• Oran’s feeling a little ‘left out’…Eye
  • Some oldschool imagery to snag your attention for the following fandom points of ponderance:

    – Holiday Newsletter? Consider it an early stocking stuffer, slappy!

    More G4? Tune in for a recap of 2005’s best, including a snippet of saintly smarm, on the Dec 26th edition of Attack of the Underground!

    Tobias Tinker tunes = the new Yuletide standard. More sonic goodness. Less family singalong.

    A new fan hub to hang your BS swaghat in? Sure…MySpace has some ick-factor if you stray, but we’ve got a fan-run OASIS. We’ll consider it our Xmas prezzie if you join 😉

    – Our presents to you, aside from the usual love ‘n’ stuff? Hmmm…let’s just say that all you good little boys and girls should have a look under our webbish tree after the 25th. And for the bad kids? Bring your stolen booty – we’ve turned blinder eyes to the long arm of the law…

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