New RUE MORGUE hits stands!

  • Posted By Brooke Burgess Eye
  • The highbrow Canuck horror and genre mag Rue Morgue proudly presents their 8th Anniversary Halloween double issue. This is the big 50th mag milestone for our pals back East, featuring not only a plump review of the Broken Saints DVD, but also a cover story on one of the most important literary masters in the history of horror:

    “During his short and troubled life, author H.P. Lovecraft shaped the genre perhaps more than any other, and continues to do so decades after his death. This Halloween, Rue Morgue unearths the curious tale of a man whose bizarre narratives are only now being embraced in film, television, and even interactive media….”

    Snap it up, chitlins – and you be rollin’ with the Nut!

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