walkin’ in a winter wonderland

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  • (posted by tobias)

    Greetings of the season, whatever your persuasion!

    I’m a couple of days late here, I know, but I wanted to drop a line to all and sundry, and I wanted to post something non-contentious, just for kicks. I thought that our surprise snowfall was something to share, since it doesn’t happen all that often here. I also wanted to share something that a musical friend just sent back to us, which just made me smile so much I couldn’t keep it to myself. I hope he doesn’t mind…

    So, with no further ado, I give you Ian Beaty’s ‘Snowglobe’ – Ian, who has just moved back to Vancouver from Berlin, produced and sang the lead vocal and it also features “a bunch of perfect strangers I recorded at Heathrow airport, and some tasty guitar playing from Vancouverite, Steve Charles”. Let it play a minute or so, it’s well worth it!

    Also (I almost forgot this!) I thought I’d point out that I am a featured artist this week at UBL – the Ultimate Band List – they’re plugging me, I guess I can plug them back! There’s some other great indie stuff to discover there too, have a look around! And hey, while we’re being all full of christmas cheer, why not a positive political link for a change? The good tidings just won’t stop flowing!

    Well, anyway, I hope you’re all well and have something to be happy and thankful for at this time of the year… or, if you prefer, any or all other times of the year (what the heck, I say! Wishes are free!)

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