FRIDAY FAN FUN – Chapter 8!!!

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  • (from the files of hardcore saint and cultural sleuth MYRIDEAN – and damn, it’s a TASTY one!!!)


    Even Abbé Saunière might have known the truth as this font can suggest that our very own Brooke was onto something when he started making Broken Saints at the beginning of the new millennium. At the Rennes-le-Château in France, Saunière received vast amounts of money through the extensive selling of masses albeit some believe that he got more money as explained in several “myths”, e.g. blackmailing the Vatican or finding the Knights Templars’ treasure. Some of that money nonetheless went back into the community in fixing up their church, building a guesthouse and other various improvements to the area. This fountain was one of them but it’s rather strange because not everyday you walk into a church and see this ghastly gargoyle head as a stoup of a baptismal font. Just above the basin, this symbol was found. When I was watching a documentary earlier this week, I knew this isn’t the first time that I’ve seen this fountain featured but it was the first time that the guide to the area focused on the symbol itself. Henry London thinks the initials may stand for Bérenger Saunière or for a particular Latin phrase but he states also that no one knows for sure. 😀

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