BROKEN SAINTS: Fear in Flash!!!

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • Hey kiddies – a quick media hit before the day drags me away *sigh* As I think I blurbed before the Con, the latest issue of North America’s smartest horror magazine – RUE MORGUE - features a hefty 3-page article on all things BS. Pretty damn sweet of these fellow Canucks to give us the time of…err…night, and it turns out they really, REALLY dig us! Nothing like a dangerous dose of Ghoul Love ;) Not only that, but we get scarred and bloody facetime in the same issue as features on Japanese gore-shogun Takashi Miike and personal hero David Lynch‘s Eraserhead re-release. More than a c-hair of cool, let me tell you daddio…let me tell you!!!!

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