BS Stumble Upon Group!!!

(From forum regular and hardcore BS Cheerleader CAPTIVATING ANGEL – mucho thanks for your work and dedication to the saintly cause!!!)

“Ok… so, for those of you that have Mozilla Firefox & have this amazing add-on (Stumble Upon)… you may be interested in the fact that I have formed a Broken Saints group. Yes, I am spreading the word in the Stumble Upon world. Many people had been messaging me, asking me what BS was all about & others have been complementing Mr. Tinker’s music… I had links to both sites on my profile, SOOooooo…. I decided to become an SU sponsor in order to start the group.

While I am guilty of being on MySpace (since 2003)… the Stumble Upon Universe, I have found to be inifinitely addicting/informative. The utility helps you locate, rather stumble upon, content-rich sites that are relevant to your interests. Not to mention be in touch with people ALL over the world, from different avenues in life.

I love it.

Alrighty, so, all of you that are in the SU world… join the group & contribute… post, pass on the group to others, etc, etc.”


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