A Quick Trip Stateside…

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • The bag is packed and I’m hopping across the 49th for a quick jaunt down the coast. Looking forward to seeing ‘patriotic’ signage like this Homeland Security special to the right. Probably won’t be that lucky, though…the only Conservative thing in California is a much maligned Austrian, after all. 😉

    And speaking of lame segues – this LA trip reminds me of a game that the crew was playing the other night, which was a slight modification of 6 Degrees of Separation (but not just focused on Footloose wunderkind Kevin Bacon LOL). We were slinging actors names back and forth, trying to link them through other performers within six films. Lotsa fun…and Jeff thought he had me when he launched in with, “Okay hotshot – let’s see you connect Johnny Depp…and Henry Fonda!!!”

    I took a sip of tea. Cracked the knuckles ceremoniously. Surveyed the table. And then…

    Johnny Depp with Al Pacino in DONNIE BRASCO.

    Al Pacino and Sean Penn in CARLITO’S WAY.

    Sean Penn and Jennifer Lopez in U-TURN.

    J-Lo and Jane Fonda in MONSTER-IN-LAW.

    Jane and Henry Fonda in ON GOLDEN POND.

    Let me hear it from the rooftops, chitlins…



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