Tune in to see B on the G…4!!!

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • (Here’s a quickie reprint from the latest mailer – wish me luck flying the Yankee skies, and extra special thanks to Fallen Angel for making it all possible…we love you, Sooooo! 😉 )

    Yup…you read right. For all those Nintendo-heads swarming our little sanctuary around the time of E3 – resulting in the untimely desecration of our original Fan Forum – it’s time to strike back! I’m heading down to G4’s LA hq today to appear live on their pop-cult program ‘Attack of the Show’, where – aside from some shameless DVD pimping and general saintly soapboxing – some game-related news might finally slip the seals.

    Millions of folks in the US are dialed in to G4 (seriously…some don’t even KNOW they are!), so click the linkie above for scheduling and repeats in your area, and make sure you’ve got a tape in the old-fangled video cassette recorder doohickey…you know, the dusty black thing you stack books on…beside the X-Box…and behind the TiVo. Daggumit!

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