A Tasty Treat While I’m Gone…

  • BS Burgers in My Wake Eye
  • Hey gang – heading out to San Francisco at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning (7AM, which means I have to be up at freakin’ four!!!), and I’ll be audi until next Tues. Lots of nifty schtuff brewing, so cross your fingers for this wayward saint, and I’ll do my best to post some live pics from my travels in appreciation. In fact, some of those shots MIGHT offer hints as to goodies that are brewing in the BS universe, so a little clickety click can only lead to quality ‘revelations’ in some form or another.

    Always the cryptic boy…and always loving each and every one of you to bite-sized bits. Have a tasty Evil Eye burger – courtesy of the mighty Eggplant – on the House!

    Word is Bond


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