• I Dare You to Flick This Eye
  • Man…I honestly thought the new Nintendo controller was going to be the long-rumoured pair of independent ‘pods’, similar to the analog stick attachment shown here – but with all the features showcased at the TGS. Hmmm. I’m reserving judgment until I make both a funtional and ergonomic assessment (which might be sooner than you think)…but the customizable ‘magic wand’ concept is something I’ve supported since the earliest rumblings of VR.

    And…believe it or not, I’m still sticking by the 3D speculation (though obviously as a future peripheral once the installed base has shown enough support for the machine). For now, it looks like ‘control’ is the name of the game, with wireless wonders and downloadable nostalgia the order of the day.

    Oh…and is anyone going to show a smidgen of love for essentially nailing that a next-gen Pilotwings will be launching with this thing? That’s cool and all…but between the obvious potential for flight sims and nifty sword-fighting titles, you know what I really want to play?

    Table tennis.

    Think about it.

    Keep your flames to a minimum, ladies and ‘gentlemen’


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