Linkery Love

I keep forgetting to post the fav new sites that are are forwarded or ‘stumbled upon‘, as it were – maybe it’s because there’s still a part of me that instinctively pulls a pack-rat for the old ‘Broken Links’ newsletter features. Ahh…nostalgia ;)

PANDORA: you’ve either heard of this and use it religiously, or you’re about to. It’s a brilliant online radio service that you ‘train’ to your tastes (by selecting artists and music types), and it algorhythmically learns what you want to hear. I plugged in Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, and Godspeed parameters, and it continues to spew cool tuneage and indy surprises (though for every Aphex Twin or Beta Band winner that ‘randomly’ emerges from the electric ether, there’s the odd Britney Spears and Incubus dingleberry. Forewarned is forearmed!)

: an old EA pal forwarded this jaw-dropping image-themed site with the following cryptic descriptives. “I was sent a link to a stunning collection of images and poetry that revolves around the relationship of animals and humans It’s dream-like while being gentle and striking at the same time – for some reason it reminded me of you.” Flattery will get you everywhere, J :D

WONDERCON & MEGACON: I tipped off the forum rats in the latest mini-mailer that BS would be making an ‘appearance’ in San Fran next week, and another in Orlando at month’s end. While the former is a teaser screening by our new distrib overlords, the latter will be a boothtastic affair with smiles ‘n’ swag ‘n’ secrets galore! More details to come in this week’s newsletter…stay tuned.

YOU TUBE: Hop on before this explodes! An easy way to post your own videos (clips, shorts, mash-ups, skits, whatev’!) and share the links with friends and fans – without the bandwidth costs! Until Internet2 forces us all to pay for content and usage, this type of the hub is the perfect model for networked video evangelism – think Newgrounds-meets-Cable-Access!

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