Friday Fan Fun – Week 5!!!

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • Fangirl MOOSHOO sent us this adaorable take on the BS ‘vagina eye’ – it’s crying, and has lashes!!! So much to say…and so little time 😉

    Also, as the forum folks have already heard via email, we got some initial sales numbers in from Future Shop. After just two weeks in stores (and with no major ads or promotion), we’ve sold over 250 copies of the Broken Saints DVD! Thanks so much to all of you who’ve stormed the shops and/or told your friends to plunk down 40 bones for a trippy good cause. We’re damn overwhelmed!!!

    If we sell another 750 in the next 5 weeks, there’s a VERY good chance that Best Buy in the US will pick us up – at least that’s the way things are looking (we’ll have an official meeting with them at our booth down in San Diego in July). Cross anything that CAN be crossed (fingers, toes, eyes, and…uhh…whatever else works for you), say a little prayer, and keep spreading the good gospel far and wide.

    Just think – the sooner we lock the US and Europe down, the sooner we stop pestering you for favors on a weekly basis 😛

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