Music ruled the roost…

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • Not much to say about the travesty of this weekend’s show – technical problems, scheduling issues, illness and personal tragedy – you freakin’ NAME it.

    The only saving graces in my book were the incredible professionalism of our makeshift crew, the loving comraderie of the lads, and the sheer talent of our three diverse guest acts: PLANTLIFE (led by Mr David Morris – pictured here), THE APPROACH, and the shamefully short-changed THE IMPERIAL PLAYGROUND.

    Thanks to them, the majority of party-goers went home (police-encouraged, btw) satisfied – but I think it’s safe to say that the BS parties need to have a real PURPOSE if they’re ever to happen again…otherwise? Well, then it’s just a load of well-lit wanking that folks could easily (and happily) live without.

    And that, dear friends, is coming straight from the biggest stroker of the bunch.

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