The House that YOU built…

After some troubling ‘exits’ by regular board-lurkers, and no small amount of emotional and ‘tribal’ drama, it looks like we’re finally moving – as a COMMUNITY – to give our hallowed halls the faintest vestiges of structure.


I really hope that all of you – regular visitors and old-timers alike (Bleh, CotC, Couchie, Nick, Mindless, and Psy…I’m looking at you 😉 ) – will take part in the nomination and voting process for new BS Forum Moderators. And before you get a shortness of breath…this is NOT about restrictions, or ‘rules’, or any traditional sense of heirarchy. It’s about letting YOU take control of what YOU have built – nudging and nurturing it further towards its true nature – while allowing old friends and new explorers a satisfying (re)discovery.

It’s clear that our wee mental oasis has evolved well beyond the scope of Saints itself, with the potential to again become a thriving platform for ideas, expression, and emotional exchange. It’s time to pass the wheel to those who can steer through choppy seas, chart a strong course, and face the long horizon undaunted. (wow…this really is starting to sound political :P)

I’m looking forward to returning to these shores with fresh perspective – as a welcome guest, and eager contributor.

Much respect…and hopes for a shining republic of many.


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