] Zero: We only refer to Brooke.
[07:26:PM] EmperorXan: Sorry, I'm not posting in that section so long as he's the mod.
[07:26:PM] Zero: We only try to advise and reach compromises.
[07:26:PM] Zero: Xan, if you'd like to speak, please wait your turn.
[07:26:PM] Zero: Now, we have mods now. Let's accept that. If you would like to limit us in some way to make you feel better and more comfortable, please, let us hear it in a reasonable and polite fashion.
[07:26:PM] CA: I'm leaving & have to go track my brother down... he's game-playing somewhere & won't answer his cell. I'll be back & read this later.
[07:27:PM] *** CA is now known as Ale-BRB.
[07:27:PM] Zero: Thank you. If anyone else has an opinion, please raise you hand. Thank you.
[07:28:PM] Zero: If no one else has feedback at this time, then I'd like to take a vote about the following proposed mod charter.
[07:29:PM] Zero: 1) Delete only spam.
[07:29:PM] Zero: 2) If a large problem arises, we may offer to reach a compromise. We will not threaten, edit, or delete.
[07:30:PM] Zero: 2) Any large problems that fall under the second guideline, will be forwarded to Brooke who will have the final say in all matters. As he always have.
[07:30:PM] Zero: has*
[07:30:PM] Zero: Well, 1, 2, and 3. My apologies. ~_^
[07:30:PM] Zero: All opposing the charter, please say Nay.
[07:30:PM] Saggio: Whoa, whoa whoa.
[07:30:PM] Saggio: What about counter proposals and amendments?
[07:30:PM] Saggio: What do we do about moving topics?
[07:30:PM] Zero: Please, lay 'em on.
[07:31:PM] Saggio: We need some sort of guideline for the moving of topics between forums.
[07:31:PM] Zero: Historically, we've always posted whereever. I don't really feel a need to ever move one.
[07:31:PM] Saggio: Yes, I realise that. But if the need ever arises...
[07:31:PM] Zero: Let's ask Brooke. It's so remote, let him have the say.
[07:31:PM] Rexfelum: Gah! I was away unexpectedly for so long, there.
[07:31:PM] Zero: It's okay, Rex.
[07:32:PM] Rexfelum: And the USA marches on Italy. There's something scary in that . . .
[07:32:PM] kiretsu: I would say move them to the appropriate forum, and leave a note in the thread
[07:32:PM] Saggio: I'd put forward that threads could be moved at the moderator's discussion, whereby the action is then reviewed by all four moderators.
[07:32:PM] Rexfelum: Hang on, gots me some views . . .
[07:32:PM] Zero: Okay, Rex.
[07:33:PM] Mandaway: why would you need to move threads? Who's been abusing that too much? geesh
[07:33:PM] Rexfelum: Zero's ideas: again, I say remove 2. (The first 2.) If it is ANY WAY a part of an "official charter," then it will be even more blatant that the "mods" have more "important" voices.
[07:33:PM] Rexfelum: Then . . .
[07:34:PM] Rexfelum: Saggio's (and others, previously) ideas: I say that ANY power that requires voting is too powerful. If the ENTIRE forum would not AUTOMATICALLY agree with an act, it should not get done.
[07:35:PM] Rexfelum: Simple moving of a storyline (with spoilers) post out of general? Fine.
[07:35:PM] * Saggio raises his hand
[07:35:PM] Rexfelum: Deletion of spambot posts? Fine.
[07:35:PM] Rexfelum: Anything else? Well . . . why?
[07:35:PM] Rexfelum: Okay, done.
[07:35:PM] Zero: If I can respond to you, Rex, I would say the reason I included number 2 is so that in a situation like the Efraim one for instance, that before I called Brooke in, I could say, PM F-Ram and say "Look, a lot of people dislike your avatar, would you mind changing it so people didn't feel so unviolated? Thanks."
[07:35:PM] Zero: That said, you have a point. I don't want Mods to be seen as more important then regular members.
[07:35:PM] Zero: Sag has the floor.
[07:37:PM] Saggio: Alright. So, while I generally support the idea of having the power to move threads to whatever forum, having that power itself creates a problem. Each individual forum would have to have some sort of guideline (I like them!) to determine which post should be where. I know it's fairly obvious, but what happens when some newb posts a big long political rant in the Storyline section (that is unrelated to the story itself)?
[07:38:PM] Saggio: I believe that having clean individual forums will then further topical discussion. While all the stuff that happens in General can be fun, nearly all of the meaningful rants or whatever that are posted there get buried quickly.
[07:38:PM] Saggio: Which causes a whole other problem.
[07:38:PM] Saggio: The burying of posts. But that is a side issue.
[07:39:PM] Saggio: So, really, if are roles are supposed to be janitorial in nature - why shouldn't we attempt to keep the forums organised (in the best sense of the term)?
[07:39:PM] * Saggio sits down
[07:39:PM] Saggio: our, not are.
[07:39:PM] *** EmperorXan is now known as Xan|gagged.

Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Last part (of what I was posting, much more was said after Zero left.. lol):

[07:39:PM] Zero: Just a moment.
[07:39:PM] Zero: As we are mods of different forums, is it even our power to move from one to another.
[07:39:PM] Zero: Let me try it, okay
[07:39:PM] Zero: ?
[07:39:PM] Saggio: Alright.
[07:39:PM] Mandaway: don't you date
[07:39:PM] Mandaway: dare*
[07:39:PM] Saggio: Errr...?
[07:40:PM] Mandaway: this is fucking wrong.
[07:40:PM] Zero: Hmm. Sadly.
[07:40:PM] kiretsu: zero I can answer that
[07:40:PM] kiretsu: Im rather familiar with mod tools
[07:40:PM] kiretsu: you can move from yours to others, but not vice versa
[07:41:PM] Zero: Well, might I propose a compromise?
[07:41:PM] Mandaway: weren't you kicked once kit?
[07:41:PM] Saggio: Let's hear it.
[07:41:PM] Zero: Let's put the thread moving on a 30 day research period. In other words, let's count how many move worthy threads show up in a month.
[07:41:PM] Zero: If it's a significant number, we'll review that right then.
[07:41:PM] Zero: If it's insignificant, let's forget about it.
[07:42:PM] Zero: Does that sound fair?
[07:42:PM] * kiretsu raises his hand
[07:42:PM] Zero: Sure Kire.
[07:42:PM] * Saggio raises hand and waits
[07:42:PM] * Mandaway raises her hand to pick her nose
[07:43:PM] kiretsu: As mentioned, it seems official guidlines should be needed for what topics go where
[07:43:PM] * Rexfelum kinda skips out on the whole "hand-raising" thing to point out that almost nothing has needed moving in ages.
[07:43:PM] kiretsu: well, look at the forum index. Brook has them on all 3 sections already
[07:43:PM] kiretsu: Like I said before, this is getting read into way too much
[07:43:PM] * kiretsu sits, eats another trookie
[07:44:PM] Zero: I agree with Rex.
[07:44:PM] Rexfelum: Gwar?
[07:44:PM] Saggio: Alright, I move to review the situation of moving threads in 30 days time.
[07:44:PM] Zero: And I agree with Kire.
[07:44:PM] Zero: I second the motion.
[07:44:PM] Saggio: Motion carries.
[07:45:PM] Saggio: All in favour?
[07:45:PM] Saggio: Aye.
[07:45:PM] kiretsu: aye
[07:45:PM] Zero: You down with that, Rexy? ~_^
[07:45:PM] Zero: Aye.
[07:45:PM] Saggio: It looks as if the aye's have it.
[07:45:PM] Saggio: Motion passes.
[07:45:PM] Mandaway: it's funny how many ayes count til it passes.
[07:45:PM] Zero: Do you disagree, Moo?
[07:46:PM] Rexfelum: Aye don't really care about the moving thing, as noted.
[07:46:PM] Rexfelum: So, abstain.
[07:46:PM] Saggio: That's what I figured.
[07:46:PM] Zero: I think the only objection left is the forum mod warning thing.
[07:46:PM] Saggio: No one raised an objection...
[07:46:PM] Zero: I think we can do that outside of our role as mods for now though.
[07:46:PM] Zero: As someone said earlier, we can be peacemakers without being mods.
[07:46:PM] Mandaway: well it just feels that no matter what I say or anyone against this, you're going to have your status
[07:46:PM] Mandaway: so whatever
[07:46:PM] Mandaway: I'm done withit
[07:46:PM] Mandaway: with it*
[07:47:PM] Zero: Therefore, I agree with Rex that it's poorly worded so let's strike for the time being.
[07:47:PM] Zero: Which leaves: Delete spam and Refer large problems to Brooke.
[07:47:PM] Zero: Any objections to that?
[07:47:PM] Mandaway: would it matter if I objected?
[07:47:PM] kiretsu: Mandaway, short of totally eliminating mods, how would you handle their rein?
[07:47:PM] Saggio: Yes.
[07:48:PM] Xan|gagged: Not really.
[07:48:PM] Mandaway: make it one mod to delete spam. That's all you need anyhow
[07:48:PM] Mandaway: and we all should've been given the choice to vote for that specific mod
[07:48:PM] Rexfelum: My feelings are known. I say that these are the only powers I expected to see, and my complaints are not about them but about the existence of moderators like this.
[07:48:PM] Zero: What happens when that one person is away on vacation though?
[07:48:PM] Saggio: Power is decentralised by having four mods.
[07:49:PM] Zero: Especially when they're all put in seperate arenas.
[07:49:PM] Mandaway: you know what, whatever. I'm visualizing everything going up in flames. Good luck.
[07:49:PM] Zero: I'd have more of a problem with one mod, honestly.
[07:49:PM] Saggio: Especially in General, the most populous forum, there are two mods. So if something gets out of hand and Brooke isn't around, the other mod can deal with it.
[07:49:PM] kiretsu: Mandaway, I dont think you are listening here
[07:49:PM] Xan|gagged: You mean, like when Brooke was the only mod you had a problem?
[07:49:PM] Saggio: Yeah, i did.
[07:49:PM] Mandaway: Kit quit fucking telling me I'm not listening
[07:49:PM] Saggio: But Brooke has known that since the beginning.
[07:49:PM] kiretsu: all the mods agree to only use their powers when absolutley needed
[07:49:PM] kiretsu: not when they feel like it
[07:50:PM] kiretsu: =/
[07:50:PM] Mandaway: I have excellent eyes. And listening comprehension.
[07:50:PM] Xan|gagged: Then why are there people who can't believe that?
[07:50:PM] Zero: If you don't approve, you can watch the watchmen, guys.
[07:51:PM] Zero: Personally, I'm an exhibitionist so I'd like that. ~_^
[07:51:PM] Mandaway: this is no longer the community I want to be a part of. Goodnight
[07:51:PM] Saggio: Errrr...?
[07:51:PM] Saggio: Because of the existance of mods?
[07:52:PM] Zero: If there's not going to be any further attempts at discussion tonight, then I say we post up our results and call it quits for the evening.
[07:52:PM] Rexfelum: Mooshou, I do not believe you have commented on what I have expressed.
[07:52:PM] Xan|gagged: I've already changed my names on the forums to express my views.
[07:53:PM] *** You are now known as Mooshou.
[07:54:PM] Mooshou: Okay I've stopped and cried
[07:54:PM] * Zero pats Moo's back and offers her a tissue.
[07:54:PM] Mooshou: please don't touch me
[07:54:PM] Saggio: Alright, I don't understand what is wrong. What do you have a problem with, Mooshou?
[07:55:PM] Mooshou: I'm going to comment on Rexy
[07:55:PM] Zeek: Even forums existing entirely to flame have mods.
[07:55:PM] Xan|gagged: Having a standard of decency isn't the issue for me, Zeek.
[07:55:PM] Xan|gagged: I can't speak for Manda, but for myself, the point rests in the power of emotions.
[07:56:PM] Zeek: Well, since brooke's original proposal basically says "report problems and delete spam"
[07:56:PM] Zeek: I don't see where emotions is going to play in
[07:56:PM] Zero: To which, Xan, we offer a check to the mod power. The ability to report to Brooke.
[07:56:PM] Xan|gagged: Which means nada to me.
[07:57:PM] Zero: Why?
[07:57:PM] Zero: If you're wronged, you can kick his ass out.
[07:57:PM] Zero: You can barely to do that to a president. ~_^
[07:59:PM] Xan|gagged: There's no true guarantee on that.
[07:59:PM] Zeek: If things get out of control, I'll eat my hat!
[07:59:PM] kiretsu: And its a large hat
[07:59:PM] stellarvisions: but if a complaint is justified, justice will be done
[07:59:PM] Zero: How is there not a guarantee?
[08:00:PM] Zero: Brooke will do his job.
[08:01:PM] Xan|gagged: Ah, but will it affect the person so abused?
[08:01:PM] Saggio: Brooke is, and always has been a dictator. I never like that concept (I believe in decentralisation of power), but he has done his job exceedingly well, when it comes to the forums. I do not doubt that he will continue to do his job.
[08:02:PM] kiretsu: seems it already is, and it hasnt happened yet
[08:03:PM] Zero: I'll be honest guys, I'm tired and I've got a long drive tomorrow.
[08:03:PM] Zero: If there's nothing else you all think you need me for tonight, I'm going to head out.
[08:04:PM] Saggio: Movement for closure?
[08:04:PM] Zero: You guys can carry on, but it is getting late everywhere, I'm sure.
[08:04:PM] Zero: I'll be back Sunday night.
[08:04:PM] Zero: Ya'll take care until then.
[08:04:PM] stellarvisions: later Z
[08:04:PM] Zero: Night, SV.
[08:04:PM] Saggio: Enjoy, Z.
[08:04:PM] Rexfelum: I'm still waiting for, simultaneously, Mooshou and the Olympic torch.
[08:04:PM] * Zero laughs.
[08:05:PM] Saggio: Can we vote on a charter before you leave?
[08:05:PM] Zero: Sure, if you like.
[08:05:PM] Saggio: Excellent.
[08:05:PM] Mooshou: I'm posting on the forums.
[08:05:PM] Mooshou: it*
[08:05:PM] Mooshou: that way I can edit it better.
[08:05:PM] Xan|gagged: I posted my view as well, to note my protest.
[08:05:PM] Saggio: If everyone could vote...That would be great.
[08:05:PM] Rexfelum: Yar, Mooshou. Yar.
[08:05:PM] Mooshou: yar Rexy
[08:06:PM] Zero: Here's the charter, kids:
[08:06:PM] Zero: 1) Delete Spam.
[08:06:PM] Zero: 2) Refer problems to Brooke.
[08:06:PM] Zero: All yays and nays for the next, minute.
[08:06:PM] Saggio: Yay.
[08:06:PM] Zero: Yay.
[08:06:PM] Xan|gagged: nay
[08:06:PM] stellarvisions: yay
[08:06:PM] Zeek: Yay
[08:07:PM] Rexfelum: Yay.
[08:07:PM] kiretsu: yay
[08:07:PM] Zero: 30 Seconds remaining to vote.
[08:07:PM] Mooshou: yey
[08:07:PM] Eggplant: y
[08:07:PM] Mooshou: yoy
[08:07:PM] Mooshou: yuy
[08:07:PM] Mooshou: yyy
[08:07:PM] Zero: Charter passed.
[08:08:PM] * Mooshou sneezes
[08:08:PM] Weeg: what are we voting on
[08:08:PM] Rexfelum: "Yyy" only SOMEtimes.
[08:08:PM] Saggio: Hahaha
[08:08:PM] kiretsu: Id like to hear why xan says nay
[08:08:PM] * Saggio thinks Weeg is awesome
[08:08:PM] Weeg: then I vote Yay
[08:08:PM] Mooshou: way to go Weeg. lol nice timing.
[08:09:PM] Zeek: Manda
[08:09:PM] Zeek: you forgot yiy
[08:09:PM] Mooshou: doh!
[08:09:PM] Xan|gagged: Why restate what I've been saying, Kit?
[08:09:PM] Rexfelum: Heh. Well, when people scroll down to the bottom of the log post, they'll read your summary!
[08:09:PM] *** Elise has signed off IRC ().
[08:10:PM] kiretsu: sorry xan, tired, havent been keeping up all that well >_< my fault, have a mod ban me
[08:10:PM] Zeek: b& 4 life
[08:12:PM] * Zeek also gives Kiretsu his engagement ring back. How dare ye
[08:12:PM] Xan|gagged: I have no illusions as to how people feel about me on the forums, so I'll make it easier on the mods to do their job.
[08:12:PM] Zero: (Link:
[08:12:PM] Zero: Sound okay with everyone.
[08:13:PM] stellarvisions: sounds good tome
[08:13:PM] kiretsu: good for me
[08:13:PM] Zero: Alright, guys.
[08:14:PM] Zero: If I might make a suggestion:
[08:14:PM] Zero: Everyone go out and have some fun this weekend.
[08:14:PM] Zero: Relax a little.
[08:14:PM] Zero: Take a deep breath.
[08:14:PM] Zero: Talk to ya'll next week sometime, aight?
[08:14:PM] Zero: Peace out till then.
[08:14:PM] stellarvisions: yeah
[08:14:PM] *** Zero has left #brokensaints.

Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!
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Emperor Xan

Joined: 18 Mar 2003
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All I can say is that we shouldn't have to watch the watchmen.
Greatest quote eva:
Vertigo21 wrote:

Shit man, I can barely make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. I can't make a watch.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 5:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dunno if this was covered by someone else last night outside of the posted chat, but I spotted this:

[07:01:PM] Zero: We can move topics, lock them, edit them, and delete them. That's IT.
[07:01:PM] Rexfelum: Edit?
[07:01:PM] Zero: I think so.
[07:01:PM] Rexfelum: Would the post get a label saying it had happened?
[07:02:PM] Rexfelum: Wait, I think it does. I think I've seen Brooke's name on someone else's post. Maybe.

Yes, it does show if anyone has edited a post. It'll show a tag at the end of the post, much like anyone else editing their OWN post would:
"Last edited by [insert name] on [insert date, time]; edited x time(s) in total"

Not that it's included in the mods' tasks, so it doesn't really matter, but I figured I'd clear it up for reference. If anyone does cross that line, we will all see it.
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 7:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is going to be interesting and sorry for missing the meeting.. I am just going to try this out and only remove spam. I am not here to ban or censor people I find it against the way Broken Saints run.... I mean if we were to clean up our act from offending people... change every f word or vulgarity out of the series, completely overhaul 19 at a Juice Bar not a Tittie Bar, 22 well we all know PETA wasn't too thrilled. This forum is and will always be on the borderlines of what is decent... some push it some don't.

Thats all I had to add and I hope to do my best as a mod on the forums I won't be posting as often, due to cleaning things up.
Honor thy error as a hidden intention
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