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  • It’s official. As of 10PM PST, Kimmy V and I will be strapped into a rented Ford Focus wagon – loaded up deep with boxes of promo, swag, DVDs, and A/V goodness, and rocketing south for the 2005 San Diego International Comic Convention. We’re expecting nearly two full days on the road, after which we’ll be met in SD by the dazzling and overly hospitable Fallen Angel (Soo Monkoo :)), who somehow wrangled her kind and unsuspecting folks into letting us crash at their pad!

    First thing Wednesday morning, we’re grabbing our badges, cramming cargo at the mammoth convention centre loading bay, and then setting up the BS Booth (#5548 for those thinking of stopping by). Andrew will be flying down on the same day, meeting up with us around lunch, and helping prepare for the big Preview Night (we’ll find something wonderfully repetitive for him to do).

    Next morning, Drew and I will be giving a 1HR panel lecture with exclusive AV goodies that showcases the past, present, and hopeful future of BS at 11AM in Room 8. Then, following a long day of meetings and schmoozing (whilst Kim and Soo liberally showcase our wares), we’ll hit the town with Webmaster Jazzy Jeff and Badass Jamie Bell – both in town to pimp their comic project with Efraim – and get into the true (fermented) spirit of the Con 😉

    Friday and Saturday will likely be insane – the bulk of the expected 85000 attendees will be arriving during these two days – but we’ll have a chance to blow off some steam as special guests at the Rue Morgue horror party, as well as honoured eaters at FA’s parents’ place! As of Sunday, it’s all a WRAP – pack up, ship out, and burn some petrol up the Left Coast – so we’re gonna savor every moment before that hour strikes. Until then, we sincerely hope to see a few of you down there in person – bring your friends, bring shizz to sign, and be ready for saintly smooches!!!


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