More Friends from Florida…

Just received a link to this snazzy snap on writer (and mystical brother-in-arms) James Curcio’s live journal. Be sure to check the link if you’re craving a ‘gloves off’ portrayal of the weekend’s events and the sparkling demeanour of yours truly. 😛

Pictured here are Christian and Kao – crazily talented new pals (emphasis on both the crazy AND the talent) who helped to give the booth some much-needed zing and entice more eyeballs – and rightly so – to the gentle genesis of the intriguing Fas Ferox universe. And enjoy those background banners while they last, kiddies…I’m seriously considering auctioning them off at Comic-Con this year. Hopefully more than a few of you plan on making the pilgrimage, as it’s promising to be one helluva show. (even considering some recent misinformation 😉 )

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