Friday Fan Fun…and a little fury

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  • BS booster Daniel Bishop dropped me a line regarding his plans to use the classic Shan image you see here as a tattoo! I was pretty moved by the mail, and wanted to share it here (hope you don’t mind, mate!):

    “Hello again, I am glad you are pleased by my plans, I’ve attached the picture I have chosen, the beauty in the simplicity and the parody of the crucifix. Alternatively (or also) I may get some of the quotes/ haikus that are used in the openings of Broken Saints.

    Am not sure about which body parts though, I have sensitive family members to consider. Also tattoos are pretty expensive and being a student I may not have the spare funds until after xmas.

    A little about myself, my name is Daniel Bishop, 19 and studying Philosophy with Creative Writing at university in England, so Broken Saints is important to me in many ways, in political and religeous thought, and in the art of story telling, I want to say thank you again for the pleasure and the experience. I am not religious myself, although I am enjoying deep study into the Buddhist faiths. I only have one tattoo at the moment, an original Maori design on the top of my back to symbolise my birth in New Zealand.”

    We’ve had a couple of folks use ink to saintify themselves, and seriously…you have no idea what it means to us that you’d even CONSIDER a permanent display of this nature. So to Daniel – and to all of you who have taken the time let us know how the saga has affected you on a deeply personal level – THANK YOU. That’s why we started this crazy ride in the first place.

    Okay…and now it’s time to bring some balance to the proceedings. As a reminder of the need for humility, and the constant struggle to take oneself or one’s work MUCH less seriously, here are a couple of recent (and less-than-flattering) looks at BS. From hipster media hub Pop Matters (who I submitted the DVD set to for review nearly a YEAR ago) and the keepers of all things ‘four-panel-sacred’ over at the Webcomics Examiner (Wednesday – no matter what flavor your venom, I’ll still drink it down, baby :P).

    Enjoy, and don’t become a casualty on the retail battlefield this weekend!!!

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