Convention folk rule!

Seriously, man…they’re the salts of the Earth. Like ‘carnies’ – without the chicanery and questionable breeding 😉

Take this couple, f’r instance. I first met them at the huge SD Con‘ last summer, and they were kinda hard to miss: a late 30’s duo with rock-hard physiques and daily costume changes, mugging for the cameras and attracting scads of awed onlookers. The Black Cat and Spidey combo picture here is probably the tamest example of their duds – I’ve been in the presence of their Storm/Havoc, Hawkman/Hawkgirl, and Captain Atom/Huntress attire!

The lady’s a freakin’ biochemist by day – the fella’s a professional costume and props guy – and they tour the con’ circuit for the LOVE of it. Hell, they were practically guests of honor at a wedding proposal on the Megacon floor yesterday (along with two Supermen, a Golden Age Batman, the Lone Ranger, Silver Age Green Lantern, and Carter-era Wonder Woman!!!).

Am I weird for thinking I’ve finally found ‘my people’???

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