A Sidelined Sicko…

I came down for some last-minute meetings with our distributor ‘friends’ (which seems like an ill-suited moniker, considering their status as a multinational media conglomerate and part-time Evil Empire…but I digress).

Had a chance to hang with forum fems Fallen Angel, Solace, and Captivating Angel over stiff sangrias and mucho flamenco.

Did a quick tour of the Getty, which impressed me to no end.

But on Saturday, out of the smoggy LA blue, I got sledgehammered with throat problems and a 104 degree fever. Seriously. The original plan was to go and scope this at midnight, but I couldn’t really MOVE, let alone throw toast and TP with any zeal. I forced my kind hostess to shoo, and spent the night pounding raw garlic and alternating between hot baths and cold compresses. The fever finally broke around 3AM…but I’ve still got those nasty spine chills and prickly skin. What a great way to ring in my first real vacation in five years :P

Will drop another line before I jet out of here on Wednessday for shark-infested shores. Expect some guest bloggers to fill my beach-craving sandals until the end of the month. Hey…change is ‘good’, right? That’s what I keep telling myself as I rotate the sweat-soaked sheets…

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