British BS droolage…

(From a feature on the future of Webcomics in the UK’s latest Sunday Times)

Five stars

The MTV generation is served by a new breed of interactive online comics that draws from pop culture and urban life, along with traditional cartoon strips. At another extreme sits Broken Saints, the Sundance-award-winning graphic novel that transforms static online serial art into a stunningly animated film. Here, lavishly detailed Flash animation and a haunting soundtrack tell an epic story. A hacker, an Islamic fundamentalist, a Shinto priest and a mysterious girl are drawn together by an apocalyptic vision to uncover a worldwide corporate conspiracy. The series ran from 2001 to 2003, but you can see the 24 episodes by following the link on the home page to the original site. Fan forums, art galleries and games accompany daily haikus and discussion in the blog. Best of all, you can download episodes to watch on an iPod Video, and podcast commentaries are promised soon. A glimpse at the future of web-comic production.

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