Taylor goes down…UNDER! ;)

  • For some reason, dentists love me! Eye
  • Saintly Superfriend Taylor Moll – who offered background assistance on the DVD (notice that nifty 3D sequence at the end of 10 Act 1?), and voiced Kami’s doomed Mom (‘Nanako’ in 20 Act 2) – has left our shores for a wicked 6 month contract in Sydney!

    We’re proud, to be sure – this is a great place to work – but we’re worried that the poor gal’s gonna be a bit lonely overseas 🙁 So if any friendly Aussies want to play host (and don’t push your luck, pallies…she’s happily betrothed!), drop us a line or post on this topic, and we’ll put you in touch!

    Newsletter coming sooner than soon…just been waiting for the go-ahead to share a wee special ‘something’ with you all 😀

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