Neil and Dave’s Baby in Select Theatres

  • ‘Dream of the Endless says HI’ Eye
  • We’ve yapped about this before, but even if the narrative turns out to be a little wonky, the acting strikes one as wooden, or the pinprick budget shows its seams, I’m still looking forward to MIRRORMASK. With this good film and this GREAT film as vital cogs in my childhood memory machine, it’s good to know that someone’s still up for a fairy tale romp with a moral attached. I was so hopeful after a wave of strong children’s films in the 90’s, but now all we have is Muggle-brand fun.

    Go support the indies, mates…raise a flag or a fist for good ol’ fashioned storytelling (and be an evangelist if you like it – it’s the only way stuff on the fringes like this ever survives!!!).

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